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Housebets: Redefining Betting with Smart Contracts and Instant Payouts

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London, United Kingdom, July 17, 2023, Housebets. Housebets is revolutionizing the traditional betting market by leveraging the power of smart contracts and offering users an immersive, value-driven experience. By utilizing blockchain technology, Housebets ensures complete transparency, eliminates intermediaries, and guarantees instant payouts. Let’s explore how Housebets is transforming the betting industry and the key features behind this decentralized platform.

Housebets: Thriving After Rigorous Beta Testing

After months of rigorous beta testing, involving thousands of early adopters who collectively wagered millions, Housebets is proud to announce its full-scale launch. The platform has successfully addressed any potential issues identified during the beta phase, ensuring smooth transactions and robust smart contract operations. Through the testing process, Housebets has proven its ability to handle significant betting volumes on the blockchain, solidifying its position as a reliable and secure platform for decentralized betting.

Smart Contracts and Liquidity Pools: A Game-Changer in Betting

With Housebets, the reliance on intermediaries is eliminated through the use of smart contracts. These self-executing contracts ensure that winnings are distributed instantly to participants’ addresses with an added level of transparency to users as all transactions are recorded on-chain. By leveraging smart contracts, Housebets provides users with peace of mind, knowing that their bets are securely placed and payouts are guaranteed.

One of the core components of Housebets is its integration with liquidity pools on the LunaFi Protocol. These pools serve as the backbone of the platform, protecting the house from liquidity shortages from won bets and facilitating instant payouts to users. The use of liquidity pools eliminates counterparty risk and works by incentivizing liquidity providers with consistent yields over time and a share of the house profits. 

Deposit Bonus and Rewarding the Community

Housebets up to 300% deposit bonus

Housebets places a strong emphasis on rewarding its community. To incentivize user deposits, Housebets introduces the Deposit Bonus campaign. This initiative allows new members to receive bonuses of up to 300% on their initial three deposits, with a staggering maximum bonus of $60,000. Users can unlock their bonuses by wagering on Housebets, and the bonus amount is then credited to their wallets.

Additionally through its Bet Mining system, users are incentivized with LFI tokens based on the amount they wager. The more a user bets, the more tokens they earn, creating a win-win scenario for both the platform and its users. This encourages active participation and loyalty within the Housebets community.

To further enhance the excitement, Housebets hosts a monthly leaderboard campaign called “Race To Mars.” This campaign provides an additional incentive for users to engage with the platform and compete for rewards based on their betting activities. It adds an element of friendly competition and elevates the overall user experience.

Join the Housebets Community and Experience the Future of Betting

Housebets is now ready to welcome new users to its platform. With the support of a dedicated community and a proven track record, Housebets offers an unparalleled betting experience backed by blockchain technology. Whether you’re an experienced bettor or someone taking their first steps into decentralized betting, Housebets provides an engaging and secure platform for all.

To learn more about Housebets and its innovative features, visit the official website at Discover a new era of gambling where decentralization is shaping the future of the betting industry.

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