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Crypto Market Remains Stable as Bitcoin Hovers Near $4,000

Today the top 20 cryptocurrencies are either stable or posting mild gains and Bitcoin has dipped slightly below $4,000 according to data from CoinMarketCap. Over the past seven days, Bitcoin has gained more than 2.4 percent and Ethereum is holding its position as the largest altcoin by market cap even though the altcoin is down by 1 percent over the past 24-hours. Ripple also made media waves over the week but the news a $100 million fund jointly supported by gaming industry blockchain platform Forte failed to translate to significant gains in XRP. Currently, the total crypto market rests near $140 billion which is a 4 percent gain over the past week. (RS)

16 hours ago

@MikhailBrikman Здравствуйте, это среднее значение, соответс...

@MikhailBrikman Здравствуйте, это среднее значение, соответсвующее количеству VST за каждый токен WCT или WAVES на… https://t.co/5YmwC7QeyF

3 days ago

And the Winners of Waves #Web30 Giveaway are: @SlavTim @olez...

And the Winners of Waves #Web30 Giveaway are: @SlavTim @olezhkant @itsme_anne11 @dawinchi_0 @gbindinazeez… https://t.co/MazWGQw7B6

3 days ago

@wauze3 Hello. You can get acquainted with Waves Smart Contr...

@wauze3 Hello. You can get acquainted with Waves Smart Contracts by reading our official documentation:… https://t.co/d0lxdsyLzn

3 days ago

Waves (WAVES) Announces Second Round of Funding for Its 'Vostok' Blockchain Project

The Waves Platform (WAVES) recently announced that it will be conducting a second investment round for its Vostok blockchain project, which consists of the global Vostok blockchain platform and the Vostok system integrator for enterprise and government IT systems. The second round will close on May 31, 2019 and looks to sell 100 million VST at an estimated price of $1.20, meaning they are attempting to raise up to $120 million for this second round. There will be a total of 100 million VST tokens made, giving an estimated capitalization of $1.2 billion. (JF)

4 days ago

Waves announces second funding round for Vostok enterprise blockchain project

CryptoNinjas Waves Platform has announced the details of the second investment round for the Vostok project, which consists of the global Vostok blockchain platform and the Vostok system integrator for enterprise and government IT systems, and already has investors from Europe, Southeast Asia, and... Waves announces second funding round for Vostok enterprise blockchain project

4 days ago

@henraueiela Hello, you cannot sell them if you're not Waves...

@henraueiela Hello, you cannot sell them if you're not Waves ambassador wightlisted in WRT script. More information… https://t.co/SVEmzzeJFp

5 days ago

We’ve airdropped Waves Reward Tokens to $WCT holders. Find ...

We’ve airdropped Waves Reward Tokens to $WCT holders. Find out what it’s for and who is contributing most to… https://t.co/KViFb16pIz

5 days ago

Bitcoin Cash Supporters Start 'Torch Passing' Ceremony with a Non-Divisible Token

A few weeks ago a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporter named ‘Cipher Gnome’ created a BCH version of the ‘Torch’ on the Simple Ledger Protocol. The SLP Torch is similar to the current Lightning Torch challenge occurring via Twitter except the token cannot be divided. So far the SLP Torch has been received by John Ellithorpe, Don Wonton, Collin Enstad, Imaginary Username, Souper Nerd and even Roger Ver. Ver recently passed the SLP Torch to Paul Lambert, the brother of the ingenious creator of BCH chickens. The BCH chickens made media waves when it was revealed that a BCH-payments powered machine was responsible for dispensing food to the chickens. The primary difference between the SLP Torch and the Lightning Torch is it is non-fungible, cannot be duplicated or divided and the ‘passing’ is handled by a non-custodial Badger wallet. The SLP Torch is sent as an onchain BCH transaction and costs a fraction of a penny. BCH supporters can watch the SLP Torch being passed via a special website hosted on Github. (RS)

8 days ago

@BenrosSergio Hello, the site is temporarily unavailable, bu...

@BenrosSergio Hello, the site is temporarily unavailable, but you can download Desktop Waves Client from here… https://t.co/EeN4pjUmO5

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@BlackbeardQuest Hello, if you've noticed or faced to any sp...

