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How to Find Reliable Crypto Gambling Sites

By September 27, 2023 No Comments
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Gambling sites that use cryptocurrency as a payment method are on the rise. Players prefer to bet using crypto as it allows for online privacy and provides instant and safe payments. With so many such gambling sites out there, players are finding it difficult to figure out which gambling sites are trustworthy.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to find a reliable crypto gambling site and what to look for in one. We’ll especially focus on how to make sure that the site you’ll use is safe and trustworthy.

Is the Casino Licensed?

The first thing to look for in a crypto casino is the proper license. The casino needs to get a license in order to operate. This license is issued by the government agency that regulates gambling. For the most part, the licenses are issued by offshore zones that allow betting so that the casino can legally operate online and work in countries that restrict it in the first place.

Some casinos offer incredible payouts and potential for huge wins but aren’t licensed. It doesn’t pay off to use such casinos, since they are probably not reliable.

Look For Online Reviews

Online reviews are one of the most important tools players have when looking for reliable BTC gambling sites. These reviews provide information on how safe the casino is and what features it offers. They also review the games, the payment options, and the customer support quality.

Such review aggregates are always a bit unfair to new gambling sites as it takes time to establish a reputation. However, these casinos often offer additional bonuses and better deals early on as a way to get traction and add new users.

Learn About the Cryptocurrency

BTC gambling sites work the same as the ones that use traditional fiat currency when it comes to games and other options. The payments themselves are somewhat different as the value of your winnings can change, due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. This is another important area players should be informed about.

There are plenty of resources out there and reliable sites such as CCN are a great place for players to start. The market is very much alive and new players pop up on the scene every now and then. There are also new regulations and new tech advances. Players that bet in crypto should try and stay on top of the news.

A Variety of Payment Options

It’s important for a casino to provide a variety of payment options. Some Bitcoin casinos also allow payments in traditional fiat currency. Most allow for payments to be made in a variety of different cryptocurrencies. Casinos also tend to offer payment option bonuses, which lower the fees for payments made in a particular currency as a part of a broader promotion deal.

It’s best to look for casinos that provide options and allow the players to have a backup payment method such as BTC in case something goes wrong.

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential feature of a trustworthy Bitcoin casino. The casinos take on players from all over the world and often don’t have a physical location at all, so a customer support system becomes essential when players want to address an issue.

A trustworthy customer support is one staffed by experts who can resolve the issue quickly. It’s also important to be able to contact the support at all times and to do so using a variety of channels. Emails, chats, and phones should all be available, and equally useful to users.

Game Selection

Cryptocurrency casinos provide a variety of different games, made by countless software developers. A trustworthy casino should allow the players to choose between as many games as possible. In the broadest sense, all games can be divided into games of luck and games of skill. Games of luck are the ones in which players can’t affect the outcome and games of skill are the ones that players can affect strategically.

When choosing a casino to use, it’s best to allow yourself the chance to try the games you’re not familiar with and to explore new options along the way.

Transparency about the Odds

All the BTC gambling games and all games, in general, have easily quantifiable odds. These are known as the return to player rates. It’s a statistic that tells you how much of the funds you invest in the game you’ll get back. The rate is always lower than 100 percent. This means that in the long run, you’ll always end up losing more than you put in if you keep playing.

Volatility is another important metric as it puts into perspective how risky the game is. Crypto casinos are upfront about this data and before playing you should look it up.

Bankroll Management Options

Managing bankroll is one of the important features of crypto casino gambling. It allows the players to create a stop loss and give up after enough bad turns. Some games can be played without paying attention to details, as they are based on luck alone – this is true for slots and some dice games. A good BTC casino should allow the players to automate these features.

For instance, look for casinos that will automatically sign you out for a set period of time, after you’ve gone over a spending limit. It also helps to have an option to automatically raise a bet or implement a betting strategy based on the preset conditions.


All cryptocurrency casinos offer bonuses. These come in many different forms and the amounts can differ greatly. Almost all bonuses come with wagering requirements, meaning that the player can’t simply cash out a bonus and take the free money.

A reliable BTC casino is one with bonuses that clearly state the wagering requirements attached to them and that are worth using. If a casino offers large bonuses, but they are too difficult to use or withdraw, it’s important to be aware of it and pass on such offers.

Mobile Accessibility

Most online gambling these days takes place using mobile devices. Younger players are used to playing on phones and tablets and most of the games have simple enough interfaces for this to work. Some games can also be automated so that the player can casually pay attention to the gameplay.

Cryptocurrency wallets and payments can also be handled on a mobile device. Therefore the whole process from depositing funds to playing and withdrawing the winnings can be handled on a mobile device. The goal is therefore for the gameplay to be the same regardless of the device you’ll be using.


There are a lot of cryptocurrency casinos out there and choosing a reliable casino to bet in, requires some work and diligence. The players should make sure that the casinos have proper licenses and good reviews from former users.

It also helps to have a variety of games to choose from and good customer support. A reliable Bitcoin casino should allow payments in different currencies and players should carefully study the crypto coins as well. Bonuses and wagering requirements attached to them are another feature to carefully study and compare.