Binance Coin, The Graph, and Rocketize are the Top Coins to Add to your Portfolio

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Building your portfolio the right way is crucial to your financial success. The best time to make your crypto portfolio is in the bear market. Also, when adding tokens to your portfolio, it is important to diversify. Peter Lynch once said, “It is best to divide your money among three or four types of assets”. Thankfully, there are many categories of crypto to select from. More reason we’d be introducing three crypto tokens that fall under three separate categories of cryptocurrency.

Binance Coin

The Binance coin is the utility and native token of the Binance blockchain. Before the Binance blockchain was developed, the coin was primarily the utility token of the Binance exchange. It was listed for ICO the same year the exchange became available to the public.

As the utility token of the Binance exchange, it solely enabled traders to receive discounted fees. However, its use cases have expanded as the company grew. Currently, Binance is more than just a centralized exchange. It now has its blockchain technology that allows for the smooth running of smart contracts. On this blockchain (Binance smart chain), developers can build dApps, create tokens, and even make payments. Aside from that, the Binance exchange also features an NFT marketplace where users can trade and mint NFTs.

Recently, Binance has partnered with various businesses to receive BNB as a payment medium.

The Graph

One of the reasons for decentralized applications (dApps) is to avoid putting data in the hands of big firms. With more and more apps being released into the market, we can not help but agree that data is important. Brands, products, and companies need data insights to improve their products. If big centralized firms are moved out, how then do blockchain-based products gain data insights? Graph was created to solve this problem.

Graph is an all-in-one tool that allows teams to view searches across different apps. You can search for things like which exchange has the most liquidity or new decentralized finance tools in the market. To use the tool, developers must create and publish subgraphs (or Application Programming Interfaces). After that, the Graph will start monitoring data.

To utilize the Graph protocol, developers and users need the GRT token. GRT token will help developers propose new data sources, pay validators, make data searches, and even for voting.


Rocketize token is a meme token centred on Defi and community. From its name, it seeks to carry out the words used by Neil Armstrong, the first man to land on the moon. Rocketize is supported by the tagline, “a small step for a man, a giant leap for the community”. Indeed, Rocketize ensures that all community members soar into outer space. The community at Rocketize would be called Atomic Nation. Atomic Nation would be a community supporting the growth, publicity, and mission of Rocketize. With the aid of the community, Rocketize would also support Defi, Science, and exploration.

Like many meme coins, Rocketize would be centred on making people happy. The excitement and thrill come from knowing that you can buy millions of tokens with just a dollar or 5. Regardless, Rocketize aims to take a different approach with its token—$JATO, which means Jet-assisted take-off. Unlike another meme coin with infinite supply, $JATO will be a deflationary token. The whitepaper described this with, “There will never be a time when there are a greater number of JATO in circulation than there is right now”. It goes to show that the token may become scarce in the future. Plus, there would be nothing like a developer’s wallet, as all developers are volunteers. And tokens belong to the community and the exchanges they are listed on.

As a unique meme coin, we expect more people to want to associate with the community shortly. You should tap in quickly as more developments are on the way.

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