Earn Rewards for Performing Real-life Activities—the Motearn Move2Earn Project

By September 14, 2022 No Comments

As the blockchain space continues to experience tremendous growth, more opportunities for users to earn open up; move2earn [M2E] is the latest trend. The primary goal of this blockchain-based movement is to promote active, healthier lifestyles. M2E allows users to earn rewards for engaging in real-life activities.

Like most emerging trends, M2E faces a few problems—a lack of accurate user activity tracking devices and the absence of a genuinely sustainable reward system. While most of the projects claim to offer rewards to users each time they undertake activities such as walking, running, swimming, etc., Motearn takes things up a notch by seeking to revolutionize the budding market. 

The Motearn Move2Earn Project 

Motearn is a next-generation M2E project from Embry Tech—a VC-backed, wearable technology start-up focused on encouraging people to lead active and healthier lifestyles. Motearn is a product of extensive research in the fitness and health industry. 

The team understands the immense benefits of motivation and daily reminders, especially in the fitness and wellness industry. To encourage more people to lead healthier, more active lifestyles, Motearn instantly rewards you for engaging in various real-life activities. While other M2E projects provide similar services, Motearn, as a revolutionary project, prioritizes your health by only rewarding you when you perform these physical actions. 

Solving Existing M2E Problems 

Adequately and accurately tracking users’ daily activities—a core aspect of the M2E space—has become an arduous task for existing projects. This drawback diminishes the reliability level of the emerging space, making it a tad bit challenging to attract top stakeholders. Motearn addresses this sticking point. 

The next-gen project introduces a smart user tracking device based on a super advanced Proof-of-Walk technology from Embry Tech. The integration of this essential tracking system provides High precision data and restores reliability to the M2E market. 

It doesn’t end there; Motearn, unlike other M2E projects, takes things further by introducing a sustainable reward economy. Incentivizing real-life movements is the core fabric of M2E, and Motearn understands and has perfectly placed a well-thought-out reward generation scheme. 

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually treating several health conditions resulting from unhealthy, sedentary, or inactive lifestyles. With most of these monies coming from the pockets of governments, NGOs, employers, and insurance companies, Motearn will attract these stakeholders or parties to pay users’ rewards as an early-stage, bold approach to dwindle future health challenges. 

As the number of users grows, most M2E projects are bound to crash, partly due to an unsustainable incentivization economy, but not Motearn. By providing reliable tracking data, the next-gen platform hopes to attract more parties, meaning more rewards for you.  

“Move Matters the Most” 

Motearn is not just another M2E platform where you earn rewards for engaging in in-game activities; it aims to promote a wellness ecosystem based on privacy, reliability, and transparency. On Motearn, it is impossible to buy or earn $EMETs [Embry Move2Earn Tokens] without performing any real-life activity. You earn tokens for maintaining a non-sedentary lifestyle, and you lose some of your $EMETs each time you fail to lead an active life. 

Motearn has created a collection of unique IRL NFTs—Connected Tangible NFTs [ctNFTs]. Holders of this shoe ctNFTs can connect any smart wearable apparel to their NFTs, unlocking additional earnings and more utility. 

Motearn integrates a non-GPS technology and an unfakeable system to guarantee a privacy-focused platform. Each user’s data is converted to $EMETs/$MOT and will subsequently allow the user to trade without compromising privacy.  

Per a recent press release, Motearn will be minting its collection of 3210 IRL/NFT shoes in six batches at 2 week intervals, with the first batch starting on 15th SEP 9:00 PM UTC with a supply of 500 NFTs. ctNFT holders will receive exclusive access to the mobile application. The CEO, Sargis Karapetyan, describes the launch as an opportunity to empower people to lead healthier and more actively. 

We are excited to launch our private beta. This is an opportunity to empower people to lead healthier, happier, and self-confident lives. Motearn is meant to deliver on that promise in the wellness space, even in the beta phase, as we prioritize earnings rooted in moving, with more reliable data from connected devices, all while protecting the privacy of our users’ data.” the CEO says.