@BlackbeardQuest Hello, if you've noticed or faced to any spam/scam token while using Waves Platform, please fill i… https://t.co/lUIq54J6lF

8 days ago

@AmitSha63055056 The easiest way to make so-called a swap is...

@AmitSha63055056 The easiest way to make so-called a swap is to issue a token on Waves Platform… https://t.co/ZgVKt9Mx2n

8 days ago

Community Votes for Neblio to Hold AMA on Binance Telegram Channel

Neblio, which describes itself as a “next-generation blockchain solution,” will be holding an ask-me-anything (AMA) event on the Binance English Telegram group. Binance held a contest, giving participants the ability to vote for their favorite project out of three: Waves, Neblio, and Zcoin. Neblio apparently won the most votes, and the AMA will be held March 14 at 3:30 p.m. UTC. “There will be 750 NEBL and a Neblio Stake Box to giveaway,” according to the announcement. The NEBL price is up more than 3% on the development to $1.25. (GT)

9 days ago

The Year of Blockchain Is Here Claims Capitol Hill Top Gun

Congressional Blockchain Caucus chairman on Capitol Hill, Tom Emmer is making waves again, this time predicting that 2019 will be blockchain’s year. He was addressing an audience on the initial day of this year’s Washington DC Blockchain Summit. Emmer has become the main voice in Washington’s political circles when it comes to criticizing the heavy-handedness of SEC regulators regarding all things cryptocurrency. Emmer commented that this year:”...stands to be the year of blockchain, the year we separate hype from reality, and begin harnessing blockchain in the right-use cases to lower costs and increase efficiency,” Notably, Emmer introduced the Blockchain Regulatory Certainty Act bill (H.R.528 ) in January, which if it goes through will save blockchain developers from money transmitter registrations in US states. Another recent Emmer bill would provide tax relief for forked asset holders and a non-binding resolution backing blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Emmer was stating his point for clear cryptocurrency and blockchain regulations, not for the first time, and warned delegates of the threat of what he called “a patchwork of regulations” by the government. He argued that with this approach:“...the industry will suffer, and prove government to be ineffective. This confusion will undoubtedly lead to more regulation, which will only stifle innovation and potential application of the technology.” Commenting on the money transmitter laws which his bill was introduced to challenge back in January, he suggested that the laws were originally enacted for a completely different purpose and don’t relate to blockchain, arguing, “If no funds are being entrusted to another, it should be certain that these regulations do not apply.” He ended his comments on a topical, if not well-worn note; concerns of the government that Bitcoin was still being used for illegal activity. Emmer warned: “Many, including those in this town, would like to focus only on blockchain and ignore or criticize cryptocurrency,” he said. “They will tell us the bitcoin is used by criminals, and the blockchain is the real innovation. It’s true there are illicit transactions. But that should not be reason to totally dismiss cryptocurrency.” Follow BitcoinNews.com on Twitter: @BitcoinNewsCom Telegram Alerts from BitcoinNews.com: https://t.me/bconews Want to advertise or get published on BitcoinNews.com? - View our Media Kit PDF here. Image Courtesy: Pixabay The post The Year of Blockchain Is Here Claims Capitol Hill Top Gun appeared first on BitcoinNews.com.

