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Wanchain (WAN) Partners with Digital Asset Management Provider Formosa Financial

Wanchain (WAN), a platform that enables financial transactions between blockchains, recently announced a partnership with Formosa Financial, a one-stop platform for the management of digital assets. The partnership gives Wanchain access to Formosa Financial’s digital asset services, increasing its overall value as its applications continue to seek more efficient, safe and customizable asset management strategies. Formosa Financial seeks to use Wanchain's cross-chain payment functionality to advance its goals of making banking and financial services widely accessible to the blockchain industry. (JF)

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What Is Wanchain? Introduction To WAN Token

What Is Wanchain? Wanchain is a cross-chain blockchain infrastructure designed to facilitate asset transfers and host dApps for the financial industry. From investments to banking, payments, and more, Wanchain hopes to replace legacy banking systems around the globe with blockchain-based solutions using Wancoin, the proprietary cryptocurrrency of Wanchain. Cryptocurrencies in general are often...

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Formosa Financial partners with Wanchain for cross-chain asset access

CryptoNinjas Formosa Financial, a one-stop treasury management platform for crypto-assets, recently announced a partnership with Wanchain, the distributed financial infrastructure powered by cross-blockchain smart contracts with privacy protection. This alliance with Wanchain will enable Formosa Financial... Formosa Financial partners with Wanchain for cross-chain asset access

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The Blockchain Startups You Need To Hear About

It’s safe to say that the blockchain industry is thriving at the moment. Whilst this is a good thing, it does make it very hard for us to pick out promising blockchain ideas that are calling out for our investment. Overall, the industry is a maze of startups, new ideas and growing innovations. It’s exciting to be a part of, and it’s an industry that is going to be cooking for many, many years to come. American Inno have recently published an article that highlights their 11 most exciting blockchain startups, across 11 different cities, we want to dive into this to pick out a few of our favourites. Blockchain technology does not just mean cryptocurrency, therefore some of the mentioned projects are focusing on many other aspects of blockchain technology. Remember that this is opinion based and we are by no means telling you to invest in these projects, at the very least though, it’s exciting to explore. According to American Inno: “Blockchain startups have raised nearly $4 billion in VC in 2018 to date, a 280% increase from last year’s record pull. And blockchain extends way beyond the crypto space, infiltrating a variety of industries from healthcare to media. To shine a spotlight on the blockchain innovation that’s happening across the Inno network, we asked our writers to offer up a local startup in this space that’s caught their eye.” Factom Factom is a project that already hosts a tonne of value, around $500 million worth to be exact. Factom has been backed by Tim Draper, which in turn is helping to draw a lot of attention to this project, according to American Inno: “Factom, which has backing from Tim Draper, has landed contracts to protect data housed by the U.S. Border Patrol, the Department of Homeland Security and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Factom’s other co-founder, Jack Lu, also launched Wanchain, which has landed millions in Ethereum and provides cross-blockchain functions.” What is Factom? Well, according to the Factom website: “At Factom, we make the world’s systems honest and build trust between organizations, people and institutions today, solve hard problems through the utilization of Factom’s Blockchain. We see a future world where fraud, corruption, and forgery are a thing of the past. We believe in keeping private data private and securing the world’s wealth because privacy and possession of property are basic human rights. Life can be a little more fair with Factom.” Coinigy Coinigy is a brand new crypto portfolio management, according to American Inno: “A cryptocurrency startup in Milwaukee called Coinigy gives crypto traders the tools they need to buy, sell and manage their portfolios. Users get access to data on more than 40 exchanges and the ability for users to trade on nearly 20 exchanges. Though the company was founded in 2014, it just launched its mobile app in May to let traders trade on the go, and now has upwards of 80,000 users, roughly half of which pay about $20 per month for the product. And the founders say revenue has grown 300 percent year-over-year, which is pretty impressive.” And, according to the Coinigy website: “Coinigy is the best way to access the global financial markets of the future. Businesses small and large rely on our data to power their decision-making. We are a group of dedicated developers, traders, analysts and evangelists that believe in the upcoming paradigm shift that cryptography and the blockchain are bringing to the global financial industry. We built Coinigy because we are passionate about open, transparent markets and aim to be a major driving force in widespread adoption. Our goal as a company is to empower 100,000 people through powerful tools and education.” Block.one You’ve probably heard of these guys. The last of American Inno’s recommendations that we wish to touch upon is Block.one, the startup behind the EOS project. All things considered, it’s pretty clear why Block.one are quite a big deal and why we believe they are still one to watch. According to American Inno: “The maker of the world’s fifth most valuable cryptocurrency expanded its footprint in a major way this year. The blockchain company, which has offices around the world and was founded just a couple years ago, moved into its own 30,000-square-foot building in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in October. Block.one created EOS, which raised $4 billion in an initial coin offering, and it’s backed by Peter Thiel — making it by far Central Virginia’s biggest blockchain startup.” Now, as stated, we’re not telling you that these are the projects to invest in, however we do believe it is worth your while looking into them and doing some further research. Each example is exploring a very unique area of blockchain technology, yet together, all these projects are working together to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream. They are doing great things for themselves, their investors and the entire blockchain adoption movement. googletag.cmd.pus

