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Decrypt Introduces the 1000x Loyalty Program and Destination for Financial Entertainment

By September 26, 2023 No Comments

New York, United States, September 26th, 2023, Chainwire

Decrypt Media Inc. has officially announced 1000x, the first loyalty program for degens. The announcement comes on the heels of the launch of Degen Alley, an expansion of the site’s editorial coverage into new and barely explored corners of the crypto space. Degen Alley embraces the “degenerate” side of the crypto and gambling communities, serving as a place for the thrill-seekers, risk-takers, and crypto enthusiasts who live on the edge. 

1000x is a membership community spanning the spectrum of gaming entertainment by offering exclusive access and discounts on sports betting, casino games, online poker, and more. The program offers two tiers of membership, each corresponding to different levels of perks, including discounts and preferred rates at partners like PokerGo,, Action Network, and Rotowire, member-exclusive events such as poker tournaments, access to a 1000x community Discord, and more. 

Degen Alley is also home to “This Time Will Be Different,” a podcast hosted by Reza Jafery focusing on guests from the degen side of the crypto space, their origin stories, and the problems that wake them up in the morning. Featuring guests such as Martin Shkreli, Amanda Cassatt, and Allie Eve Knox, “This Time Will Be Different” is the talk show counterpart to Degen Alley, featuring some of the greatest minds in the space as they share laughs, trade tales of barely missing generational wealth, and discuss the latest crypto disasters hitting X (the social network formerly known as Twitter). 

Stay up-to-date while having some fun at Degen Alley.

Degen Alley is a gathering place and communal safe haven for degen culture, offering different avenues for members to share, engage, and play. Degens and crypto enthusiasts alike come for the storytelling and stay for the fun. Additional features found in the hub include:

  • AI-Powered News Exploration. Degen Alley offers an AI-powered news explorer that keeps gamblers up to date on the need-to-know of the industry.
  • Content. The site will offer additional unique content offerings alongside “This Time Will Be Different,” the candid podcast focusing on degen culture. No topics or guests are off limits. 
  • Learning. “Degen U” provides educational content to help members degen even harder. The first course, Mastering NFT Trading, is available on launch and will help traders identify trends, seize the right moment to trade, and weed out scams… and have fun doing it!

Degen Alley lives on the website and features articles, interviews, breaking news, and more. Alongside editorial content, the platform is supplemented by the 1000x members-only channels in Discord.

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