Cross-Chain Swap and NFT Marketplace MintySwap Launches DEX and Adds ProBit Global as Key Partner

By September 13, 2021 No Comments

Cross-chain aggregator Mintyswap has listed its deflationary token MINTYS on ProBit Global with a total of 5,632,716 tokens staked by participants during the completed MINTYS staking event. Traders can also compete for an additional share of 70,000 MINTYS which will be distributed to the top 20 traders once the competition closes on September 23

Due to the siloed nature of blockchain networks, cross-chain swaps will play an essential role in simplifying the process for inexperienced traders who often face a high barrier to DeFI participation.

Mintyswap will provide efficient swaps across ERC20, BSC20, and Polygon-based tokens in 10 seconds with low transaction fees of 0.03% in line with cost-efficient and scalability at the core of Mintyswap’s value proposition.

The other key element behind the project is an NFT marketplace featuring a unique copyright fee which provides unprecedented monetization opportunities for artists to earn a fee every time their original work changes hands. 

A recent reveal showed the team’s development of “Minted: The battle against fiat,” the first 5v5 NFT collector game featuring PVP and survival mode battles where participants can earn MINTY rewards and rare NFT in the process. 

The deflationary MINTY token features a 2% redistribution mechanism with holders sharing 1% and the team burning the remaining 1%. Furthermore, 51% of the 1B supply has been allocated for a decentralization event with gradual distribution expected to continue across the next 3-5 years alongside an ongoing buyback and distribution mechanism.

MINTYS holders can generate additional token rewards through airdrops, trade mining, and liquidity mining by providing capital to the DEX. Staking tokens will also generate passive income, lower transaction fees, and provide governance privileges towards the protocol. 

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