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Ethereum’s MetaMask Wallet Shares the Mobile App Release at DevCon

CoinSpeaker Ethereum’s MetaMask Wallet Shares the Mobile App Release at DevCon First launched in 2016, Metamask has only been accessible through browser extensions on Chrome, Brave, and Firefox and was restricted to mobile users. This meant that it worked like a bridge between normal browsers and the Ethereum blockchain. The browser extension is mainly popular amongst Ethereum and ERC-20 users due to its simple user interface and its ease to handle decentralized applications (dApps) requests. For many years, MetaMask users have been asking for a mobile client of the wallet, as the vast majority of Ethereum users have started to rely on MetaMask as the main ETH and token wallet. During this major conference, hosted by Ethereum Foundation, the founder and CEO of ConsenSys, Joseph Lublin, finally announced the launch of the mobile user interface. He also wrote at his Twitter page: “The @metamask_io mobile app was just announced at #Devcon4! Everyone’s favorite #Ethereum browser extension is coming to your phone. The team is focusing on not being ‘just a wallet’, but a portal to the world of all things #blockchain.” Metamask Mobile, lays on the industry belief that mobile phones are more secure than desktop computers due to their architectural designs. Most cryptocurrency users already have a preference for mobile wallets and this will enable users to have full control of their funds. Although, users will have to take responsibility for their private keys (or passwords). Storing that on a cloud seems now pretty insecure. MetaMask communicates with the Ethereum ledger through a system called Infura. This means that it trusts other computers to keep it up to date with the Ethereum network. Full node systems are generally preferred to systems that involve trusting middlemen like Infura. The added feature that is bundled with Metamask mobile is the dApp support. With it, users can interact with different decentralized applications that they couldn’t do. The mobile client will be able to function as a dApp browser or a “Google Play Store for dApps.” Also on MetaMask mobile, users can run various dApps such as CryptoKitties by connecting the wallet to the dApp to seamlessly process information on the Ethereum mainnet. Some dApps you can also explore are Digital art, where auctions are held and users can buy and sell unique collectibles. Also, there is, built by gamers, Blockchain arcades where gamers can use Ether and tokens to enter video game tournaments. Metamask Joining The Big dApp Company Until now, there were only several dApp browsers available on the market, including some backed by large organizations. In July, leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, bought the Trust Wallet, a secure and intuitive mobile wallet that supports Ethereum’s ether (ETH), GoChain (GO), Wanchain (WAN), Ethereum Classic (ETC), POA Network, (POA) VeChain (VET), and TRON (TRX). Coinbase also has its own cryptocurrency wallet and dApp browser, the Coinbase Wallet that is set to also support other popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and litecoin. Earlier this year, Opera introduced a mobile browser for Android devices with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. A version of the wallet has been added to its desktop browser. In July, Metamask announced its removal from the Chrome Web Store, the reasons for which were not explained. Several hours later, it was listed again. While MetaMask was delisted, an Ethereum-based prediction market protocol Augur, which recently got under fire for speculating on death benefits, warned users to not download the MetaMask extension that was actually present in Google Chrome’s store, as it was a fake application. Even though it got listed only few hours after, there never came an explanation for this event. Ethereum’s MetaMask Wallet Shares the Mobile App Release at DevCon

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This week in Crypto: Elon Musk, Bakkt, Tron, China, Coinbase, Binance, Bitcoin and XRP

