Reviews & Ratings Review – Massive Selection of Supported Coins and Crypto Trading Features

By April 18, 2022 No Comments is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2013. The exchange has endured the ups and downs in the cryptocurrency industry that have happened since then, and remains a very active trading platform, especially for altcoin enthusiasts.

The exchange, is accessible globally, except for users in certain jurisdictions. Notably, this includes the United States of America, Mainland China, Canada and Singapore. For some jurisdictions, offers its services on a product-by-product basis (for example, users from Germany can use spot trading on the exchange but can’t trade derivatives). has a very extensive range of features, and we will cover the exchange’s most notable products in this article. Before we take a closer look at what has to offer, let’s quickly run through some of its most important advantages and disadvantages: pros:

  • Extremely large selection of listed cryptocurrencies
  • Offers spot trading as well as a diverse range of derivatives products
  • Supports staking, crypto lending, liquidity mining and other passive income options
  • NFT-friendly features cons:

  • Accounts can’t be directly funded with fiat currency
  • Doesn’t accept customers from some jurisdictions, notably the United States and Canada

Supported cryptocurrencies

The exchange supports a truly massive selection of cryptocurrencies. The platform lists practically all the major cryptocurrencies, as well as hundreds of smaller altcoins. Users should be aware that the liquidity for some of the “micro-cap” altcoins can be pretty low, although this shouldn’t cause too many issues for customers who are trading smaller amounts. When it comes to larger crypto assets, the liquidity on is solid and will be more than sufficient even for users trading larger sizes.

Although, there are hundreds of different cryptocurrencies available for trading on, here’s just a small sample of supported coins:

Trading products

Variety is the name of the game at, and this also applies to their trading products. Of course, the exchange offers standard spot trading, but it also has derivatives products that are suitable for more advanced traders.

Spot trading

Spot trading on is available in the “Standard” and “Professional” varieties. The difference between these two modes is the trading interface. The “Standard” mode provides a basic cryptocurrency trading interface that’s similar to what you will encounter on other cryptocurrency exchanges. By going to the “Advanced” mode, traders can customize the trading interface according to their needs. In this mode, multiple price charts can be displayed on the screen, and the layout of the interface can be customized with different color themes and layouts.

The charts on are powered by TradingView, which allows traders to draw on the charts and use technical indicators to set up their trading strategies.

The “Professional” trading interface offers a wealth of customization options.

Margin trading supports margin trading, which allows traders to access leverage by borrowing crypto assets. Margin trading is available for a large number of crypto assets, although the list is slightly smaller than what’s available for trading on’s spot markets. The leverage limits for margin trading on range from 3x to 10x, and the limit depends on the specific cryptocurrency. For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum can be margin traded at 10x leverage, while the limit for Solana is set at 3x.

Passive income products

Passive income products are becoming increasingly important for cryptocurrency exchanges – many users don’t want to trade their coins actively, but are still interested in earning yield through staking, lending and other services. has done a good job with catering to such customers, as the exchange has a suite of “Earn” products that encompasses crypto lending, staking, dollar-cost averaging, liquidity mining and more.

Users who want to earn yield on their crypto holdings can choose from a variety of products on, which includes short-term and long-term products. also provides staking services for many of the Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange. This includes coins like TRON, Cosmos, Algorand and Tezos. Fans of the Polkadot ecosystem can lock up their DOT or KSM tokens on to participate in parachain slot auctions and earn token rewards from the projects they’re backing.


Gate Token (GT) is an exchange token that provides numerous benefits to holders who are using the exchange. In addition to functioning as the exchange token of, GT is also the native token of the GateChain blockchain platform.

By holding GT, users can increase the VIP Tier of their account. Users with a higher VIP Tier can access higher trading fee discounts, access IEOs and other token sales on Startup, and purchase popular cryptocurrencies at a discount. GT holders can also vote on new token listings. Startup

The Startup platform provides unique opportunities to holders of the Exchange’s GT token. It features token sales and airdrops from both new and established cryptocurrency projects. Depending on the project, tokens can be offered at discount or airdropped to users for free. Often, new projects that are featured on Startup are then listed on the exchange shortly following the token sale.

NFT features

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are taking the crypto world by storm, and has ensured that NFT enthusiasts have a place on their platform. The exchange features Initial NFT Offerings or INOs, where interested users can purchase NFTs from upcoming projects. also has an NFT marketplace, where NFTs can be purchased from other users. Users can toggle between NFTs from issuers that have been verified by, or browse the “Free Market” section which includes all NFTs on the marketplace.

Account funding options

After creating an account on, users can fund their account with a cryptocurrency deposit. It’s also possible to buy cryptocurrency with fiat, although this is done through third-party services integrated by to buy cryptocurrency with fiat. Users who want to buy crypto with a debit or credit card can do so via MoonPay, Simplex and other services supported by the exchange. For users who want to buy crypto via a bank transfer, offers an integration with Legend Trading.

One improvement that we’d like to see make would be to support direct fiat currency deposits through bank transfers. However, this isn’t always possible because it can be difficult for crypto exchanges to secure banking services in certain jursidictions.

The bottom line offers practically all of the features one would expect from a modern cryptocurrency exchange. With spot and derivatives trading, passive income products, IEO token sales and other products, covers most of the key areas for crypto investors. Perhaps the most impressive property of is the massive number of cryptocurrencies it offers for trading, which is practically unmatched across the cryptocurrency industry. However, there’s still room for improvement – the exchange doesn’t yet offer direct fiat currency deposits, and we would also like to see the exchange improve the quality of some of its English-language documentation.