9 days ago

Investors Target Emerging Startups at Blockshow Asia 2019

A Fresh Start for Crypto Startups at Blockshow Asia 2019 There have been many sectors in which startups have battled to the top but finance is not one of them. A large number are capturing some fractional market share but there is no hope for any to see the equivalent success the likes of Amazon or Uber have seen in logistics or transportation. Many of these “Emerging Disruptors”, as Deloitte termed them, have instead chosen a more subversive tactic - building their business in a digital economy. Conquering a Crypto Niche Considering the cryptocurrency market of 2018, there seems to be a casual stoicism from the teams behind blockchain startups. Where one fails, another rises, and the waves continue, steadily maturing in response to their peers’ experience. It then becomes a new fight to get noticed. It’s for this reason that massive conferences such as Blockshow have focused on giving these startups the chance to shine. Skipping to the present, this steady rise to maturity has come to be reflected in the slowly rising sentiment that, while crypto winter may be more like that of the Seven Kingdoms, there’s starting to be hope for spring, at least for some. While Zhao Dong’s vision for 2020 is not to be taken for granted, there are many people who feel that the startups at the core of blockchain technologies have begun to emerge stronger, for having survived the last 14 months of winter. Far from hibernation, there has undoubtedly been a lot of work going on behind the scenes, especially away from the trading spotlight. While the world of acronyms has repeatedly brought up the possibility, or in some cases, certainty, of Bitcoin becoming an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), the world of investment would be wiser to turn to the beating heart of blockchain; the applied blockchain environment that is embodied by startups. In a Sea of Potential As traders start to weigh up their chances in the options or derivatives markets, the number of attendees at blockchain conferences continue to grow. Investors are on the hunt. Not only for a new breed of startups, but for all the information, skepticism, debate and digression which comes to rise in such places. This year’s Blockshow Asia alone, taking place in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Expo from the 14th-15th November, will see speakers from a range of backgrounds reflect on what the blockchain has done, what it has promised, and how it has changed their perception. With a programme including Justin Chow, Head of Business Development, Asia for Cumberland, the cryptoasset arm of DRW; Ted Lin, Chief Growth Officer at Binance; Jehan Chu, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Kenetic, Co-Founder Social Alpha Foundation (SAF); Antony Lewis, Director of Research at R3, Author of “The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains”; Remington Ong, Partner at Fenbushi Capital, who managed investments into 40+ leading global startups ; Llew Claasen, Executive Director at Bitcoin Foundation, Managing Partner at Newtown Partners; David Lee, Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Director at LeftCoast, Co-Founder at BlockAsset Ventures; Eddy Travia, Co-founder & CEO of Coinsilium, ‘Most Influential Investors of the Year’ at Blockchain Awards 2014; Mike Kayamori, Co-Founder and CEO of QUOINE; Czhang Lin, Partner at JRR Crypto, Advisor for Asian Israel Blockchain Association; Joseph Young, Financial analyst & Investor, contributor to Forbes, CCN, Cointelegraph; Kenrick Drijkoningen; Nydia Zhang; Sinhae Lee; Cris Duy Tran; Matthew Tan; Jane Lippencott, and more, Blockshow offers an opportunity to engage with industries or government bodies that are otherwise very difficult to engage in discussion, be it about blockchain or related technologies. It is a conference offering a rare convergence of worlds. What’s more, it sets a competitive tone which leads participating startups to bring out their Most Viable Product - what you see on the floor may be the culmination of everything the team’s work has lead towards and the true unicorns will really make the opportunity count. Experience has made it clear that investor interest is still present and, if anything, more eager. While many have taken a conservative stance following the unfolding bear market, it is not a benign position. Having seen startups battle it out at last year’s Blockshow, each pitching directly to investors in front of a live audience, it is clear that investors have the final say - but it’s up to the team to show their full potential. From Ethereum to 0x to Bitcoin itself, investors have observed the latent potential of cryptocurrency markets, waiting for something with staying power. A unicorn to outstay all unicorns, one to finally take a chunk of the conventional market. Behind the Whitepaper In the blockchain community, there is equal promise as there is skepticism. Investors, however eager, depend on a degree of security before any offer even begins to formulate. This leads to an ever-growing number taking to even

9 days ago

Stellar (XLM), Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Waves (Waves) Latest News Summary

