Bitcoin, Binance Coin Succumb to Price Volatility While AdirizeDAO Takes Off

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While cryptocurrencies predict a future of financial freedom without restrictions, they rely on certain factors like; supply, demand, hype, and user sentiments. This causes prices to fluctuate unevenly, sometimes producing thousands of dollars one day, and the next, it bottoms out.

Crypto whales are also responsible for price fluctuations, as they control the better amount of crypto shares. The need for a system that stepsides price volatility, to an advantageous extent, is why AdirizeDAO (ADI) was created.

The Reason For AdirizeDAO (ADI)

As cryptocurrency is still in its infancy, many innovations are still targeted at providing a sense of security. From scalability solutions to higher throughput and low fees, many features have been added to make crypto an actual store of value.

AdirizeDAO (ADI) is a decentralized blockchain platform to combat price volatility and provide a long-awaited solution to the problem.

It intends to set reasonable expectations as a currency focused on supply expansion rather than price appreciation. Using a protocol that owns liquidity and manages treasury, the platform ensures that ADI maintains its purchasing power regardless of market volatility.

AdirizeDAO’s (ADI) long-term goal is to become a stable currency for daily transactions. While other crypto chains are pressed for a reserve to keep their currency afloat, ADI acts as its reserve.

Additionally, Adirize operates as a DAO, meaning all community members- rather than crypto sharks- get to determine how the platform works.

AdirizeDAO (ADI) Plans For Presale

For every purchase made at this stage of public presale, AdirizeDAO (ADI) gives crypto holders a token of 7% addition. They also get more for referring friends and using other cryptocurrencies to buy ADI.

You can take advantage of these bonuses more than once, as long as you get ADI while presale is still ongoing.

Bitcoin (BTC) Isn’t So Stable After All

Out of the thousands of cryptocurrencies in the industry, the expectation is that Bitcoin (BTC) would provide a better case for stability. Yet, the recent activities of the blockchain show that it has a volatile price history.

A significant factor is investors’ actions, as research shows one-third of BTC is held by famous investors. They control the Bitcoin (BTC) market and price operations. Any act of liquidity on their part might cause prices to plummet and other smaller investors to cash out in panic.

Although, the closer Bitcoin (BTC) gets to the 21 million mark, the more prices will climb. Whether it works in removing excess volatility is yet to be seen. 

Binance Coin (BNB)- Still Volatile Despite Market Recovery

Binance Coin (BNB) has seen its fair share of gains and losses due to price volatility. The year began steeply declining until a general rise in the crypto market brought a price uptrend.

The uptrend was short-lived, as it quickly fell in August while investors waited for an extended period of steady trending. Speculations provide several reasons for the crash, one of which is an ongoing investigation by the US SEC.

Heightened volatility can lead to lack of liquidity, and the combination is akin to a lethal weapon against the cryptocurrency market. Fortunately, AdirizeDAO (ADI) has utilized mapped-out strategies carefully to generate self-liquidity.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a token while the market remains unstable, you should consider checking out AdirizeDAO (ADI).

Adirize DAO (ADI)