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Dacxi Coin in Review

By April 20, 2022 No Comments

Dacxi is a global company founded in 2017. The company is playing a big role in the next big thing in crypto; tokenization. Dacxi’s latest innovation, the Dacxi Chain, is poised to tokenize company shares to help create the world’s first global tokenized equity crowdfunding system in the process. The Dacxi Chain itself will be powered by the company’s native cryptocurrency; Dacxi Coin. 

So, what is the use case for this revolutionary blockchain-based currency? How is it powering the Dacxi Chain, and what role will it play in the future of tokenization? Let’s take a look. 

All about Dacxi

Dacxi is the pioneer of a new sector in crypto, known as Crypto Wealth. The company’s team of over 50 is spread across Australia, Brazil, Estonia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK. Dacxi is fast expanding worldwide, and their biggest customer bases can be found in Australia and the UK.

Dacxi’s goal is to simplify the complexities of crypto. It’s here to help everyday people build their crypto confidence, so that everyone everywhere can enjoy success investing in crypto – no matter their level of technical know-how. Dacxi LEARN, the company’s unique educational portal, provides a wide range of helpful resources, courses, webinars, and events. These are all aimed at arming people with the crypto education they need to succeed. 

Dacxi brings customers a curated selection of some of the world’s best and brightest coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dacxi Coin among them). The company has also created tokenized versions of the physical precious metals of gold, silver, and platinum, which are available for purchase through the platform. 

All about Dacxi Coin (DACXI)

Dacxi Coin (DACXI) is the Dacxi ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, whose demand and value are both driven by the company’s ongoing global expansion. Dacxi Coins are currently based on the Ethereum blockchain, using Erc20 protocol. Customers’ Dacxi Coins are stored in the Dacxi Exchange in cold wallets. Dacxi Coin is not to be confused with DAC Coin, which is the code for Davinci Coin and Degen Ape Club. The two have no connection.

Dacxi Coin’s use cases

Dacxi Coin has one big and ambitious goal to power their newglobal tokenized crowdfunding system. The coin’s three use cases are designed to help the coin achieve this goal:

  1. Quick and easy cross-border investment transfers
  2. Dacxi Chain blockchain fees payment
  3. Exchange transactions for Dacxi’s innovative new global tokenized crowd-funding system.

What is tokenized crowdfunding, and why is it such a big deal?

Crowdfunding as it is today hasn’t delivered on its promises. It was meant to give everyday people the opportunity to invest in innovative new companies. And it was meant to give exciting Early Stage companies access to the funding they needed to grow. But in truth, it’s done neither of these things. Dacxi believes crowdfunding has the potential to be a trillion dollar sector, but today, the sector is worth a miniscule fraction of that amount.

This means the potential of a crowdfunding system that delivers on its promises is huge. Potential investors could be connected with the opportunities of a lifetime, and entrepreneurs could be connected with much-needed capital. And thousands of amazing business ideas – which are currently going untapped – could finally come to fruition.

Dacxi’s Founder realised tokens’ potential to solve the issues with crowdfunding way back in 2017. And that insight turned into the Dacxi Chain.

The Dacxi Chain the first ever global tokenized crowdfunding system. Dacxi will use blockchain technology to create tokenized versions of company shares, which will be available for purchase on localised Dacxi platforms around the world. This will connect entrepreneurs with a huge global base of new investors, and likewise will connect investors with the opportunities they seek.

Dacxi Coin’s role in the Dacxi Chain

Like we’ve mentioned, Dacxi Coin is Dacxi Chains native cryptocurrency, where it willl:

  • Pay for Dacxi Chain blockchain fees
  • Allow for worldwide transfers of investments
  • Make exchange transactions possible.

For more on the future of the Dacxi Coin, see the Dacxi Coin roadmap.

Buying Dacxi Coin

Dacxi Coin is available on several exchanges, including Coinsbit, Crex24, HitBTC, and Bitforex. The simplest way to purchase the coin is on the Dacxi exchange.

The Dacxi Exchange stands out from other exchanges, because it’s designed for everyday people – not seasoned investors, traders, or speculators. Its aim is to help people build long-term wealth using crypto, and everything about the platform is designed with that in mind. The exchange is very user-friendly. Their fees are clear and simple (and competitive), their security is of the highest standard, and their customer service is best-in-class. Dacxi has even made it incredibly simple to start building a portfolio of crypto, with their innovative Bundle products. These Bundles include a selection of exciting and high-performing coins, which means purchasing several coins can be done in just a few simple steps. Customers can also choose to purchase individual coins.

Opening a Dacxi account

Opening a Dacxi account is quick and easy, taking just a couple of minutes for the average user. Dacxi is a regulated company, and they comply with all relevant KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) laws. This means they need to confirm the identities of all their users – and once your account is verified, you’ll be up and running and ready to place an order.

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