XRP’s [third largest coin by market capitalization] first row competitor for currency remittance and cross-border transactions Stellar Lumens (XLM) is standing in the green against the US Dollar reaching a price of $0.08661. Source: coinmarketcap Axel Springer SE and SatoshiPay recently announced a partnership that will allow users to pay for digital content published by Axel Springer SE with cryptocurrency stored in the SatoshiPay wallet. SatoshiPay is a London startup founded in 2014 focused on developing solutions to provide frictionless micropayment solutions. Currently, the SatoshiPay platform is developed on Stellar’s blockchain. The senior president of New Business at Axel Springer SE - Valentin Schöndienst added: “Blockchain payments can significantly reduce transaction costs and thus enable new monetization systems for content. SatoshiPay offers a turnkey solution that allows us to instantly use blockchain technology and offer it to our customers”. While on the other hand CEO and founder of Satoshi Pay - Meinhard Benn spoke very highly of Axel Springer noting out the excitement working with a partner who already recognises the potential of block-tech. He also took the opportunity to thank the Stellar Development Foundation team “which supports this cooperation with a seven-figure partnership grant. Coinsquare, has recently acquired the StellarX decentralized exchange. The team at StellarX made the announcement via medium and stated that they will still continue with the roadmap outlined back in September of last year. Coinsquare also acquired BlockEQ late last year for $12 Million. StellarX will be led by BlockEQ’s co-founder, Megha Bambra, and will continue to grow and enhance the Stellar ecosystem. - BlockEQ - private stellar wallet. BAT - Via teaming-up with Tap Network which is a blockchain-concentrated advertising platform, the team behind the famous BAT cryptocoin made it possible for its owners to redeem on choice their tokens for rewards on over 250k brands with giants like Apple, Uber and Starbucks. The Basic Attention Token, which transacts the token transfers via the Ethereum blockchain, made its debut in the cryptocurrency industry with the target of resolving present marketing and advertising issues with which individuals have to deal with in the particular industry. The above mentioned partnership was first announced during Mobile World Congress on February 2019 by Brendan Eich - CEO of Brave Software. Waves - The teams at Wirex and Waves (WAVES) have worked together to integrate the digital asset on the popular crypto-debit card platform. Wirext also allows its users to buy, store and manage a variety of cryptocurrencies. WAVES joins the major digital assets of Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), XRP and Ethereum (ETH) on the Wirex platform. [Wirex] provides extra liquidity for cryptocurrencies and gives investors the ability to convert and spend their crypto instantly with our Wirex Visa card. Investors who buy WAVES through our platform will know they are with a safe, agile, cost-effective service. In addition, our existing users will have another strong and popular token to add to their portfolios. - CEO of Wirex - Pavel Matveev The post Stellar (XLM), Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Waves (Waves) Latest News Summary appeared first on Ethereum World News.

10 days ago

Buying Starbucks with Bitcoin Could Present Significant Tax Filing Issues

Earlier this week Bakkt made media waves upon the revelation that Starbucks will accept some form of Bitcoin payments. While the news is a massive breakthrough for legitimizing cryptocurrency and promoting Bitcoin adoption, the actual use of cryptocurrency to purchase consumer goods could place users in a precarious tax predicament. Currently, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) classifies Bitcoin as property which means using it to buy a daily coffee could incur a capital gains tax on every expenditure. Coin Center’s James Foust told MarketWatch that using Bitcoin to buy coffee is “technically feasible, but it would be extremely burdensome for tax purposes.” Foust explained that a spender would “need to work out the fair market value [of a Bitcoin] at the time [of a coffee purchase] versus the fair-market value [at tax-filing time].” This means Starbucks customers paying with Bitcoin would need to keep every receipt or a raid of all their purchases to be prepared for tax reason. Foust suggested that a more reasonable way to avoid this tax debacle would be to adjust current cryptocurrency tax laws. (RS)

