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Market Cap $ 71.648 MM (#87)
24h Volume $ 5.957 MM
Chg. 24h: -3.53%
Algo. score 3.9/5  (#62)
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Horizen project purpose and description

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Horizen purpose and aspects

Horizen offers a privacy-focused blockchain platform for several use cases such as messagng and more using the zk-snark technology.

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**Horizen was formerly Zencash

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PrivacyMessagingPlatformDigital currency

Short description

ZenCash is a platform designed for private communications and private economic activity. Cutting-edge cryptography and zero knowledge proofs enable fully anonymous peer to peer communications with ZenCash. ZenCash's distributed and encrypted networking design is resistant, to traffic correlation and metadata analysis.


Zen is an end-to-end-encrypted system with zero-knowledge technology over which communications, data, or value can be securely transmitted and stored. It is an in-tegration of revolutionary technologies that create a system over which innovation can accelerate by combining three functions that are traditionally done separately: 1) transactions 2) communication, and 3) competitive governance. This is done in a se-cure and anonymous manner, using a worldwide distributed blockchain and computing infrastructure. The system integrates multiple best-in-class technologies to form an open platform for permissionless innovation that can evolve with user preferences.

Link to Roadmap: https://zencash.com/#white-paper
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