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CXIP Labs Unveils “Holograph” Omnichain NFT Protocol, Announces $6.5 Million Fundraising Round with Vaynerfund, Diplo and More

By April 27, 2022 No Comments

CXIP Labs has announced a new suite of NFT products that can trigger several innovations in the industry. “Holograph”, as the new product is called, is an omnichain NFT protocol for developers, creators, and enterprises. The technology company also announced that it has secured a $6.5 M Series Seed financing round.

The NFT market is growing at an incredible pace, and it is great to see companies like CXIP Labs working on projects that can advance it further. Holograph is an innovative omnichain NFT protocol that delivers seamless interoperability for users.

It is natural for projects like Holograph to attract several committed investors. CXIP Labs announced that its recent fundraising round was co-led by Courtyard Ventures and Wave Financials. Other notable participants include Avalaunch, Diplo, Gmoney, VaynerFund, Nadya from Pussy Riot, Arca NFT Fund, Justin Aversano, Kenetic Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Palm Drive Capital, Kosmos VC, Company Ventures, Mirana Ventures, Soma Capital, and several other strategic angel investors.

With this latest round of funding, XCIP Labs is confident of rolling out Holograph in the near future. According to the information made available by the company, this new NFT protocol will include products like:

  • Bridge – a unique cross-chain NFT bridge that will introduce CXIP’s patented holographic bridging technology. This product is described as ‘first of its kind’ and will enable NFTs to seamlessly move across EVM blockchains without compromising data integrity.
  • Core – a distinctive omnichain NFT minting API, specially designed for developers.
  • Mint – an exceptional non-code NFT minting interface, specially made for creators.

The protocol has already been used to create thousands of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The notable ones include Nifty Gateway, Philips, Sothebys, the AmFAR Gala, as well as the Academy Awards Museum.

With Holograph, CXIP is strengthening its position as a leader in the NFT niche. The company, which was founded by Jeff Gluck (an intellectual property lawyer) and Daniel Arsham (an artist) has already established itself as one of the top providers of NFT infrastructure solutions for the emerging web3 ecosystem. It is already well-known for its support for artists and creatives.

In recent times, the company has added numerous new members to its advisory board, including musicians, Pharrell Williams and Joe Jonas. Notable older board members include Wendy Fisher (the president of the Guggenheim Foundation), Jen Stark and Lucien Smith.

Speaking about the project, CXIP Labs CEO, Jeff Gluck said:

With Holograph, our mission is to empower brands and creators across any marketplace or blockchain by building solutions that make digital asset creation and trading easier and more accessible.”

The investors in the company’s recent fundraising round are also excited about the Holograph project and the prospects for CXIP Labs. According to Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerFund:

The CXIP Labs team has a proven background in supporting artists’ rights across creative industries, web3 fundamentals and a vision of the future creators informed by some of the smartest people in web3.”

Deepen Parikh, partner at Courtside VC has this to say:

We’re thrilled to back the incredible team at CXIP Labs as they are building one of the most critical web3 technologies to empower and enable creators.”

In his own words, Principal Partner of Wave Financial, David Roebuck explained why they are backing CXIP Labs:  

“We are big believers in Jeff and the Team. CXIP Labs is addressing a real problem in the NFT market with their novel PA1D smart contract technology for NFT royalties. We are excited to continue to back them and co-lead the current round.”

The successful fundraising round follows the exciting international news of the UkrainDAO, which CXIP Labs spearheaded. The company built the smart contract, working with Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot and PleasrDAO. The project yielded $7 million for civil organizations in war-torn Ukraine.