11 days ago

Daily Cryptocurrency Analysis and Forecast: NEM, WAVES, and QTUM

Summary After going through a bearish rally yesterday, the various markets have been slowly making attempts at price reversal. Support points have been bettered on one hand while various resistance zones were tested and breached severally. In the markets, investor sentiments shrugged off the downtrend rally yesterday and the RSIs are looking up. If the Bulls can up their momentum, a Bullish trend seems set. Most short term EMAs are headed up while the long term EMAs are headed down in a contracting triangular pattern. This indicates a Bullish trend in the next few days. NEM/USD The NEM/USD pair is up by 3.27% in the last 24 hours. This is after is started off selling at $0.426 against the $0.4313. It beat off a strong bearish rally that had engulfed the markets yesterday to register a bullish outlook. Support has gone up with the increase in the pair’s price which has had a positive effect on investor sentiments. This is as seen in the RSI (A) which has come from the ‘oversold’ area. Forecast The 30 day EMA (B) is headed south while the 9 day EMA is steady. The two seem set to cross over each other in a few days if the Bulls can up their momentum. WAVES/USD The WAVES/USD pair has posted a bullish outlook over the last 24 hours. It has however lost by 0.5% in price. This is after it came from $2.69 to the current rate of $2.66 as at March 5, 0249h. Despite the negligible drop in price, investor sentiments have greatly improved. As seen in the RSI (A), investors are increasingly becoming upbeat about the pair’s performance in the coming days. Forecast The 9 day Moving Average (B) is moving upward towards the 30 day EMA (C) in a contracting triangular pattern. This indicates a Bullish outlook. QTUM/USD The QTUM/USD pair has posted a Bullish outlook despite taking a sharp dip yesterday. The coin began the day selling at $2.031 and has undergone an upward rally to trade at $2.09. This represents a 5.10% increase which is considerable. The markets have picked from the upward momentum with the RSI (A) headed up. This means investors are increasingly opting to hold onto their coins in anticipation for better prices. Forecast Both the 9 day EMA (B) and the 30 day EMA (C) which marks a bearish outlook in the short term. If the Bulls can up their momentum however, we may experience better prices. The post Daily Cryptocurrency Analysis and Forecast: NEM, WAVES, and QTUM appeared first on ZyCrypto.

13 days ago

ErisX Hires Former Wells Fargo Executive as Business Developer

On March 5, ErisX, a U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it had hired former Wells Fargo executive Kyle Unterseher as a business development partner. ErisX made waves in December when it quickly raised $27.5 million from fidelity Nasdaq Ventures and other investors. The exchange hopes to offer spot trading for Bitcoin Ethereum, Litecoin and futures markets but is still awaiting approval from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. ErisX chief commercial officer Kelly Brown said, Unterseher brings a “wide range of global experiences working with FCMs as well as managing and operating critical growth departments.” (RS)

13 days ago

@EpicTalesMedia Hello. The official website isn't related to...

@EpicTalesMedia Hello. The official website isn't related to the Client and especially the Waves DEX somehow. You c… https://t.co/hwtclEtmvc

13 days ago

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Welcome to Crypto DailyAbout UsCrypto Daily is the home of cryptocurrency and blockchain news, spanning across the globe to bring you trending and breaking news. CryptoDaily.co.uk is a hub for the news that matters, helping you to make more informed investment choices. Our website exists as a forum for the writing and discussion of all things crypto. You can find our news across a range of apps and websites, including our very own Crypto Daily App for Android and iOS, as well as across a range of social media, including our very own YouTube channel - Crypto Daily Official.Our Achievements so farWe might only be a year old, however Crypto Daily has made waves in the crypto industry:• Listings on a number of news websites including Google News and NewsNow• Exceeded 3 million-page visitors per month •Partnership with Reddit forums, WeChat groups and other social media• The launch of our own mobile application• Acceptance of an international trademark for Crypto DailyCome and Join usWe want you to join us on our journey as we grow and look to dominate the crypto news industry, we are accepting news submissions, press releases and other contributors to our network.Join us on WeChat to keep up to date with the news that matters. Visit us online Become a fan Follow us Join us Check us out Watch

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Supreme Court of India Advocate Makes the Case Against Regulating Bitcoin

An Indian Supreme Court advocate, Abraham C Mathews, is currently making waves after penning an article in local news portal, Money Control. Briefly touching on the dizzying highs, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had scaled to in the early part of 2017, Mathews said, “Monetarily, Bitcoin scaled dizzying heights over this period (the famous 20 times run

13 days ago

Bitit adds support for BTT, KMD, ARK, WAVES, IOST, NPXS, IOTA, and POLY

CryptoNinjas Paris headquartered crypto buying service Bitit, today announced support for 8 new tokens including: BitTorrent (BTT); Komodo (KMD); Ark (ARK); Waves (WAVES); Iost (IOST); Pundi X (NPXS); Iota (IOTA); Polymath (POLY). With the latest additions, Bitit has... Bitit adds support for BTT, KMD, ARK, WAVES, IOST, NPXS, IOTA, and POLY

13 days ago

Waves to Release New Token (WRT) Through Airdrop Next Week

The Waves team has just announced in their blog about the approaching release of WRT which will prove the actual use of smart assets

14 days ago

Waves launches new Waves Reward Token (WRT)

