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Horizen Announces Strategic Partnership With Tatum to Facilitate Blockchain App Developments Within its Ecosystem

By September 13, 2023 No Comments
  • Horizen partners with Tatum to enhance its EON blockchain ecosystem.
  • Tatum’s SDK simplifies complex blockchain operations for developers on EON.
  • Developers gain efficient access to blockchain features and data integration, spurring innovation on the Horizen platform.

Horizen, an innovative layer 0 public blockchain has signed a strategic partnership with Tatum, a renowned blockchain infrastructure provider, following plans to enhance its ecosystem.

According to a recent blog post, the partnership will see Tatum’s easy-to-use open-source software development kit (SDK) integrated on Horizen’s EVM-Compatible Smart Contracting Platform, EON.

This reflects the platform’s efforts to build a dynamic space for the Horizen ecosystem.

“This collaboration with Tatum is a monumental step towards our vision of creating a more inclusive and dynamic blockchain ecosystem. By combining our strengths, we aim to offer developers a seamless experience, reducing the technical time from months to mere days.”

—Rob Viglione, Co-founder of Horizen and CEO of Horizen Labs

Horizen to Simplify Complex Blockchain Operations Following Partnership 

As an EVM-compatible blockchain that is committed to providing developers with the tools they need to efficiently build blockchain applications, Horizen has raised concerns about curtailing the challenges with complex blockchain operations that tends to limit innovations from developers.

Hence, it is seeking to allow developers to exclusively custom-build private or public blockchains and dApps with a level of flexibility unmatched by others. Basically, the partnership is aimed towards simplifying complex blockchain operations into concise lines of code for amateur and veteran developers alike. 

As such, developers on Horizen can seamlessly and exclusively incorporate blockchain functionalities into their applications, coded in JavaScript, all thanks to Tatum’s integration on EON. Prior to the development, EON has been renowned for its scalability, EVM-compatibility and user-friendliness. Fortunately, this opportunity to leverage on Tatum’s use cases will further boost its unique features.

Jiri Kobelka, Tatum CEO acknowledged the platform’s ability to boost the potentials exhibited by Horizen’s EON chain to accelerate building dApps at scale.

“…Our partnership will ensure that developers, irrespective of their blockchain experience, can effortlessly integrate blockchain functionalities, driving the next wave of blockchain innovations,” Jiri further stated.

Tatum to Introduce New Use Cases on Horizen Ecosystem 

While it is set to redefine the realm of blockchain development on the Horizen ecosystem, the new partnership will see Tatum introducing developers to a more efficient and user-friendly approach to which they can easily integrate blockchain features into their applications.

Notably, this new approach will see developers utilizing Tatum’s JavaScript SDK to efficiently build Web3 applications in a swift and easy manner on the EON protocol.

Moreso, the partnership will provide developers access to leveraging the Horizen RPC nodes in combination with Tatum’s infrastructures, thereby leading them through a reliable and cost-effective path through which they can build on EON. 

In addition to this, developers can now retrieve blockchain data via API on Horizen as the integration will provide them with direct access to EON’s comprehensive blockchain data like querying token balances or monitoring transactions across multiple addresses.

Nonetheless, as the Horizen sidechain, EON embarks on a journey to a unique turn following Tatum’s integration, the platform has revealed that its Alpha is currently live on mainnet and on its public testnet, Gobi.

Wrapping up

The strategic partnership between Horizen and Tatum signifies a significant step toward streamlining blockchain development and fostering innovation within the Horizen ecosystem. By integrating Tatum’s user-friendly SDK onto the EON platform, Horizen not only empowers developers to create blockchain applications more efficiently but also opens doors to a broader range of use cases. This collaboration not only simplifies complex blockchain operations but also enhances accessibility and scalability, paving the way for the next wave of blockchain advancements. With the live deployment of their Alpha on the mainnet and public testnet, Horizen and Tatum’s partnership promises to drive the blockchain industry forward, offering a glimpse into the future of decentralized technology.