Quite a lot happened this week with the cryptocurrency market still struggling to maintain a steady price and not going up much. This is a roundup of activities in the crypto space for the week 21 to 27 October 2018. Elon Musk’s Tweets Bitcoin On Monday, Elon, who is the CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX, shot out a tweet stating that he loved anime. He then followed it up with a nice anime image with a huge Bitcoin logo on it. The tweet read, ”Wanna buy some Bitcoin?” The tweet went viral and attracted various influential Twitter users, the founder of Binance, Zhao Changpeng joined the thread and offered to buy a Tesla car if the company can accept crypto payments. Bakkt Sets Launch Date For Bitcoin Futures The plan to launch a platform to attract institutional investors into the cryptocurrency industry is no longer news. No date was announced for the official launch from the start though. This week, Bakkt announced through a notice released by its parent company Intercontinental Exchange that the official launch of its Bitcoin futures will be on 12 December 2018. The notice which was dated 22 October said: “ICE Futures U.S., Inc. will list the new Bakkt Bitcoin (USD) Daily Futures Contract for trading on Wednesday, December 12, 2018. The Bakkt Bitcoin (USD) Daily Futures Contract is a physically-settled daily futures contract for bitcoin held in Bakkt LLC, ICE’s Digital Asset Warehouse, and will be cleared by ICE Clear US, Inc.” Bakkt’s Bitcoin futures launch is one of the milestones expected to turn the fortune of Bitcoin around before the year runs out. Tron This week, Tron’s Justin Sun donated $3million to Binance to support Blockchain Foundation charity, a gesture that was well appreciated by the company. The donation may not be unconnected with the recent agreement between Sun and CEO of Binance to work together in promoting the use of blockchain. Tron has also made some progress this week with its gaming dApp Tronbet hitting a high of 200 million TRX in payouts. The company is also spearheading the complete decentralization of the internet with its revolutionary web 3.0. Following the launch of its “Tronlink” users can now access the Tron blockchain via their browsers. With these new products, it is not surprising that the company intends to dominate the content industry with more products to come. China A Chinese court, Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration this week officially ruled that merchants in China can accept Bitcoin as a means of payment in the country. According to a report, part of the ruling stated that: “CN law does not forbid owning & transferring bitcoin, which should be protected by law because of its property nature and economic value.” Finally, crypto enthusiasts and investors in China can carry BTC freely and even use it as a means of payment. What a progress. Coinbase Coinbase exchange is to announce its first Initial Public Offering (IPO) soon. This announcement was contained in a tweet within the week. According to a report by Cointelegraph, details of the IPO were scheduled to be released on Friday 26th. The company has also been authorized to offer custody services for all the top cryptocurrencies. Coinbase had earlier been ranked as the safest crypto exchange in the world, which may be why the New York State Banking Law could trust its Coinbase Custody with huge funds of users. The exchange also added USDC token to its list of supported tokens this week. Binance It seems Binance is serious about its charity ambition as the world’s largest crypto exchange launched a blockchain donation portal at UN conference in Geneva within the week. Justin Sun had made a donation to this cause at the same conference. Meanwhile, Binance also announced that its Trust Wallet now supports Tron (TRX) as one of its crypto assets. The wallet which is supported by both Android and iOS devices currently supports Ethereum (ETH), GoChain (GO), POA Network (POA), Callisto (CLO), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Wanchain (WAN) and VeChain (VET), TRON (TRX) and all ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721 tokens. Bitcoin Despite the unstable market, Bitcoin (BTC) showed a lot of stability this week. The stability was so strong that Bitcoin went up by 1% within the week while Dow and Nasdaq went down. Safe to say Bitcoin is less volatile than the two! Another big thing, a brand new token to be launched on the Ethereum blockchain is to be fully backed by Bitcoin. The token is to be launched with support from Kyber Network, Republic Protocol and BitGo. Some Ethereum-based projects have also pledged their support to ensure adoption of the token when it is released. This is a big step for Bitcoin that will help to renew its relevance in the everchanging crypto space. Ripple (XRP) Ripple report for the third quarter of 2018 revealed that sales have doubled within the quarter, selling up to $163 million in XRP during the time. This figure roughly doubles the Q2 total sales of $73.53 million, suggesting that market vo

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TRON (TRX) is Now Supported on the Trust Wallet Backed by Binance