Waves, the custom blockchain application platform, announced today the launch of the Waves Reward Token, a smart asset that the Waves community will be able to use to reward ambassadors. To incentivize Waves ambassadors and facilitate feedback... Source

14 days ago

Coinbase’s Controversial Neutrino Acquisition Makes Waves Within Crypto Community

CoinSpeaker Coinbase’s Controversial Neutrino Acquisition Makes Waves Within Crypto Community Coinbase, one of the largest US digital currency exchanges headquartered in San Francisco, California, is continuously looking for new growth opportunities, and one of the most popular ways to expand is an acquisition. Recently, the company acquired Neutrino, a blockchain intelligence platform. At first sight, everything seemed to be gas and gaiters. However, the exchange users started to do some research and found out a quite controversial thing. It has been revealed that the executives of Neutrino were involved in the development of malware and were selling customer information to third parties. In an interview with Cheddar, Christine Sandler, the Coinbase Head of Marketing, said: “We are aware that Neutrino’s co-founders previously worked at Hacking Team, which we reviewed as part of our security, technical, and hiring diligence. It was important for us to migrate away from our current providers. They were selling client data to outside sources and it was compelling for us to get control over that and have proprietary technology that we could leverage to keep the data safe and protect our clients.” She added: “Coinbase does not condone nor will it defend the actions of Hacking Team, but it was important for Coinbase to bring this function in-house to fully control and protect our customers’ data and Neutrino’s technology was the best we encountered in the space to achieve this goal.” It is notable that in the statement protecting company data has been mentioned. However, that data had already been sold to ‘outside sources’, and it is still unclear what kind of data was stolen and when it happened. Neutrino and the Hacking Team Neutrino has been known as a go-to analytics platform for assisting law enforcement agencies and financial institutions to monitor transactions on the blockchain. According to BreakerMag’s David Z. Morris, Neutrino CEO Giancarlo Russo, CTO Alberto Ornaghi, and CRO Marco Valleri were in charge of Hacking Team, a notorious Italian IT firm whose software has helped authoritarian governments spy on their citizens. Neutrino founders plied their wares as cyber gurus for the firm. On its website, the Hacking Team states: “We believe that fighting crime should be easy; we provide effective, easy-to-use offensive technology to the worldwide law enforcement and intelligence communities.” Further, the website reads: “Criminals and terrorists rely on mobile phones, tablets, lap tops and computers equipped with universal end-to-end encryption to hide their activity. Their secret communications and encrypted files can be critical to investigating, preventing and prosecuting crime. Hacking Team provides law enforcement an effective, easy-to-use solution.” The Hacking Team has been implicated in several serious crimes. They reportedly worked with the Saudi enforcement unit that was later involved in the murder of the Washington Post correspondent Jamal Khashoggi. The firm helped the repressive Ethiopian regime monitor expatriate dissidents’ activities. The Hacking Team also cooperated with a wide range of governments around the world, including Sudan and Morocco, enabling them to commit violations of human rights and freedom of information. After this breaking news, a #DeleteCoinbase movement arose on Twitter and many users deleted their Coinbase accounts. The movement was started by a developer Udi Wertheimer who called Coinbase users for transferring residual Bitcoin to each other on the company’s books so they could drain and delete their accounts. How Coinbase will respond to that is currently unclear. But the exchange will definitely try to counter this aggression. Coinbase’s Controversial Neutrino Acquisition Makes Waves Within Crypto Community

14 days ago

Report: Facebook’s Coin Could Hit Exchanges in the First Half of 2019

Facebook (FB) made waves in December when Bloomberg revealed that it is developing a stablecoin designed specifically for money transfers on its WhatsApp encrypted mobile-messaging app. Now, a report by the New York Times reveals that Facebook’s development is far enough along that it is already holding conversations with exchanges about “selling [the coin] to consumers.”

