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How Bitsgap Makes Trading Efficient Again

By October 26, 2020 No Comments

Since entering the market in 2018, Bitsgap has offered a great experience to users in crypto trading, incorporating the latest features to enhance user experience (UX). Through our platform crypto traders have unlimited access to intuitive trading features previously only thought of in institutional investment firms and hedge funds with immense financial and human intelligence resources. Your experience will get even better with our latest update that brings new features to improve your trading profit margins and enhance overall UX.

Update 1: Multifunctional Trading Terminal and Futures and Spot Trading Support

To enable users to analyze the market faster and make better trade decisions, Bitsgap has updated the trading terminal. Now, users will access a decision-making panel for executing orders and managing their crypto exchange on the right side of the terminal. The left panel will display insightful infographics on cryptocurrencies. 

The update adds futures and spot trading support on the platform. You are now a leap ahead to speculate on rising or falling markets and apply hedging strategies if you have open positions to protect. The multifunctional interface update is essential for your futures and spot trading as you can easily access data to monitor your trades. Bitsgap has also added Binance Futures and FTX for this new trading.

Update 2: Fast and Responsive User Interface (UI)

With the thin margins in crypto trading due to volatility, profit, or loss-making moves could be down to seconds. The latest Bitsgap update has an improved UI performance allowing you to quickly select cryptocurrencies and complete trade by a click.

Update 3: Updated Automated trading bots

To avoid complicating the user’s simplicity experience on our platform, Bitsgap deploys automated bots to follow a straightforward and time-tested strategy known as Grid trading. Using the new Grid Strategy, the bot allocates limit orders within a set trading range; buy-limit orders are placed below the current market price, and sell-limit orders placed above the current market price. With every executed buy-limit order, the bot places a new sell limit order above the executed price and vice versa. To ensure you generate more returns, this automated process is designed to be interchangeable.

Using the Grid Strategy, the bot will analyze the price trends to buy at low and sell at high prices for high-profit margins, exploiting sideways, and rising markets. When markets are falling, a cost-average effect and a profit generated by the bot will offset the negative value change of a base currency.

Update 4: Backtesting and Bot Statistics

Bitsgap’s latest update also provides investors with a Backtesting tool, to help them evaluate the performance of their trades regarding their potential returns based on past trends data. This historical data accounts for price volatility and automated strategy settings to ensure results on expected returns are precise.

Another feature of this update is the Bot Statistics. This tool provides users with detailed infographics on the returns generated by the active bot in a quote currency of any day for portfolio management and decision-making.

In Summary

Bitsgap still makes users experience a top priority, ensuring that your trading is smooth and your wallet is secure. These new features are reinforcement of these core principles of the platform.  If you don’t have a Bitsgap account yet, create one here in a few steps and get started with our 14-day free trial, without a credit card. You may also join our affiliate program and earn a 30% commission from every purchase by an invited friend.