In an announcement on the 26th of October, the team at Trust Wallet informed the crypto community that they had added support for the Tron (TRX) blockchain. All users of the wallet can now access and store TRX on the multi-coin wallet that is available on iOS and Android. As the wallet evolves with time, it currently supports the following digital assets: Support for Ethereum (ETH), GoChain (GO), POA Network (POA), Callisto (CLO), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Wanchain (WAN) and VeChain (VET), and TRON (TRX). All ERC20, ERC223 and ERC721 tokens. Planned support for Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCC) by end of the year The addition of Tron (TRX) is a step in the right direction for both the Tron and Trust Wallet projects. TRX is one of the most popular digital assets with its blockchain having over half a million accounts at the moment of writing this. In terms of daily transactions, the Tron blockchain has exceeded those of Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP on an individual basis. Backed By Binance The cryptocurrency exchange of Binance acquired the Trust wallet back in July this year to provide better service and to enhance the safety for all users of the exchange. In the announcement about the acquisition, the team also added the following plans of its use it with the future Decentralized Exchange by Binance: The acquisition of Trust Wallet will add an on-chain mobile wallet to the list of Binance services with other future integration possibilities. The Trust Wallet brand and team will retain the autonomy and freedom to develop the core product while benefiting from the increased synergy from Binance, including the broad user base and the upcoming DEX. What are your thoughts on the Trust Wallet adding support for the Tron Blockchain? Please let us know in the comment section below. [Image courtesy of medium.com/@trustwallet] Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Any opinion herein is purely the author’s and does not represent the opinion of Ethereum World News or any of its other writers. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available. Thank you. The post TRON (TRX) is Now Supported on the Trust Wallet Backed by Binance appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Tron [TRX] Aiming for 1 Million Daily Transactions while Binance-backed Trust Wallet Adds Support

Currently, in the green, Tron (TRX) recently reached 901,408 daily transactions while the address growth is on a constant rise. Meanwhile, Binance-backed Trust wallet adds support for Tron while Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be added by end of the year. Tron Progress In the past 14 days Tron network is constantly making progress as evident from the fact that a couple of days back, it achieved 901,408 daily transactions. Tron daily transaction, Source: https://tronscan.org/ With a 2.07 percent rise, Tron is trading at $0.0234 at the time of writing. Reaching 3557086 block height, the online nodes are also making its way to 1000 at 865. Meanwhile, the 11th ranked cryptocurrency’s address growth is also on a rise with total accounts at 531809: Source: https://tronscan.org/ Tron is also popular on Twitter as CoinTrendz shares the top mentions: Top 10 Mentions on Twitter in the last hour - $TRX $BTC $ETH $XRP $LTC $NEO $ADA $XLM $EOS $BCH pic.twitter.com/EORPnhx6ap — CoinTrendz.com (@CoinTrendz) October 27, 2018 Another positive news came into the form of Trust Wallet adding support for Tron blockchain as the official announcement reads, “Today we are proud to announce our integrations with TRON(TRX). All Trust users will now have access to TRX coin in the multi-coin wallet — on iOS and Android — and we are very excited to welcome new users into the Trust family.” Binance-backed Trust Wallet currently supports Ethereum (ETH) and all ERC20, ERC223, and ERC721 tokens, along with GoChain (GO), POA Network (POA), Callisto (CLO), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Wanchain (WAN), and VeChain (VET), and TRON (TRX). Furthermore, support for Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be added by end of the year. The post Tron [TRX] Aiming for 1 Million Daily Transactions while Binance-backed Trust Wallet Adds Support appeared first on Coingape.

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Binance-Backed Trust Wallet Expands with Support for Tron (TRX)

Trust Wallet, which describes itself as an Ethereum and ERC20 wallet, has expanded to include support for Tron (TRX). According to the announcement, which was tweeted by Trust Wallet backer Binance: “Trust users will now have access to TRX coin in the multi-coin wallet — on iOS and Android — and we are very excited to welcome new users into the Trust family.” In addition to TRX, Trust Wallet supports ETH, GO, POA, CLO, ETC, WAN and VET. Trust Wallet also has plans to add support for leading cryptocurrencies BTC, LTC and BCH by the end of the year. (GT)

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Blockbuster ICOs Fail to Deliver High Returns, Says Co-Founder of Crypto Asset Fund

While blockbuster ICOs may receive a lot of hype, they fail to generate the highest returns for investors, according to Dovey Wan, the co-founder of crypto asset fund Primitive Ventures. Wan tweeted: “We surveyed major ICOs and found - large raises never mean high return.” Wan fell short of identifying the deals that she used in the study, but separate industry research has revealed that many of last year’s ICOs including Sirin Labs have failed to maintain gains in the crypto market this year. Wan recommends running a “lean” operation. (GT)

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New Research: Large-Raise ICOs ‘Never’ Deliver Returns

