How Meta Lion Circle Became the First UNFCCC Carbon Emission Negative NFT Project

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Since they are one of the most ground-breaking applications of blockchain technology, NFTs can expand beyond the confines of the digital medium and generate change in the real world. From its very beginning in October 2021 by creator Sandro Ortolani, the Meta Lion Circle (MLC) has undergone a significant amount of progress that is both helpful and advantageous. What began as an NFT initiative has now developed into the first carbon-negative NFT project testified by UNFCCC.

Overview of the Meta Lion Circle

On the Ethereum blockchain, the Meta Lion Circle ecosystem introduces 9,999 NFT, which are segmented into three distinct collections, each including 3,333 individual components. MLC is prepared to contribute to the advancement of innovation as the usefulness of NFTs continues to increase in the coming years.

Streamlining the process by which members may get certified compensation credits for the transactions they complete using their customized compensation NFTs (CO2CNFT™) while motivating them to do these transactions by offering a variety of prizes. Every participant contributes their maximum endeavor to the long-term development, expansion, and diversification of their enterprise to provide dependable sources of revenue and steadily increase the value of their NFTs. For the time being CO2CNFT™ is a pending trademark, but just around the corner.

For Meta Lion Circle, it is essential to adopt an inclusive strategy to guarantee that the community will have a say in forming the technological future and deploy the potential of NFTs as valuable digital assets.  Hence, they introduce diverse, robust, and meaningful use cases for NFTs, which enable them to fulfill their full potential as assets that generate passive revenue on their own.

Embarking on the Pursuit to Tackle Climate Change

In light of the fact that solving climate change is of the utmost significance, the Meta Lion Circle’s mission is going above and beyond compensating for the amount of carbon dioxide their operations produce. To achieve this mission, they have already put into action their first two approaches: to make up for all past, present, and future transactions by redistributing royalties on secondary market sales and developing their own offsetting non-financial transaction.

With high hopes and a strive to change the future of humanity, the members of MLC acknowledge that the enormously destructive impact that carbon emissions have on the environment must be addressed, and they aim to demonstrate to the industry how to address this issue in the hopes of encouraging many others to follow their lead. Ultimately, they wish to reduce the number of people who produce CO2 emissions. Hence, they established a ranking of the best NFT projects based on the amount of CO2 emissions caused by their smart contracts.

Recognizing Meta Lion Circle’s Efforts to Combat CO2 Emissions

So far, MLC has already accomplished a major goal by being the first carbon-negative NFT project, with the certification from the UNFCCC enacted on the 23rd of February 2022. Later on this year their name appeared among the winners of the Sustainable NFT Awards 2022.

Furthermore, the natural game reserve is being certified as an offsetting project with the help of ImpactScope, one of MLC’s business partners. As soon as their self-generated CO2 credits are validated, they will distribute the revenues back to their NFT holders who purchased them. Their members and the projects with whom they collaborate can offset their own transactions and mint their own personal CO2CNFTs by making use of the ImpactScope offsetting credits that Meta Lion Circle has obtained.

Once their self-generated CO2 credits are recognized, they will return the income to NFT holders who acquired them. Utilizing the ImpactScope offsetting credits that Meta Lion Circle has accumulated, its members and the projects with which they cooperate can offset their own transactions and mint their CO2CNFTs.

Join Meta Lion Circle’s Innovative & Sustainable Ecosystem

Meta Lion Circle’s end goal is for the entire world to acknowledge that something needs to be done to mitigate the tremendously destructive impact of carbon emissions on the environment, and they want to demonstrate to the industry how to do so in hopes of inspiring many others to follow in their footsteps.

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