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Are Movies Coming to Cardano Blockchain? Explore This IDO

By December 23, 2021 No Comments

The concept of funding content and media using decentralized platforms built on the blockchain has been a major discussion in the crypto world. This is due to the massive potentials and problems that blockchain technology profers from the existing practices in the movie industry. 

The current clime is designed to reward a few top content creators, with the majority scrapping to stay afloat due to unfair policies and processes for funding. This has led to a monotonous repetition of content, and the real creative talent is unrecognized and unable to hit the big screens. 

Flickto, a community-powered media launchpad built on the Cardano blockchain, is changing this by bringing movies to the blockchain. It is designed to change how media projects are funded by returning the power from media conglomerates and placing decision making with its community of users. 

Flickto will establish a community fund that will be used to support projects and content creators to develop innovative and creative media content. Anyone can become a stakeholder by holding FLICK, the native token of Flickto and voting for projects within its ecosystem. 

Flickto launches Initial Distribution Offering (IDO) on

Flickto will be heralding the beginning of its roadmap with the launch of its IDO on decentralized launchpad The IDO will begin from (UTC) on December 27 and run until midday (UTC) of December 30, 2021. 

The public sale will herald the launch of its native token FLICK at a starting price of $0.009. A total of 330,000,000 FLICK tokens has been made available for public sale with a hardcap of $2,970,000. Participants can purchase the tokens using Cardano’s native token ADA. 

KICK is one of the top launchpad platforms that provide additional benefits for users that also hold KICK tokens. For example, users will be able to have priority access to the IDO round and purchase the tokens 24 hours before the general public. 

In addition, KICK holders will be able to endorse the FLICK IDO and earn a percentage on every FLICK token sold as extra rewards. Flickto will also leverage its unique platform that offers extensive support for Cardano native token and an advanced suite for projects to thrive and complete IDOs with minimal fuss.  

More developments coming in the future

Flickto has achieved great developments since its launch on the Ist of November 2021. It has partnered with several blockchain projects, including VyFinance, which has resulted in exciting benefits for community members. 

The IDO launch is also expected to expose the FLICK token to more holders and increase adoption since users will be able to purchase it at the very best price. In addition, following the IDO, Flickto will be listed on several DEXs and centralized exchanges. 

Flickto intends to launch its platform in the coming weeks as well as announce the first few media projects that its community will fund.