If an ICO raised “large” amounts during its token sale, it means the returns to investors are “never high,” according to new research published October 25. Big Investment, Small Dividends The results of a survey by cryptoasset investment fund Primitive confirm that investors choosing to send money to ICOs should, in fact, look for those which plan to raise smaller - not larger - amounts. “We surveyed major ICOs and found - large raises never mean high returns,” Primitive co-founder Dovey Wan commented on Twitter uploading the data. [A] War chest may buy superficial ‘traction,’ like how 40% of VC money for traditional startups all goes to Google/Facebook on ads. Being able to run lean is key to succeeding as a founder, in any sectors. We surveyed major ICOs and found - large raises never mean high returnsWar chest may buy superficial “traction”, like how 40% of VC money for traditional startups all goes to Google/Facebook on ads. Being able to run lean is key to succeeding as a founder, in any sectors pic.twitter.com/tqMQpdPc5j — Dovey Wan (@DoveyWan) October 26, 2018 What’s In A Market Cap? While Wan did not initially reveal which ICOs had constituted the data, the results continue recent negative publicity for the sector, which has seen losses this year often making headlines. As Bitcoinist reported in September quoting data from monitoring resource Diar, some of the biggest ICOs of 2017 have since lost the most money relative to their starting capital. A list of the industry’s “top ten losers” placed Sirin Labs at number one, the project’s market cap dropping from $158 million after the ICO to just $17 million now - a loss of 89 percent. Paragon, Bancor, and Kin also fared disastrously, shedding 96, 52 and 53 percent of their market cap respectively. However, while the total figure for ICOs being “underwater” this year has passed 70 percent, market sentiment has since turned away from pure capital, Diar notes, due to the very nature of many of the projects behind fundraising moves. “And with tokens having no equity representation, markets have shrugged off cash-on-hand as part of an enterprise valuation,” it summarized. What do you think about the latest ICO returns data? Let us know in the comments below! Images courtesy of Shutterstock The post New Research: Large-Raise ICOs ‘Never’ Deliver Returns appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

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CryptoCurve Announces Integration with ICON, AION and Wanchain Blockchain Platforms

The CryptoCurve ecosystem recently announced plans to expand its integration at the protocol level to the Aion and ICON blockchain platforms, fully integrating with all member platforms of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance, which also includes the Wanchain (WAN). Through the integration, users of the CryptoCurve platform will be able to benefit from the scalability and interconnectivity that the other alliance members provide. The goal of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance is to promote interconnectivity between isolated blockchain networks. (JF)

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CryptoCurve To Fully Integrate With Aion And ICON

A project with ambitions to become the world’s leading tools provider for front-end blockchain designers will fully integrate with the ICON (ICX) and Aion (AION) blockchains. Blockchain product and service provider, CryptoCurve, announced on Tuesday that it had expanded its protocol to both the ICON and AION ecosystems. The project hopes to be fully compatible with Aion by the end of the month, with development set to begin soon on ICON integration. The CryptoCurve platform is looking to offer multiple products and services that it hopes will encourage more people to use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). A spokesman from the project said CryptoCurve’s products are designed to help bring down barriers to entry: “Our goal is to make it convenient for everyday people to interact with their digital assets regardless of the platform they are hosted on”, she said. Today’s news means Curve wallet users will one day have access to the ICON and Aion platforms. The wallet is it’s flagship project. As well as allowing users to store their virtual currency, it can also be used to trade different assets as well as manage their portfolio. “Wallet applications will be an essential part of increasing adoption of blockchain, and CryptoCurve is bringing new, innovative technology to the space”, said Matt Spoke, Founder of Aion Network. Both ICON and Aion are blockchain networks dedicated to greater interoperability between different blockchains. Based in Korea, ICON is designed to connect different sidechains together to foster greater cooperability. Aion is a platform for different unconnected platforms to transfer value and data to one another; its mainnet launched at the end of April. Straight outta Wanchain. CryptoCurve is still in the development phase, having only released its Curve wallet into beta. It is also building its own sidechain development kit (SDK), giving developers access to standardized tools. The project will at some point launch its own blockchain startup accelerator, Curve Labs. The project was one of the first to come out of Wanchain’s (WAN) blockchain startup accelerator, the WanLabs Initiative. The two companies are now in partnership. CryptoCurve services are designed to be fully interoperable with the WAN network. Investors interested in the CURV token (CryptoCurve’s utility token) public sale will need WAN to participate. “Interoperability is in our DNA as a company,” explained CryptoCurve Founder and CEO Joshua Halferty. “Our longstanding partnership with Wanchain has helped us build our applications to be natively interoperable, and this new integration with Aion and ICON will open a lot of new doors for us in terms of scaling and expanding our ecosystem for our users.” CryptoCurve Is Now Fully Integrated With The Blockchain Interoperability Alliance Wanchain, ICON, and Aion are all members of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance, an association that promotes increased interconnectivity between otherwise separate networks. Today’s news will mean CryptoCurve applications will be fully compatible with each of the member projects. “This new integration makes the CryptoCurve ecosystem the common denominator among the members of Blockchain Interoperability Alliance,” said Halferty. Tribalism once proliferated in the space, especially during the extended bull run last year. This has died off as the prices have sunk. Many projects are now looking at ways to collaborate and complement one another. CryptoCurve’s wallet integration with ICON and AION, as well as already with Wanchain, will encourage front-end designers to create products compatible with all three networks. “CryptoCurve is a key entry point to the Wanchain ecosystem,” explained Jack Lu, founder of Wanchain. “From the internet world, we know how important front-end applications are for mass adoption, and the same thing is true for blockchain.” A CryptoCurve ball indeed... Disclaimer: The author is not invested in any cryptocurrency or token mentioned in this article, but holds investments in other digital assets. Decentral Media’s CEO is an advisor to Wanchain, and was not involved in the creation of this article. The post CryptoCurve To Fully Integrate With Aion And ICON appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

