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Falcon Business Research Announces The Global Digital Assets & Investment Summit Series in Singapore (30th Sep – 1st Oct) and Dubai (15th Nov – 16th Nov 2022)

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The Global Digital Assets Investment Summit is a forum for the industry leaders and Investors to discuss the future of digital & Crypto assets investments. The Global Digital Assets market is continuously shaking up the financial system and has prompted the beginning of global regulatory change and monetary revolution that no one can afford to ignore. The regulatory overhaul and the development of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and the rise of cybercrime, stablecoins, innovation in cross border retail and wholesale payments infrastructure, and the ‘institutionalisation’ of digital assets investments are just some of the critical challenges that are forcing the financial institutions to change the way they operate, and force a change in the perception of fiat currencies and digital assets.

 The focus of the conference will be on the core topics of digital assets. The Summit aims to build an international business and investment platform for the digital assets industry to connect and benefit in both the situations. There will be Keynotes, Fire side chats, Panel discussions. Speakers and Participants will explore new frontiers digital asset investing, yet also focus on operational, regulatory and compliance challenges that need to bridge for true institutional adoption


  • 40+ Speakers & Panelists
  • 4 Keynotes
  • 5 Panel Discussions
  • 2 Days 1500+Online Attendees
  • 500+ In-Person Attendees


  • Investors
  • C-Level & Directors
  • Tech Developers
  • Tech and Futuristic Influencers
  • DeFi, Metaverse & NFT Projects
  • Blockchain & Crypto Pioneers
  • Tech Legal Firms
  • Technology Companies
  • Renowned Media Agencies
  • Government & Regulatory Bodies
  • Advisors, Brokers, Lawyers
  • Platform/service providers, exchanges, tokenization platforms
  • Venture capitalists
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity
  • Financial institutions, banks, exchanges, funds,
  • Institutions crypto tech including finance-focused blockchains
  • Crypto exchanges with an institutional focus
  • DeFi, Metaverse, Web3


  • Investors 35%
  • Tech Professionals 10%
  • Corporates 20%
  • Crypto Projects 20%
  • Media & Journalists 5%
  • Others 10%


  • The only event dedicated to bring digital assets and institutions together
  • In Person Networking
  • 100% Focused on The Future of Digital Assets Investments
  • Build a ‘world class’ network around Digital Assets, Decentralized Finance, NFTs, Metaverse, Web3, DLT and Protocols with industry leaders.
  • Be involved and engaged the emerging/ futuristic technology. Discover products and new technology from top tech companies, and projects.
  • Learn why both retail and institutions are massively investing in Digital & Crypto Space.
  • Meet the most innovative enterprise, leaders, influencers and key investors at The Global Digital Assets Investment Summit Series.


  • Unique opportunity to meet C-level attendees & Investors.
  • Brand recognition 
  • Grow your credentials as a thought leader.
  • Showcase your platform to the relevant target audience.
  • Broaden your exposure in the marketplace and create a positive impression on your business on a global scale.
  • Identify those who might be prospects for your products or services.
  • Build partnerships and alliances and understand cutting edge innovative technologies, which will define and drive the future of the industry.
  • The Global Digital Assets Investment Series offers an incomparable platform to connect with industry experts, get your business done and position your company for future success.


  • Register as a Delegate to benefit from direct insights of experts.
  • Showcase your brand and industry thought leadership in front of the very people that matter to your business by becoming a Sponsor.
  • Showcase your latest technologies and services in your own exclusive space as an Exhibitor by securing a display booth/table at the event.

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