B2Broker Released B2Trader Brokerage Platform – What Does It Offer to Brokers?

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The crypto market is experiencing rapid growth, with Bitcoin reaching historic highs and the total market cap exceeding $2.37T. This growth is fueled by the introduction of MiCA regulation, effective June 30, 2024, and another wave on December 30, 2024, aiming to increase credibility and transparency. 

Crypto is becoming a more appealing trading option that has been adapted across finance, fintech, payments, and other sectors. In response, B2Broker has released the B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP), a crypto spot broker solution, to help businesses tap into this growing trend and generate revenue faster.

Who Can Use B2Trader?

B2Trader is a powerful solution for FOREX brokers, market makers, crypto brokers (CFD and Derivatives), liquidity providers, and payment systems. Here’s how each business model can benefit from employing BBP:

FOREX Brokers

B2Trader is a valuable addition to any FOREX broker, offering crypto spot trading and attracting a new segment of traders interested in physical delivery or ownership. It can help generate revenue through markups, commissions, and effective risk management. BBP also provides a solution for regulated FX brokers to separate their digital asset trading under a different license, promoting strategic diversification and maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s market.

Market Makers

Market makers can use B2Trader to access multiple exchanges, consolidate liquidity efficiently, achieve competitive spreads, optimise pricing, and enable smart routing execution across different venues.

Crypto Brokers

Crypto CFD brokers, using crypto as collateral and offering a mix of FX and crypto CFDs, can also benefit from using B2Trader. With this tool, they can enhance their existing solutions with crypto spot trading. 

The absence of crypto spot trading options could lead clients to seek services elsewhere. However, integrating B2Trader can give your brokerage a strategic advantage, allowing it to adapt to market trends quickly, offer crypto spot trading, and meet client expectations.

Liquidity Providers

Offering cryptocurrencies to your clients can boost your appeal to hedge funds, brokers, and professional traders. B2Trader streamlines this process, equipping you with essential tools to expand your market reach and accelerate your earnings.

EMIs, Payment Systems, and Banks

For EMIs, PSPs, and banks, B2Trader enables diverse asset management, monitoring, and liquidity pool creation. It allows these entities to add crypto services to their operations, offer crypto accounts, net all transactions, and enable instant swaps.

BBP provides a gateway to crypto trends, offering a comprehensive API and essential components that integrate seamlessly into any business model.

What Makes B2Trader So Special

B2Broker, a leading FinTech company, has been developing crypto solutions since 2017 and has earned multiple awards. B2Trader was created to address the ever-changing finance trends. BBP is built by a dedicated team of 40 engineers, each contributing to a solution that meets the needs of brokers. In the next 12 months, the company plans to double the team and enhance their offerings further.

Designed for Enterprise brokers, B2Trader is able to handle 3000 trading instruments and process up to 3000 requests per second, even in its most basic setup. The system provides real-time market data updates every 100 ms and ultra-fast order execution starting from 1 ms, which can be further enhanced by improving cloud resources and computing.

Integration Options

Developed by B2Broker, B2Trader comes with powerful integrations. B2Broker provides a range of products, including, among others, a trading platform, OMS, liquidity management system, pre-trade and post-trade control, Trading User Interface, CRM, back office, blockchain wallets, mobile applications, blockchain management system, technical documentation, REST and FIX API protocols, and advanced White Label options.

B2Trader is a crypto spot broker that integrates with Marksman, a crypto liquidity distribution engine, to streamline administration and ensure market updates. It allows brokers to link to top exchanges, create diverse liquidity pools, assign specific rules, and establish failover protocols. 

B2Trader is also available as a turnkey solution or for integration with any CRM via REST API.

Cutting-Edge Technology Stack

BBP focuses on reliability, scalability, and security, using the latest tools and protocols. Here are the most important elements that BBP uses to provide outstanding security and user experience.

Kubernetes and Docker support scalable deployments, while CloudFlare provides DDoS protection. The FIX protocol boosts B2Trader’s efficiency and reliability. Here’s the complete list of protocols and technologies:

AWS ensures BBP’s dependable infrastructure and helps reduce hardware risks, while MongoDB and Amazon Redshift are used for data management. All the market insights are retrieved from TradingView to ensure a precise and timely understanding of the market trends. 


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