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Did Someone Just Find The Old Twitter Account of The Enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto

By March 2, 2021 No Comments

Key highlights:

  • A user from the online platform Substack says he has found the old Twitter account of Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • The user believes there are some connections between this anonymous old Twitter account and the mysterious founder of Bitcoin.

A user from the online platform of Substack believes that he has accidentally found the anonymous BTC creator’s old Twitter account. The mentioned user is called Varun, and he thinks an old account named Goldlover has some strong connections to Satoshi’s behavior at that time. The old Twitter account had many  tweets regarding gold. Varun speculates that the word “gold” in these tweets refers to digital gold. One time, the account owner pointed out that all fiat currencies depreciated throughout history. 

The tweet about the depreciation of fiat was published one day before the revolutionary whitepaper 

The mentioned tweet about the devaluation of fiat currencies was written on 30 October 2008. It is precisely one day before the publication of Bitcoin’s whitepaper. Decentralization, financial issues, and the necessity for improving the fiat system are among the favorite topics of Goldlover. Some users are speculating that these subjects are related to the insight of enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto. 

The account displays a massive amount of tweets regarding gold, and at one point referred to a Digital Gold Currency before the release of that famous whitepaper by Satoshi. After the public announcement of Bitcoin, Satoshi talked about all of these topics in forums and other places. Varun says no account except the account from late Hal Finney talked about Bitcoin in 2009, and these are vital clues to consider the Twitter account as the old Twitter account of the secretive Bitcoin creator. 

Varun referred to two strongly related tweets from Finney and Goldlover in 2009, and he thinks the shreds of evidence are enough for a conclusion about the owner of the old account. Varun feels that Satoshi has utilized the anonymous Twitter account for expressing his ideas, and Nakamoto was coding Bitcoin at that time. 

The research from Varun has attracted many users to the account, with some of them thanking Satoshi for revolutionizing the world. In his blog, Varun is encouraging others to research the topic as well.