20 Year Fintech Veteran Reveals P2P Lending and Remittance Platform Bithashex with Fundraising Campaign through ProBit Global IEO

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BithashEx OÜ has officially opened its early stage token fundraising through its IEO on ProBit Global.

Boasting 20 years of experience in global fiscal remittance and monetary exchange

Estonian fintech company Bithashex has solidified its regulatory and foundational roots following the acquisition of multiple licenses for its upcoming crypto exchange.

To lower the barriers for loan approval facing the roughly 1.7B unbanked in 2017, decentralized exchange BithashEx aims to bypass legacy fiat gateways by removing centralized pool funding and incorporating smart contracts to seal transparent and binding agreements.

Potential lenders and borrowers can directly list their specific requirements on a makeshift P2P lending marketplace while the transparent service helps mitigate risks on behalf of lenders and borrowers. By enabling cryptocurrency to be used as collateral, prospective borrowers can gain expedited access to funding while lenders can accumulate interest for facilitating the loan.

The DEX will feature a customized order mapping algorithm while stable liquidity sourced from multiple exchanges and order mapping will stabilize the trading ecosystem. Traders can also unlock trading fee discounts depending on the USD value of their holdings with the lowest trading fees of 0.06% for members with a minimum value of 50,000 worth of tokens on the exchange.

The Bithashex matrix secures the platform through an automated algorithm that provides universally accessible and convenient ID login capabilities. Through the Global Identity (GID) feature, users benefit from a one-stop, convenient login function to lower the potential for any data breach or unauthorized access.

BHAX utility tokens are set at a maximum supply of 5B and are the core crypto for trading on the exchange, provide P2P payment usage, and enable users to benefit from lower fees across the platform services.


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