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Bybit Raises the Bar in Crypto Trading with Revamped VIP Perks

Bybit VIP

Key highlights:

  • Bybit has refined its VIP program to maximize traders’ profits with lower fees and expanded trader tiers.
  • They also added two new PRO levels catering to traders with volumes over $500 million and $1 billion.
  • Bybit aims to give traders every possible advantage to succeed in the volatile crypto market.

Trading cryptocurrencies can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor. With volatility and complex platforms, traders need every advantage they can get. That’s why Bybit’s newly upgraded VIP program is set to redefine the crypto trading experience.

Lower Fees Mean Bigger Profits

One of the biggest improvements is the revised fee structure across VIP tiers. Bybit has lowered taker fees while increasing maker fees. This means traders who place limit orders to add liquidity to order books benefit from lower fees. Bybit now beats rival exchanges by offering unmatched value to VIP and PRO clients.

The updated fees let traders keep more of their profits. As any experienced trader knows, those little percentage savings add up over time. Bybit’s new fee setup ensures a more lucrative trading environment.

More PRO Levels For Bigger Traders

Bybit has also expanded its PRO levels from three tiers to five. Current VIP users can instantly upgrade to PRO Level when their API transactions exceed 20%. The new PRO levels cater to varying levels of trading activity.

PRO users enjoy even lower maker fees than standard VIP traders. This competitive edge in fees can make a significant difference in long-term performance. The more you trade, the more you save with Bybit’s upgraded PRO tiers.

Bybit Tether

Fine-Tuned Rates For Each Level

Along with the new tiers, Bybit has fine-tuned the actual fee rates. PRO3 now covers traders with a volume range of 500M to 1B. Their taker fee has been reduced from 0.035% to 0.03%. PRO4 is for volumes from 1B to 2B with fees lowered from 0.0325% to 0.0275%. Finally, PRO5 traders exceeding 2B in volume now pay just 0.025%, down from 0.03%.

By carefully optimizing each level’s rates, Bybit ensures traders get the best value as they increase their trading activity and volume. The savings add up thanks to Bybit’s laser focus on customer satisfaction.

Options Trading Upgrades

In addition to spot trading improvements, Bybit also upgraded options tiers and rates. No matter your trading style, the new VIP program has perks and discounts. Bybit leaves no stone unturned in creating the best trading experience possible.

Customer-First Philosophy

“Our unwavering commitment at Bybit lies in equipping traders worldwide with the means necessary to best navigate the waters of the contemporary crypto market. The revamped VIP Program is a substantial stride toward realizing this vision, promising key service improvements for our clientele.”

Ben Zhou, Bybit CEO

Bybit walks the walk when it comes to putting customers first. The VIP program overhaul provides real, tangible value to users of all levels. With the upgrades, Bybit leads the way in boosting profits and making crypto trading more rewarding.