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Chiliz Shares Striking Growth Metrics from Their 2023 Year in Review

By December 18, 2023 No Comments
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Key highlights:

  • Processing over 3 million transactions in its first year, the dedicated Layer 1 blockchain “Chiliz Chain” broke new ground in supporting unique fan engagement experiences through partnerships, polls, collectibles, and more.
  • Reaching 30% growth across 160 countries, the Socios app opened the door for fans’ voices to influence decisions while rewarding over 50,000 redemptions of once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
  • Building a mighty SportFi franchise. With a $50 million investment fund and strategic partnerships spanning 25+ companies, Chiliz is assembling all the pieces needed to become a blockchain juggernaut in sports.

As the year comes to a close, Chiliz is looking back on an exceptionally transformative 2023 for the intersection of blockchain and sports. Despite economic headwinds facing many crypto projects, the sports fan engagement platform reported unprecedented growth that further cemented blockchain’s role in enhancing fan experiences.

According to Chiliz’s 2023 year in review, some of the biggest milestones included the mainstream rollout of Fan Tokens for top clubs like Tottenham Hotspur, surpassing major app user and revenue metrics on, and generating over $437 million in economic activity since inception.

Chiliz Chain’s launch powers explosive growth

One of the biggest catalysts was the February launch of the Chiliz Chain mainnet. As a dedicated Layer 1 blockchain optimized for sports and entertainment decentralized applications (dApps), it has seen explosive adoption within the nascent “SportFi” sector.

In just one year, Chiliz Chain processed over 3 million transactions and paved the way for new forms of fan engagement like gamified polling, unique digital collectibles via “Locker Rooms,” and novel partner integrations. Its performance and capabilities have proven instrumental in supporting the hypergrowth witnessed across the Chiliz ecosystem. hits new heights

Powered by Chiliz Chain, the flagship fan engagement platform reported 30% user growth across 160 countries while adding marquee teams. Fans have influenced key club decisions through over 3,000 polls and earned once-in-a-lifetime rewards totaling 50,000 redemptions of signed memorabilia, VIP experiences, and tickets. also generated $437 million in economic activity for teams since its inception- showing how cryptocurrency can augment traditional sports business models. With Fan Tokens increasingly moving “from buzzword to must-have,” solidified its position at the forefront of Web3 sports fan engagement.

 Building the Future of SportFi

Underlining its long-term commitment, Chiliz launched a $50 million SportFi incubator program and made strategic minority investments. It also partnered with 25+ companies across ticketing, collectibles, gaming, and more. Initiatives like the “One Shirt Pledge” blended blockchain, charity, and memorabilia authentication.

Looking ahead, Chiliz hopes to sustain this trajectory in 2024 by welcoming more major clubs, developing innovative DApps, expanding to new regions like the US, and promoting Web3 literacy and adoption.