Aussie Digital — Blockchain e-commerce Ecosystem

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Aussie Digital — Blockchain e-commerce Ecosystem

What is the Aussie Digital?

Aussie Digital — a game-changing e-commerce ecosystem powered by a Digital Token, AUDcoin. The ecosystem consists of all the tools you need to build and maintain an online business.

Aussie Digital’s core methodology consists of two key processes:

Firstly, building an E−commerce Ecosystem that will include a powerful store builder packed with powerful digital marketing tools and a B2B Trading Platform that integrates Social Media in unprecedented ways along with other blockchain-powered services.

Secondly, this E−commerce Ecosystem will be based around ERC20 Digital Coin (AUDCoin) which when used in conjunction with E−commerce Ecosystem offers both customers and business users new business opportunities currently unavailable through current online entities.


The Aussie Digital ecosystem includes the following projects:

E-commerce platform “Tradezy”

Tradezy enables small business owners to go online and accept fiat currencies and crypto coins. Besides, this platform comes with multiple tools that will boost business growth online.

Exchange “Tradedo”

Tradedo is Aussie Digital’s trading exchange that helps shoppers and retailers use leading crypto coins for buying and selling products and services in just a few clicks.

Social media platform “Chatezy”

Chatezy as a social media platform where buyers and sellers can connect, collaborate and grow. This social channel helps users find new business, connect with friends, and have fun.

Join the community!

At the moment, the company is actively working on the development of an online community. For participants, a reward system and an affiliate program are provided. Rewards await both small business owners and customers. This e-commerce portal brings exciting reward programs for e-tailers and offers amazing incentives to shoppers. All the rewards from the program are given by the team behind Aussie Digital and shop owners do not have to spend additional funds on promotion.

Join the AUD community to find out more!