JPEX Debuts Crypto-Friendly VISA Debit Card, Thanks to Simplex by Nuvei

By October 12, 2022 No Comments

Licensed crypto exchange JPEX collaborates with Simplex by Nuvei to launch the platform’s very first crypto-friendly VISA debit card to the market. The card’s launch is in line with the crypto exchange’s philosophy of making cryptos accessible and easy for daily use, even in places where cryptocurrencies are not supported.

VISA Powered for Mainstream Use

Even after a dozen years of existence and a significant amount of crypto adoption worldwide, the crypto market still lacks a proper acceptance and day-to-day use. The crypto market stands at around a trillion dollars but it still lacks practicality and remains incompatible as there is limited use outside the crypto sphere itself.  Cryptocurrencies can only be spent in limited places and JPEX intends to overcome this barrier. 

The launch of the crypto-friendly VISA debit card is the perfect solution. Enabling people to spend their digital assets with the simplicity of swiping plastic, crypto enthusiasts will finally have the power to utilize their crypto coins and tokens. JPEX users will be able to liquidate their cryptos to fiat and spend anywhere using the debit card

The JPEX Card is more than just a debit card to use in daily life. Cardholders will be able to not only liquidate cryptos from their JPEX account to the card but also fund it directly with fiat and buy their favorite assets instantly. Powered by VISA, the card will be accepted wherever the VISA logo is displayed, including e-commerce stores and even for your morning coffee.

The JPEX crypto VISA cards are set to be shipped out in Q4 2022, but the registration is open for JPEX users based in the EEA and the UK only.

The Simplex by Nuvei Factor

When it comes to bringing crypto to the masses, JPEX has become a prominent player in this aspect, thanks to its collaboration with Simplex by Nuvei, a globally renowned fiat-to-crypto platform.

Simplex by Nuvei is already being used by JPEX. With more than 200 different cryptocurrencies supported, the platform allows anyone to spend a hundred different fiats using debit and credit cards, Apple Pay and bank transfers to get their hands on digital tokens and coins.

JPEX and Simplex by Nuvei have been working together for a year now, helping crypto newcomers and veterans use their fiat to buy crypto on the exchange, bringing down the barriers and accelerating adoption. With the launch of the VISA-powered debit card, the JPEX team commits more towards not only Simplex by Nuvei and its usability, but also the mission of bringing quality crypto service.

About JPEX

JPEX has become a prominent player in the crypto exchange business in the two years of its operations. The platform’ quality services and user-friendly fee structure has propelled it to be a significant service, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

The exchange offers a variety of crypto services, such as basic trading, derivatives (crypto futures and functionalized NFTs), and different savings programs for passive income. The exchange also enables on-the-go trading and other services through its mobile app, available on both iOS and Android so that a trader is never far from the exchange and its offerings.

With multiple licenses in different jurisdictions, JPEX continues to strive for a regulatory-friendly atmosphere for cryptocurrency trading and use. At the same time, it also pushes for innovative ways to enable easy adoption by the masses.

JPEX is also an active community player, with it being a strong member of the global community. It is a sponsor of different sports and teams, such as Western Sydney Wanderers and MacArthur FC. These sponsorships are also aligned with its mission to promote cryptocurrencies. Highlighting cryptos through sports is the perfect method of raising awareness of digital assets and how these can help the public to gain financial freedom.