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Affyn Partners Warner Music Singapore, ONE Championship, and PwC Leaders for Its Web3 Event

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Key Highlights

  • Affyn’s event, “Web 3.0 | Art Meets Metaverse” sees support from major players in the music industry, sports entertainment, and finance
  • Affyn will provide an exclusive preview of their upcoming mobile game, Buddy Arena, with a special race-themed twist to celebrate their collaboration with GPSS.

The Singapore-based blockchain platform, Affyn in its efforts to provide a sustainable economy converging the virtual and real worlds has invited leaders from Warner Music Singapore, ONE Championship and PwC to be a part of its web3.0 event.

The event reflects Affyn’s efforts to showcase the significance of web3 in various industries including Music, Sports, and Finance. Per the announcement, the event has been scheduled for September 16, 2023, from 1 pm to 4 pm at Suntec City Tower 4, Singapore.

Web 3.0 | Art Meets Metaverse Sees Leaders From Music, Sport and Finance Industries Converge

Titled “Web 3.0 | Art Meets Metaverse”, the event will see the Warner Music Singapore, ONE Championship and PwC leaders converge as speakers during the F1 week in Singapore, further exploring the potential of Web 3.0 and its implications across diverse industries.

As part of its goals, the event promises to be a gathering of visionaries, pioneers, and enthusiasts who recognize the profound significance of the transformative power of web3 in diverse industries. Attendees will not only gain insights into the future of technology, art, and culture but also have the chance to network with thought leaders, artists, and innovators who are shaping the digital landscape of tomorrow

Endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board, the event will feature an engaging panel talk show titled “What in the World Wide Web 3.0: Forging The New Future.” The invited speakers will collectively discuss the profound web3-induced transformations expected in industries spanning entertainment to finance. These speakers will include Gerald Ang, Managing Director of Warner Music Singapore; Nikhil Birla, Vice President of ONE Championship; Noel Goh, Partner at PwC Singapore; and Lucaz Lee, CEO of Affyn. The event will be hosted by the popular Web3 enthusiast Andie Chen.

On the other hand, an important part of the event which will showcase art exhibitions curated by NFT Asia and WeAreSG by GERMS Digital. Renowned artists like Shavonne Wong, Aik Beng Chia, The Hidden Walls, and more will showcase how art has transcended into the realm of NFTs, redefining ownership and blurring the lines between physical and digital creativity.

Buddy Arena: Affyn’s Upcoming Mobile Game

While the event will serve as an opportunity for Affyn to foster the adoption of web3 among diverse industries, it will also leverage the opportunity to introduce the audience to its upcoming development.

Apparently, Affyn will offer an exclusive preview of their upcoming mobile game, Buddy Arena at the event. This will be accompanied with a special race-themed twist to celebrate their collaboration with GPSS. Hence, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the fusion of gaming, technology, and sports in a unique way.