HoneyWood: A Paradise of Bears. Game Launch on 13th May

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HoneyWood uses gameplay to explore the tight ecosystem balance that nature has. A blockchain-based  Play-and-Earn game, it will be launched on the 13th of May 2022. 

Offering a dedicated blockchain to run without hindrance, the game is a fusion of PVP & PVE modes of game mechanics where players and users are allowed to explore and earn rewards.

Launching on 13th May

HoneyWood has been extensively and carefully created and the beta version has been available to the public for some time now. With all the wrinkles now ironed out, HoneyWood is going for its official launch on the 13th of May.

HoneyWood’s gameplay is all about a dreamland where bears devote their time and effort to collecting bees. At the same time, they keep the land sustainable and healthy. Most importantly, they strive to search for honey. As the world of HoneyWood got crowded, the bears started to feel the lack of oxygen and not enough honey to go around. The solution: plant more trees.

HoneyWood Features

HoneyWood comes packed with different features that make it stand out from the rest of the competition:

  • Dedicated Blockchain

Rather than use an existing blockchain network, HoneyWood operates on a separate and dedicated blockchain, offering low-cost gameplay with an efficient and high capacity framework for its players. Players will not have to stress over hefty in-game fees anymore.

  • Play-and-Earn Mechanics

As a Play-and-Earn game, players can enjoy playing the game while making money every time they complete a task. Apart from the PVP and PVE gameplay that earn them rewards, players have the opportunity of staking, coin farming and collecting HoneyWood NFTs.

  • Multi-Gameplay

HoneyWood will allow developers to design games on top of HoneyWood and invite individuals and communities to join them in the future.

  • Moneta Today Support

Backed by Moneta Today, HoneyWood is compatible with the mass adoption app ecosystem. This enables developers to create different apps on Moneta Today that can interact with the HoneyWood network.

  • Self Organized Framework

HoneyWood has been carefully crafted to have a balance in the network. This means that there is always an engaging entertainment opportunity and at the same time, the rewards and earnings are in line to make sure the players’ efforts are worth it.

HoneyCoin and CONE

With a careful understanding of the current pain points in the GameFi industry, the developers of HoneyWood realized that having a single coin for the game and the blockchain network will not be sustainable in the long run. Therefore, a two-coin system has been developed, with both to be listed on major platforms.

Acting as the main medium of exchange within the HoneyWood game, HoneyCoin will be generated every time players farm in the game. Limited in quantity, HoneyCoin will carry actual-world value and will be listed on major crypto exchanges.

HoneyWood is also a DAO and to avoid HoneCoin being staked in large quantities for voting and management purposes, there is a dedicated CONE coin for it. With no limits to the number of CONES that can be minted, the coins will be distributed to players whenever they plant a tree in the game.

As more players come and plant trees, two things will start to happen. First, the power balance will start to shift from the developers as more and more players will start to get voting rights in the DAO.

Secondly, as power is diluted and divided amongst the players, HoneyWood will start to achieve true decentralization.

An innovative project, HoneyWood goes a step beyond the current GameFi leaders by providing a dedicated blockchain for faster and cheaper transactions, an extensively well-designed tokenomics and eventually, true decentralization.