B2BinPay v18 Introduces Merge – Account Unification for Simplified Operations

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B2BinPay v18 Introduces Merge - Account Unification for Simplified Operations

After a successful run from the v17 update, B2BinPay announces yet another update to its website and services to accommodate user interface and streamline improvements. The new v18 takes the company’s commitment and services to a new level.

This update focuses on merging the merchant and enterprise accounts together to simplify the registration and account management, besides other enhancements in the legal compliance and website interface.

Let’s go through some of the prominent features of the new B2BinPay v18.

Unified Accounts

The main change for clients with the new update is merging services, which is a new approach the company has been focusing on. This strategy simplifies the user journey and operations on the platforms.

This merge combines the merchant and enterprise models into a single interactive account with an enhanced user experience. This update allows users to customise functions and features to their preferences and to suit their business needs. 

Transactions can now be managed in a unified account with a smoother operation and payment model. This integration focuses on the following aspects.


The new unified account structure has become highly flexible and customisable as both business models are integrated. Therefore, the registration process is now more straightforward, reducing clutter with every step in the account type and making setting up the user’s first account easier.

User Journey

The update includes a smoother onboarding procedure, entailing a one-fee structure for the unified account (merchant and enterprise). Clients can now choose the service packages they want to receive without implying additional fees or going through complicated and lengthy steps. Thus, the update focuses on accommodating freedom in the user’s experience.

The new interface approach is more straightforward and better streamlined to reduce the time required before launching a new account’s business on the platform and getting started with the first transaction.

Highly Functional Front-end

The new release revamped the website interface to fit the B2Broker group website design and aesthetics and incorporated more functionalities.

However, it is not only about having a good-looking website; it went through extensive speed and security improvements to bring its customers highly reliable services in a safe environment.

The update touched several areas that required improvement without reworking the whole structure not to change the user’s favourite features. Thus, the transition to the new look will be smooth and does not catch users off guard. Here’s what the new update brings.

New Wallet Management

Managing wallets and operations is now smoother with a revamped page that cuts the fluff and clicks, helping the user get straight to the point and improving the loading speed. The new design streamlines the functions in a better way to ensure a clear user journey. These adjustments include withdrawals, payout and exchanges.

Improved Account Functions

Users can now do more from their account page, such as configuring API integrations, choosing customisation options and exploring more tools to adjust the profile quickly and smoothly.

The update considers the security measures by adding two-factor authentication to the payment page, which makes transacting more secure. More updates have been added to the checkout page to align with the new design and user journey.

Enhanced Invoicing Options

The update to the invoice management system adhered to the customers’ needs to gain more control over their operations, especially in terms of the invoice expiration cycle. The 7-day limit was removed, and users can now adjust expiration times to their preferences. This gives more control to businesses over their financial operations and invoice management.

Highly-functional Helpdesk

The Helpdesk was part of the new v18 update, adding more languages to the support system to provide customer service to users from different countries. Moreover, the user experience is more streamlined, and a new notification system ensures users are informed of their queries.

Neat-looking Rates Page

Viewing currencies’ rates now has more functions on its page, including filters and favourites. The update improves efficiency by moving the rates to the top of the page.

Adhering to FATF Travel Rule

As part of B2BinPay’s strive to comply with the legal requirements and high standards, they have integrated with Notabene. This means that now, B2BinPay has full adherence to the Financial Action Task Force Travel Rule requirements.

This step deepens trust and confidence in B2BinPay operations as they follow legal procedures in collecting and sharing personal information associated with crypto transactions to combat money laundering.


The leading crypto payment provider, B2BinPay, keeps pushing the boundaries by releasing yet another update to its services and suits. v18 focuses on putting more control and flexibility in the user’s hands and promises a highly functional and seamless user experience that meets and exceeds customer expectations.