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Datamall Chain Foundation Announces Strategic Partnership with

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Singapore, Singapore, 31st January, 2023, Chainwire

Datamall Chain (DMC) DMC Foundation announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with DMC Foundation and will cooperate in many aspects, including blockchain technology development and distributed storage. Both parties will cooperate and support the development of quality projects in the blockchain industry, the Ethereum community, the DMC ecology, and the DMC community. The cooperation will accelerate innovation in the blockchain industry overall and significantly enhance the progress of Web3 technology worldwide.

“We’re very excited to have as a strategic partner,” said Victor Chen, DMC Foundation Chair. “Both DMC Foundation and Aleph Crypto are firm believers in the potential and promise of Web3. Having Aleph Crypto as a strategic partner adds significant technical credibility and momentum to the DMC ecosystem.”

“It is our great honor to be one of the very first DMC Foundation strategic partners,” said Zainan Zhou, co-initiator of and one of the key contributors of Ethereum open standard procedure Ethereum Improvement Proposals such as authoring the ERC-1202 Voting Standard. also features a network of renowned technical advisors from the Ethereum developer community such as NFT (ERC-721) first author William Entriken to provide technical advisory and open standard review for its partners from an Ethereum compatibility point of view. “In order for Web3 to be successful, decentralized storage needs a highly efficient and fully decentralized marketplace. When we saw DMC’s technical architecture, we were super excited about the potential that it provides a much better solution for decentralized users than many of the existing options. We can’t wait to provide as much help and support as we can to DMC Foundation’s vision for Web3 and the blockchain industry, and we look forward to our ongoing collaboration.”

About DMC Foundation

DMC Foundation was founded in Singapore in 2020. With the technical R&D team from Silicon Valley, DMC Foundation has developed Datamall Chain (DMC), an open-source public blockchain. Datamall Chain is based on the Cyber File System (CYFS), an open-source, next-generation protocol that enables development of completely decentralized applications. 

Datamall Chain is a decentralized storage marketplace that provides users with secure, efficient, and authenticated decentralized storage services. DMC aims to promote the development of next-generation Internet infrastructure and blockchain technology, focusing on building the underlying storage architecture in Web3. DMC adopts a unique Proof of Storage Service (PoSS) consensus mechanism to incentivize nodes to improve their own storage capacity and ensure DMC is a high-performance public chain.

The DMC ecosystem consists of three layers: the storage transaction layer, which matches decentralized storage supply with decentralized storage demand; the storage service layer, which helps enforce storage deals; and the storage application layer, which consists of applications that use decentralized storage. One of the first applications on DMC is Foggie, the world’s first all-in-one Web3 virtual appliance from Fog Works. With Foggie, users can obtain additional storage capacity via DMC, or they can share idle storage on DMC capacity and earn crypto rewards. 

For more details, please visit the DMC official Twitter and DMC official website.

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Aleph Crypto is a series of initiatives rooted in Silicon Valley. It is initiated by Zainan Zhou (author of ERC-1202 Voting Standard) and co-founded by several seasoned investors and entrepreneurs of Web1 and Web2 Internet. focuses and services three areas of interest: Blockchain Infrastructure Layer, “Blockchain+” of Traditional Web, and New Applications Exclusively Enabled by Blockchains.

In May 2022, a key contributor to the Ethereum ecosystem, lead author of NFT (ERC-721), William Entriken, also joins as its Technical Advisor.

The founders of deeply believe Web3 will advance humanity by improving the collaborations of people through communities. champions the spirit of community by establishing its own, including Builder Club, Investor Network, and Media Hub, to support and service everyone who is interested in building Web3 in all the ways we can. The Aleph Crypto also features an early-stage investment fund for angel and seed rounds.


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