14 days ago

Reasons Why Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Other VCs are Stacking Satoshis

A new movement called #StackingSats is making waves on Twitter as industry bigwigs like Jack Dorsey, Pierre Richard, Spot and a number of other crypto and entrepreneurial celebrities participate in the movement. Matt Odell explained the #StackingSats movement by saying currently, one can buy 22 satoshis (0.00000262 BTC) for one U.S. penny and 26,200 satoshis for a dollar. Odell says that with Bitcoin’s supply cap at 21 million in “a couple of years we will look back at 2019 and be blown away at how cheap Bitcoin was.” Supporters of the #StackingSats movement argue that when 1 satoshi is worth 1 cent, Bitcoin will be worth more than nearly all of the current future price projections for the digital asset. (RS)

15 days ago

@GreensPristine The team considers all existing possibilitie...

@GreensPristine The team considers all existing possibilities to improve the functional of the Waves Platform. Ther… https://t.co/SDUSxMveCc

15 days ago

@888aligator888 Привет. На данный момент программа направлен...

@888aligator888 Привет. На данный момент программа направлена только на амбассадоров платформы Waves, однако если д… https://t.co/Z3n31AQrLO

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Next week #Waves Ambassador @OrkhanAhmad is organizing the f...

Next week #Waves Ambassador @OrkhanAhmad is organizing the first ever #Blockchain Hackathon in Baku🇦🇿! Waves team m… https://t.co/uAEogt4tR3

17 days ago

Waves (WAVES) Platform Launches New Waves Reward Token (WRT)

The Waves (WAVES) project, a custom blockchain application platform, recently announced the launch of the Waves Reward Token (WRT), “a smart asset that the Waves community will be able to use to reward ambassadors.” The purpose of the WRT is to help demonstrate the potential of smart assets on the platform and help incentivize Waves ambassadors and facilitate feedback from the community on the ambassador’s program. As part of the WRT script, only ambassadors will be able to sell WRT, which Waves will buy back from them, helping to keep community funds within the community. (JF)

18 days ago

@Florenc42046343 Hello Florence. As mentioned in the article...

@Florenc42046343 Hello Florence. As mentioned in the article, only $WCT Waves Community Token holders are eligible… https://t.co/k1826PKOw9

18 days ago

We are launching Waves Reward Token (WRT) to reward our amba...

We are launching Waves Reward Token (WRT) to reward our ambassadors and showcase #Waves’ smart assets! $WRT can onl… https://t.co/AdLh44EF0b

18 days ago

@zataralpha Greetings. Only Waves accounts are eligible to t...

@zataralpha Greetings. Only Waves accounts are eligible to take part in the airdrop. You should install our Desktop… https://t.co/BbmCinrdTS

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@AirdropQuin3 Hello. Everyone can distribute Waves based ass...

@AirdropQuin3 Hello. Everyone can distribute Waves based asset via mass transfer. In case you've got a token in you… https://t.co/U9JnQQ6Qbt

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@J_I_Believer Hello. Thanks for your feedback. Waves Platfor...

@J_I_Believer Hello. Thanks for your feedback. Waves Platform team consider all existing possibilities to prevent s… https://t.co/N7eRXiOen3

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@maheshk06385045 Hello! You're supposed to have not less tha...

@maheshk06385045 Hello! You're supposed to have not less than 1 WAVS or/and WCT on your Waves balance till the aird… https://t.co/JkfKyeoqfx

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@diki_permana_ Hello. Thank you for your feedback. It's much...

@diki_permana_ Hello. Thank you for your feedback. It's much appreciated. Waves Platform team consider all way in r… https://t.co/3etzJWuCYo

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@Bilenko1992 Привет, Николай. Действительно, токены Vostok н...

@Bilenko1992 Привет, Николай. Действительно, токены Vostok на блокчейне Waves будут заблокированы для торговли пере… https://t.co/ejVV8gFS5c

23 days ago

Waves Kicks Off a Weekend AMA with CEO Sasha Ivanov

Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov is hosting an ask-me-anything (AMA) event over the weekend. The session has already kicked off, and and questions are being fielded from the @wctgram account on Twitter. Participants should include the hashtag #whensasha for their chance to win a Waves-branded Ledger Nano-S. Questions so far surround how Waves plans to attract more decentralized apps to the platform given the fierce competition among other blockchains as well as questions on turing-complete smart contracts on the Waves platform. Other followers wanted to learn more details about Vostok, which is part of the Moscow-based Waves ecosystem that is focused on businesses and government IT systems. (GT)

24 days ago

@WavesHey Hello! You need to hold Waves and/or WCT on your W...

