Bitcoin Forecasted to $150k by End of Year, While Harambe AI Crosses $6M Raised

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Bitcoin has been making impressive gains this year, setting a benchmark for record achievements in the crypto space. Starting the year at $44,172, its value hit a record price of $73,135 in March 2024, the highest it has peaked since its onset. This development has got the crypto community excited about the potential of the coin.

Interestingly, Standard Chartered (STAN) has forecasted Bitcoin will reach $150k by the end of the year., a 50% increase from its initial prediction of $100k. The bank has also predicted that Bitcoin is likely to hit $250k next year before settling at $200k, basing its analysis on the price of gold after gold ETFs were introduced in the US.

Expectedly, this surge is mostly attributed to the Bitcoin ETF approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in January. This saw investors deposit up to $7.35 billion into the 11 different available funds, as reported by Bloomberg.

The upside is also linked to its expected halving, which is slated to occur in April 2024. This event aims to reduce the rate of mining new Bitcoins, capping the coin’s total supply at 21 million and driving the crypto’s value. Previously, there have been only three halvings during  Bitcoin’s lifespan.

During the course of Bitcoin’s bullish growth, Harambe AI Token presale has been remarkable, soaring past the $6 million mark. Lauded as the first decentralized hedge fund, Harambe AI has set out to revolutionize the crypto scene ever since it launched the presale in December 2023.

Raising the Bar Beyond a Presale

Harambe relaunched its presale in December 2023 with a renewed focus on addressing the unique needs of the younger generation while delivering an extraordinary token. So, the presale is not just a way to build the initial liquidity, but also an approach to building a coin that’s deeply rooted in the dreams of its vibrant community.

At the start of the presale, the coins were available at $0.05, allowing users to accumulate as many coins as they wanted. As of 22nd March, investors can get the coins as low as $0.196 per coin, with the price increasing every 48 hours. The price per coin is likely to hit $1 when the token is launched on exchange listings.

The Harambe AI project is community-based, so presale offers a way for holders to get involved in the growth of the token. The team behind the project believes the community-first approach is the best way to build a sustainable and widely accepted coin.

That’s why they didn’t opt for the traditional route with venture capitalists. By prioritizing active community involvement, the project supports accessibility and inclusivity in the crypto space, broadening the token’s audience and fostering a vibrant community.

The success of the presale also shows the growing investor interest in the project, allowing investors to participate in a project set to redefine decentralized finance (DeFi). With the goal of selling 30% of the total supply through the presale, Harambe AI is well on track to achieve it.

Harambe AI also believes that its community will help to democratize the benefits of AI trading. The project’s outlined plans have various initiatives aimed at benefiting its community, such as rewards and bonuses to attract new participants and encourage greater involvement.

A Paradigm-Shifting Coin

Unlike the typical meme coins in the crypto scene, Harambe AI Token is an innovative project bent on redefining how crypto investors trade. The project uses an AI trading bot to trade on behalf of token holders, and it’s built on the ERC-20 platform to ensure transparent and tamper-proof trading records.

The bot handles every aspect of trading, from executing strategies to seizing opportunities to drive revenues. In this case, token holders don’t need to do anything once they have purchased the coins. They just need to hold the coins and watch their value increase. Additionally, they also share in the profits the bot makes from trading top coins like Bitcoin.

With its AI-driven hedge fund system, Harambe AI offers a pioneering approach within the crypto space. The project unifies blockchain technology with artificial intelligence, delivering a sophisticated investment vehicle that reshapes traditional paradigms. It uses a deep reinforcement learning (DRL) model, which is specifically designed for financial trading.

The AI trading bot uses a buy-back and burn mechanism to purchase its own from the market. This results in reduced supply in the market, fueling demand and driving token prices. Early holders are sure of guaranteed profits through this self-sustaining program.

Note that the bot trades 24/7 based on the current market dynamics, shifts, and trends. It was trained on historical crypto data and seeks to outperform emotionally driven human trading strategies. It also continuously updates its knowledge using real-time data, enhancing its ability to make buy, sell, or hold decisions.

Road to Tomorrow

The Harambe Token has achieved a significant milestone in cryptocurrency, and this massive feat is a testament to the increasing interest in alternative investment vehicles. The project aspires to a transformative future, with several objectives in sight, including AI democratization, integrations, and collaborative development.

Harambe AI hopes to make this a reality by ensuring AI crypto trading is accessible to all individuals, regardless of their trading and financial background. It aims to offer educational programs and support community involvement to make sure its community is up-to-date about the token and the broader crypto scene.

The project also has plans for expansions through strategic partnerships, collaborative developments, and third-party integrations. All these efforts are geared toward enhancing Harambe Token, expanding its outreach, and making it a trustworthy investment vehicle for traders and investors.

Apart from trading, Harambe Token aims to provide other financial products like predictive analytics and asset management. Today’s crypto market looks positive, with new players like Harambe AI offering traders and investors innovative ways to trade. With this vision, the future seems to hold exciting opportunities and possibilities.

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