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Fueling Innovation in AI and Crypto, CryptoGPT Raises $10M in Funds at $250M Valuation

By April 11, 2023 No Comments
CryptoGPT Raises $10M

Key highlights:

  • The project aims to fuel innovation in the intersection of AI and cryptocurrencies.
  • CryptoGPT has launched an AI assistant named Alex that can assist users with crypto-related issues and is developing an AI data engine that collects, encrypts and transfers conditional data for commercial applications.
  • Users can monetize their data in various areas, including gaming, fitness, dating, education, and NFTs that store owner activity data.

The AI trend continues to drive the crypto market. CryptoGPT is one of the projects that want to turn the interest of investors into opportunities. CryptoGPT, the Zk-rollup Layer 2 scaling solution, raised $10 million in funding with the help of an artificial intelligence-focused project.

In particular, the Series A round led by market maker DWF Labs, which has invested in many blockchain projects over the past few years, gave CryptoGPT a value of $250 million.

AI Assistant Alex Released

CryptoGPT recently launched its AI assistant named Alex. This Web3-focused assistant has the ability to assist users with many crypto-related issues.

CryptoGPT is also developing an AI data engine that collects, encrypts and transfers conditional data for commercial applications. It seems that this project will be among the active and few giants of the sector.

CryptoGPT made a statement summarizing the latest situations on April 11th. Talking about using zero-knowledge technology for private data transfers instead of using it for micropayments, the project said that it will use the financing income from the Series A round to grow its developer team globally and develop its regional presence in Asian markets.

Making Money with CryptoGPT

Users will be able to monetize their data in areas such as gaming, fitness, dating and education, and earn income from this data. The project also plans to launch NFTs that store owner activity data.

With the popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in recent months, AI-oriented cryptocurrencies aim to spread these price increases over the long term. The aim of CryptoGPT is to maintain success in the long term by developing good technologies. CryptoGPT doesn’t want to be just one of the many useless projects that have AI in their name or description. Launched on March 10, the GPT token has a current price of $0.073 and a market cap of $20M, according to our data. While $GPT is not currently among the most valuable AI cryptos, it has good potential for the future.