Diversify Your Portfolio In The Ongoing Bear Market With These Three Altcoins – Polygon, Cosmos and Big Eyes Coin

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As the bear market rages on, it has become apparent that crypto regulars need to find suitable solutions to minimise the risk of running at a loss and stay afloat until the situation changes.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

While no one could have expected the ongoing bear market to turn out this way, several crypto platforms such as Coinbase, Gemini and BlockFi made adequate preparations in anticipation of an event like this by slashing their workforce. It is becoming more evident that crypto regulars would need to follow a similar route if they want to stay afloat in the current climate.

As the bear market has been especially unkind to the industry’s biggest and largest cryptos, crypto investors have a unique opportunity to explore. Within the hype and competitiveness in the industry, it is easy for a very good coin to go under the radar.

These types of cryptocurrencies are called undiscovered gems and typically possess massive growth potential. This piece discusses three gems that could boost your portfolio and yield massive returns in the long run. Here’s all you need to know about Polygon (MATIC), Cosmos (ATOM) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Polygon – The Internet of Blockchains

Polygon (MATIC) is a blockchain-based platform within the cryptocurrency industry that effectively transforms Ethereum (ETH) into a full-fledged multi-chain system (aka Internet of Blockchains).

It is the industry’s first well-structured, easy-to-use platform for Ethereum (ETH) scaling and infrastructure development with a modular, flexible framework that supports the creation of multiple applications. Polygon (MATIC) is one of the many blockchain platforms within the industry championing the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

Its native cryptocurrency, MATIC, is an integral part of its ecosystem that facilitates several crypto-related operations, such as network governance, payment fees, and interaction. MATIC is available on several crypto platforms, such as Binance, Coinbase Pro, FTX, Huobi Global and Kucoin.

Cosmos’ Performance Is Out Of This World

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Cosmos (ATOM) is a blockchain-based platform within the cryptocurrency industry that provides feasible solutions to several issues, such as performance and speed.  Cosmos (ATOM) offers an antidote to “slow, expensive, unscalable and environmentally harmful” Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocols by providing an ecosystem of connected blockchains.

Cosmos is a platform that seeks to make blockchain technology less complex and challenging for developers by providing a modular framework that demystifies decentralised applications (dApps).

Cosmos (ATOM) is also notable for improved scalability and is capable of processing more transactions than prominent crypto platforms like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Its native cryptocurrency, ATOM, is an integral part of its ecosystem and is responsible for facilitating crypto-related operations, such as staking, network governance, and payment fees. ATOM is available on several top crypto platforms within the industry, such as Binance, Coinbase and OKEx.

Big Eyes Coin – Bringing Sustainability To Crypto

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is an upcoming meme coin that is proving to be a suitable long-term cryptocurrency investment amid the ongoing bear market. The token is currently on presale and has already raised over $5 million.

As one of the most anticipated cryptocurrencies this year, crypto experts expect it to quickly become a valuable asset within the current climate. Its dedication to charity and shifting wealth into the DeFi ecosystem is inspiring as Big Eyes Coin looks to compete with those at the top of the crypto market.

Big Eyes Coin’s appeal comes from its massive supply, roadmap and features like zero shopping fees. With its presale already in the fourth stage, potential investors need to make haste before the token is no longer available. Each presale stage increases the price of the token by 25%.

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