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BWR24 is Already Available in Digital Format With the BWR24 Digital Pack

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From 28 to 31 May, the fifth edition of Blockchain Week Rome (BWR24) gave rise to four days of full immersion in the crypto universe: 1.600+ participants at the event, including crypto enthusiasts, experts, and neophytes—13 years old, the youngest. 

For the fifth time in its history, the wind of the cryptosphere blew again in Rome. BWR started once more with the fundamentals: blockchain technology and Bitcoin—in the year of its historic fourth Halving and its entry into ETFs—and then explored topics such as NFTs, trading, DeFi, metaverse, taxation, scams, legal aspects, security, and privacy. 

There were two prestigious locations for the BWR24 crypto-meeting, both in the heart of Rome:

  • From 28 to 29 May, in Campo de’ Fiori, the historic Cinema Farnese wrapped with its vintage flair, the excellence of the Course “Blockchain Inside: Bitcoin, Crypto, and NFT For Business” by Ateneo Impresa The Blockchain Management School. 
  • From 29 to 31 May—about 300 meters from the Colosseum—the majestic Palazzo Brancaccio provided 4000 square meters of imperial halls, baroque ceilings, galleries of mirrors and a picturesque park of centuries-old trees for the BWR24 International Summit—900+ square meters of set-up; 50+ Top Web3 Speakers; 30+ speeches and panels; exclusive crypto parties; over 1000 connections created between companies, speakers and participants. 

Here are all the names of the speakers who took turns on the BWR24 stages:

Ferdinando Ametrano (CheckSig), Filippo Anania (BingX), Ten. Col. Antonio Ape (Capital Market Protection Group Guardia Di Finanza), Andrea Aymerich (Chainalysis), Bam Azizi (Mesh), Luca Bertelli (Internet Computer), Adriano Bertini (Ledger Enterprise), Mauro Caimi (TradingOn), Stefano Capaccioli (Chartered Accountant, Legal Auditor), Massimo Ciaglia (Grownnectia), Stefano Cirillo (Bitviking), Gian Luca Comandini (The Blockchain Management School), Rachel Conlan (Global CMO Binance), Aisling Connolly (Dfinity Foundation), Valerio Dalla Costa (Villaggio Bitcoin), Patrizia De Bella (Polkadot, Anamix), Alessandro De Carli (Acurast Association), Edoardo Degli Innocenti (B3yond), Romolo De Stefano (The Blockchain Management School e Ateneo Impresa), Gabriele Del Mese (Moneyviz), Danilo Flemma (Dverso), Pierpaolo Foderà (Adamantic), Riccardo Foggiato (Hard Rock Crypto), Filippo Franchini (W3F), Nicolò Fuccella (Soluzioni Futura), Paolo Maria Gangi (Avvocato), Alessandro Ghiani (Blockchain Lawyer), John Hallahan (Fireblocks), Marco Tullio Giordano (42 Law Firm, LT42 The Legal Tech Company), Irina Karagyaur (BQ9, DOT4Business), Silvio Luchetti (Braiiin), Francesco Mantegazzini (MGH7 Venture Capital), Valentina Marzioni – Ladyinfinance (Delfyx), Riccardo Masutti (Bitfinex & Tether, AdFulcon), Massimo Musumeci (Fisico, Dev/Researcher Lightning Network), Sara Noggler (Polyhedra), William Nonnis (Presidency of the Council of Ministers), Cristian Palusci (Trader Valute & Financial Coach), Alessandro Pellegrino (Traianus Partners), Nikola Plecas (Visa Crypto), Luca Poggi (Iceberg Nodes), Vincenzo Pone (Moneyviz), Vincenzo Rana (Politecnico di Milano, Knobs), Giorgio Scura (Decripto), Daniele Servadei (Sellix), Michela Silvestri (Binance), Georgy

Sokolov (Wirex), Bogdan Skutkiewicz (Dverso), Maggiore Simone Vecchiarello (Carabinieri Anti-Counterfeiting Command), Christian Vinciguerra (Bifrost). 

BWR24’s main sponsor was Robinhood Crypto. This company had just entered the Italian market. Robinhood Crypto reached hundreds of registrations with KYC, hitting the BWR24 targets in total, with the support of the “task force” of hostesses provided by NoSilence Eventi. 

BWR24 sponsors also include the following companies: 

  • Mesh, Polkadot [Platinum sponsor] 
  • Dverso, Bitviking, Internet Computer, Sellix, Soluzioni Futura [Gold sponsor]
  • Coinbase, Ateneo Impresa The Blockchain Management School, Youhodler, Wirex, Bingx, Moneyviz, Verse by CGM, Millionero, Bitomat, White Basics [Silver sponsor] 
  • Lunu, Grownectia, Bitget, Traianus Partners [Bronze sponsor] 
  •, Not Fungible, Re₿el [Digital sponsor] 

BWR24 was followed and spread thanks to the collaboration and presence of more than 70 crypto-influencers and media partners. 

BWR24 also had the honor of benefitting from the special participation of Polkadot, Visa Crypto, Ledger, Fireblocks, Chainanalysis, Nucleo anti-frode monetaria Arma dei Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza, Coinbase, and Binance. 

Coinbase organized the Bitcoin Official Party, and Binance organized the Binance Party. Both parties were a lot of fun and had unique networking opportunities. 

The BWR24 Full Event, the most prestigious of the five BWR editions, is already available in Full HD with the BWR24 DIGITAL PACK, offered at a discounted launch price, on the official website of Blockchain Week Rome. 

BWR24 DIGITAL PACK BWR24 includes: 

  • 30+ hours of Full HD video recordings of BWR24 [FULL EVENT]. Lifetime access. 24/7. 365 days per year. 
  • [COURSE “BLOCKCHAIN INSIDE: BITCOIN, CRYPTO, AND NFT FOR BUSINESS” powered by Ateneo Impresa The Blockchain Management School] = 8 Didactic Modules [7 held in Italian – 1 held in English], 390 slides, 14 hours of immersive and interactive classes on Web3. 
  • [Exclusive BWR24 INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT] = 30+ keynote speeches, workshops, and panels with 50+ of the biggest International Speakers of the Web3.
  • Certificate of Attendance. 
  • CV entry in the database delivered to the International Sponsors of BWR24. 

All information on the BWR24 and the exclusive BWR24 DIGITAL PACK can be found on the of icial website 

Blockchain Week Rome is an event by the Event Management Group 

Event Management Group sincerely thanks all those who participated and believed in the event’s values by purchasing a BWR24 ticket and contributing to the spread of democracy and freedom through the study of the crypto universe.

Special thanks go to all the sponsors listed in this press release, all the influencers and media partners involved, and NoSilence Eventi srl for the extraordinary logistical, technical, and organizational support and for proposing the prestigious locations and Videomnia srl for video shooting and directing. 


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