@WavesHey Hello! You need to hold Waves and/or WCT on your WavesPlatform wallet to get airdrop. And here you can fi… https://t.co/DAMztzhM5p

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BitMart and Paxful Team Up to Generate Crypto Liquidity

On February 21, 2019, peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace Paxful announced a partnership with trading platform BitMart for the purpose of vastly increasing the latter’s liquidity and scalability.In a company statement, Paxful claimed that this project was initiated “in the hopes of increasing liquidity and scalability” across the entire crypto asset industry.Paxful’s model for peer-to-peer transaction has made waves in the crypto space all around the world, with its CEO expressly claiming that a company goal is to use bitcoin for the world’s general welfare, and the company building schools in Africa in late 2018.In a separate statement, Paxful claimed that it has recently seen trades in Latin America increase by 188 percent in Latin America, highlighting the potential for expansion in growing markets worldwide. A large percentage of these trades are used to make remittance payments between family members over international borders using an untraceable money system, so this mission of helping underserved markets can tie in naturally to Paxful’s own expansion.This mindset can explain much about the new partnership. Paxful has a track record of using their peer-to-peer transaction method to help developing markets, but there are few actual crypto exchanges that operate with this technology. Now that BitMart is one of these, this integration will “bring more trading options to emerging markets by allowing them to obtain bitcoin on the Paxful platform.”For Paxful and BitMart, this new cooperation will serve the interests of both companies while also making bitcoin more widely accessible worldwide. Customers will be able to become users of BitMart’s exchange, while taking advantage of the many financial options Paxful offers, such as gift cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, cash deposits and many others. This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

24 days ago

@daffox Hi, all WAVES within your Waves wallet, even leased,...

@daffox Hi, all WAVES within your Waves wallet, even leased, are counted for your averaged balance which you freely… https://t.co/6ROjKYoWY0

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@gk_hany Greeting. Sure, feel free to join. Make sure you ha...

@gk_hany Greeting. Sure, feel free to join. Make sure you have at least 1 WAVES/WCT on your balance within Waves wa… https://t.co/ax43WhcA82

24 days ago

John McAfee Sets a 'Hard Date' for $1 Million Bitcoin

Jesse Lund, the IBM vice-president of blockchain and digital currencies, recently predicted that Bitcoin could reach a million dollars per coin one day. His prediction made waves in various financial media outlets and he explained that he liked the figure because “then a Satoshi will be equal to one U.S. penny.” Billionaire crypto enthusiast and self-proclaimed U.S. Presidential Candidate John McAfee congratulated Lund on his ‘awakening’ but also said that Bitcoin needs a price prediction that is more specific than ‘someday’. According to McAfee, Bitcoin will reach $1,000,000 by December 31st, 2020. The price prediction follows two previously issued forecasts from July 2017 when McAfee said Bitcoin price will surpass $500,000 in three years. McAfee is also famous for his outrageous bet that he would eat his own manhood on national television if his prediction was wrong. (RS)

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Shout-out to #Waves Community and beyond! Our Weekend AMA wi...

Shout-out to #Waves Community and beyond! Our Weekend AMA with Waves CEO @sasha35625 is kicking off today! Ask your… https://t.co/uKgXVnWutO

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Gmail Competitor FastMail will Stop Accepting Crypto Payments

Gmail competitor, FastMail, recently informed users that it will stop accepting cryptocurrency payments at the end of March. The company cited “unsustainable” costs as the reason for no longer accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments and the company also noted that only a small number of customers used the crypto payment option. After March 31, customers can pay using traditional payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, and American Express. FastMail made media waves in 2016 after it began accepting crypto payments through BitPay. (RS)

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Hola! Waves Ambassador @SeismicSoft is inviting you to join ...

Hola! Waves Ambassador @SeismicSoft is inviting you to join the first #Waves #meetup in #Caracas, Venezuela🇻🇪! See… https://t.co/F33r7Z3Idu

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@Stroemner @sasha35625 Hi Tommy! Waves is a decentralized pl...

@Stroemner @sasha35625 Hi Tommy! Waves is a decentralized platform. Everyone can create a token and distribute it v… https://t.co/uPyoBmJZvs

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