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EOS Network Launches Antelope Spring Beta-1 on Jungle Testnet

eos Antelope Spring Beta 1.0 Testnet

The deployment of Antelope Spring Beta-1 to the Jungle public testnet by Cryptolions is a significant milestone for the EOS blockchain ecosystem. This advanced testnet is a testament to years of dedicated research and development by the EOS Network, and it surpassed its predecessor, the Antelope Leap 5.

The Antelope Spring 1.0 is packed with new features designed to enhance privacy, security, and the speed of blockchain transactions, ensuring a seamless user experience.

This development was achieved through a collaborative measure between Cryptolions, EOS Network Foundation engineers, and other block producers such as EOS Nations, EOS Sphere, EOS Rio, and EOS USA, who are responsible for continued testing, smooth operation and gathering necessary feedback from users and developers.

Features of Antelope Spring 1.0

At the core of the Antelope Spring is the Savanna Consensus Algorithm, which delivers instant transaction finality over 100 times faster than the previous version. However, raw power is just one piece of the feature puzzle; its ingenious consensus mechanism makes Savanna more secure and resilient against commonly found blockchain vulnerabilities. Its strength comes from using advanced cryptography like aggregate BLS signature and zero-knowledge proof systems that are aimed to improve scalability.  According to the organization, Savanna Consensus Algorithm is set to be launched on June 31, 2024.

Another feature of the Antelope Spring 1.0 is its blockchain architecture. The traditional “Block Producers” roles have been reconfigured to separate “Block Proposer” and “Block Finalizer” with increased governance decentralization and operational efficiency.

The benefit of the Antelope Spring 1.0 Testnet 

Developers will eventually get acquainted with the lightning-fast speeds, more vital security aspects, elastic framework, and future-proof principles of Antelope Spring. This real-world proving ground will gather crucial feedback to inform the imminent mainnet launch.

The EOS community has articulated its vision for Web3: a future where a high-performance, trustless blockchain platform can enable decentralized applications and services. Antelope Spring represents a massive stride towards realizing that ambitious destiny.


The launch of Antelope Spring Beta-1 on the Jungle public testnet by Cryptolions represents a significant step forward for the EOS blockchain ecosystem. Developed with the EOS Network Foundation and various block producers, this new testnet focuses on privacy, security, and transaction speed. Key advancements include the Savanna Consensus Algorithm, which dramatically improves transaction finality and security against vulnerabilities.