Dogeliens, Revolutionizing The Meme Space Ahead of Floki Inu And Dogecoin

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The need to communicate through pictures and shorter videos (GIFs) pushed the meme idea on social media through the roof. As a result, meme-themed coins have become the new crypto-asset in the digital space. Memes are a big deal in the crypto world because of the levity they communicate and represent. However, Dogeliens (DOGET), knowing the importance of memes to the crypto world, has capitalized on this market space and provided unique features that make it stand out.

With the creation of Dogecoin in 2013, a whole new blockchain crypto space was born. However, since the creation of Dogecoin, new meme coins have mostly been direct replicas of Dogecoin. Therefore, the dog-themed meme coins industry needs a change and instant renovation. This is why DOGET stands out from all the other meme coins.

The Dogeliens team has been building this platform for years. This shows the level and height of work that has gone into the release of Dogeliens. However, the Dogeliens team has also been busy building extensive community values to take over the metaverse. Also, critical research carried out by the DOGET team into the meme-themed crypto market is to ensure the success of this token.

In the Dogeliens Universe, everyone is welcome to join. The Dogeliens token aims to become the puppet master while building an optimistic community. However, this community to be made will be focused on aiding every member to ensure not just community growth but also individual growth as well.

Dogecoin is the first released meme coin based on a popular internet meme. The logo of this famous meme-themed coin is the Shiba Inu, which further explains the term ‘Dog-themed meme coin’. However, this coin’s success and continued relevance intertwine with Elon Musk. The first tweet by the Tesla CEO about Dogecoin led to its later success in the year 2021.

Will Dogeliens (DOGET) Outmatch Other Meme Coins Like Floki Inu (FLOKI)?

Floki Inu is a dog-themed meme coin that refers to itself as more of a movement than a meme coin. Tokenized by FLOKI, this meme coin was created by fans and members of the Shiba Inu community. However, in a bid to set itself apart from the rest of the meme coins in the crypto space, Floki Inu combines memes with utility. However, Dogeliens, unlike other meme coins, are not mainly utility-based but case-based.

Dogeliens DeFi And Academy

The Dogeliens platform serves as a decentralized financial system for its users, which includes but is not limited to – holders and investors. Transactions are carried out on the open-source platform, allowing users to exchange cryptocurrencies without interference. However, trades are executed anonymously and securely with comparably reduced fees.

In addition, on the Dogelien platform, primary education is free and accessible to all DOGET users.

Dogeliens NFTs And Charity Endeavours

On the Dogeliens platform, DOGET users will mint NFTS. These Dogeliens NFTs minted can be used on the Dogeliens P2E games. However, these Dogeliens NFTs, also known as Dogeliens pups, can be upgraded to increase their value. It is not news that the GameFi and metaverse worlds are expanding; the Dogeliens pups are wasting no time diving into this space.

The DOGET’s team and community have agreed that 3% of every transaction made on the Dogeliens platform will be put into a charity wallet. This charity wallet will be visited every month when charity endeavours occur. However, at the end of each month, the DOGET community will vote on the charity organization to donate. Also, the Dogeliens platform will work alongside charitable organizations and fund education in underprivileged areas of the world.

Concluding Remark

The vision and mission of the Dogeliens community are profitable, relatable, and accommodating. Join this community today and reap all the potentially juicy benefits.