Keep and NuCypher Merger Creates Threshold (T), Yet Still Behind The Potential of Uwerx (WERX)

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Recent months have seen the merger of two heavyweights of the crypto industry, Keep Network, and NuCypher. The aim is to consolidate similar services in a massive blockchain network. While the fusion has been welcomed by traders and investors of both KEEP and NU assets, the resulting Threshold (T) doesn’t show enough growth when compared to the hidden potential of Uwerx.

Crossing the Threshold

The Keep Network and NuCypher were very independent projects, both with services and products that put them on the global crypto map. Both projects offered different ways to keep private data away from prying eyes within the public Ethereum chain and associated protocols.

From on-chain privacy to connecting off-chain data without sacrificing confidentiality and reliability, the merger led to a new protocol called Threshold (T). Replacing both KEEP and NU is the Threshold (T) token. It acts as both a staking token for the privacy protection nodes or is used in the Threshold (T) DAO.

Since its union completion at the start of January 2023, Threshold (T) has risen in value as traders speculate a larger adoption of the network due to combined resources. The result is Threshold (T) jumping its price from $0.014 to $0.04. Many people believe that it will not run out of steam anytime soon, with a doubling to $0.08 on the cards.

Uwerx (WERX) May Even Be Larger

Threshold (T) is certainly making waves. If its prediction for 2023 does come true, it will have risen a whopping 471% overall this year.

But what if we tell you that Uwerx may still beat Threshold (T) in performance?

From a forecasted price aspect, the WERX token is speculated to go around $2.3 from its upcoming presale priced at $0.01. In terms of percentages, this is a 22,900% estimated rise – far more than Threshold (T)’s 471%.

If this estimate is anything to go by, the market cap of WERX presale tokens alone will be $690 million. That will still beat Threshold (T)’s anticipated market cap of $678.7 million by $11.3 million!

Why Can Uwerx (WERX) Rise So High?

Uwerx’s strategy for growth is simply: Be in one of the fastest global industries and smooth out the wrinkles.

This is exactly what the project will be doing after its launch for the freelancing industry. For years, individuals seeking financial freedom through offering services on legacy marketplaces (Fiverr, Upwork,, etc.) have been dealing with ethically questionable practices. Things like extremely high commissions (as far as 20% per job), little-to-no regard for freelancer work security, and draconian terms of service are a nightmare.

Uwerx will be offering a decentralized freelancing platform that will be fair and just to all. For the first time in digital freelancing history, gig workers will enjoy benefits like:

  • Low and flat 1% commission.
  • Intellectual property rights protection.
  • No payment withholding period.
  • Platform security (already performed by third-party audit firm InterFi Network and Solidproof)
  • Locking in WERX liquidity for 25 years after presale.
  • Removal of taxes
  • Ownership by users, not the developers.
  • Contract renouncement
  • Integration with popular platforms such as Slack, Asana and Trello.

Where the first three points will be helping freelancers in their business, the last two will protect them and their WERX earnings, possibly creating a situation where Uwerx may rival freelancing giants.

As such, Uwerx presents an early opportunity with its presale that should be considered by both freelancers and crypto traders. Please read on more for the 25% purchase bonus. 





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