Answerly Flips the Switch with a Token-Incentivized Community Knowledge Base and ProBit Global

By September 13, 2021 No Comments

ProBit Global has launched markets for Answerly, an incentivized Q&A platform, along with a trading event with 25,000 ANSR in rewards for participants accumulating the highest volume across USDT, ETH, and BTC pairs.

Answerly provides real-world rewards to encourage engagement across users who are faced with pain points when utilizing traditional Q&A platforms ranging from bias to lack of quality and substance. 

All Stellar-based Answerly token rewards can be withdrawn or used to level up membership levels and increase token rewards. Additionally, tokens used for membership upgrades are redistributed to the circulating supply to expedite adoption and maintain a user rewards pool. 

Answerly users will receive a monthly allocation of 30 Answerly credits to post or answer questions on the forum in tandem with a plagiarism detector and unique rewards algorithm to prevent any attempts to game the system and reward only quality efforts.

Answerly will also provide paid models through pro memberships which will unlock various features to enhance a member’s credibility and online presence while increasing their credit allocation as high as 750. Armed with in-depth analytics, paid members will be able to measure performance and optimize for more efficient earning potential while benefiting from an improved end-user experience. 

Answerly is a blockchain-based Q/A platform that rewards the users in Answerly tokens for posting high-quality answers on different questions.

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