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Amazon Web Service is Transforming the Way Businesses Transact in Crypto

By November 3, 2021 No Comments

Key takeaways:

  • Amazon is looking for the right candidate to help drive the adoption of AWS across the blockchain sector
  • Changing the way digital assets, such as stablecoins and CBDCs, are transacted and settled on the cloud is among numerous assignments of the new job position
  • Amazon has been collecting cryptocurrency talent over the past year to help navigate the company’s shift to digital assets

The e-commerce behemoth Amazon is looking for a cryptocurrency and fintech expert to help lead the transformation of how Amazon Web Service (AWS) companies transact with digital assets. The company aims to drive the digital currency settlements and custody to the cloud computing platform.

Amazon is planning to change the way crypto transactions and custody works in the cloud

Over the past year, Amazon has been collecting talent and searching for the right candidates to lead its nascent cryptocurrency division. Now, the most recent member of the ‘Big Five’ has published a job listing for a fintech specialist, who can “help drive adoption across the global digital asset community.”

At the time of this writing, 43 applicants have already shared their resumes in hopes of securing the position of Principal Digital Assets Specialist. The right candidate will be tasked with a complex task assignment of leading the company’s transformation of its cloud offering service.

Here’s an excerpt from the job advert: “​​You will work directly with some of our most strategic customers [including] leading global financial institutions and innovative fintechs, helping them drive change at the most senior levels (CIOs, CDOs, Line of Business leaders) as they transform the way they transact digital assets (ex. cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, [stablecoins], security-backed tokens, asset-backed tokens and NFTs) from price discovery to execution, settlement and custody.” 

“Working hand in hand with our sales teams, solution architects, [independent software vendors] and systems integrators,” the job listing continues, “you will help deliver the solutions that move customers towards end-to-end digital asset underwriting, transaction processing, and custody in the cloud.”

Amazon hopes to increase the adoption of AWS across the rapidly growing blockchain community. The broader crypto community sees Amazon’s involvement in the crypto industry as a positive, which was most evident this summer when rumors of Amazon accepting Bitcoin as a payment method led to double-digit gains in values of numerous digital assets.

Amazon is not alone in search of top cryptocurrency talent and financial specialists to help lead the shift to digital assets. The largest retailer and Amazon’s indirect competitor Walmart has also posted an ad earlier in the year, looking for a “visionary leader” to fill the cryptocurrency product lead position.