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Theia Wallet Announces the Beta Test of Version 1.0, Supports Bitcoin

In a press release, Theia wallet has announced that the beta test of version 1.0 is open. This version will support Bitcoin public chain. Theia wallet is a multi-crypto wallet based on the cross chain technology of Wanchain. The wallet already supports Ethereum and Wanchain tokens. Jin Huayue. The founder of Theia, Jin Huayue has said that they emphasise on technology and real value. Additionally, he stated that they would be expanding and improving the functionality of this nascent technology by exploring more possibilities in the future. (KE)

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Bibox Co-founder Sues Former Right-Hand Man For Ownership

Bibox exchange co-founder, Wang Wan Lin has filed a legal lawsuit against his former right-hand man, Wei Liu. Wang hired Liu to form a new venture called Investre Network, with him and his business partner Yang Han Chao as the sole managing members and shareholders. However, Liu named herself as the sole managing member and shareholder. After Liu was fired last July, she removed everything about Wang from the company's website and claimed to be the Business Development Director of Bibox, and Founder and CEO of the Investre Network. Bibox saw a volume of $196 Million in the last 24 hours. (VS)

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Worst Cryptocurrencies of 2018 Have Left Some Heavy Bagholders

Tales of woe are easy to come by in the current market, in which most altcoins are faring multiples worse than bitcoin. Investors that have avoided the following projects, however, can draw some solace. Also read: US Court Issues Emergency Order Halting a Planned Initial Coin Offering This Year’s Underperforming Coins Have Fared Worse Than You Think It’s easy to find underperforming altcoins from the past 10 months of largely bearish market action. Echelons easier, in fact, than finding the handful that have weathered the storm and have appreciated in value or, at the very least, have outperformed bitcoin. Taking a magnifying glass to 2018’s altcoin dunces makes for a productive exercise; not to revel in the misfortune of others, but for educational purposes. “I bought the ‘dip’ a dozen times this year,” one Redditor complained recently. “Went down after each time.” Another remarked: “I’ve lost 95 percent of 25k and have been buying all the way down.” The “hodl” meme that prospered in 2017, helping traders through “China bans bitcoin” FUD and other negative news cycles, has largely been abandoned now that hodling has been proven to be a disastrous strategy for anyone heavily invested in altcoins. The BTFD (Buy the F- Dip) meme has also waned, as traders have learned that in many cases the dip is often merely a precursor to a series of even lower dips. Lesson 1: There’s a Big Difference Between a 90% and a 95% Loss Wanchain (WAN), one of the more established cryptocurrency projects, is down 90 percent from its all-time high (ATH). The helpful break-even multiple column provided by Onchainfx shows that WAN would need to do a 10x to reach its previous ATH. Icon (ICX) is down 95 percent in comparison. On paper, it may sound like ICX has fared only marginally worse than WAN, and yet it would take a 20x multiple for icon to reach its former peak of $12.04 per token. The worst performers of 2018 by break-even multiple, according to Onchainfx Lesson 2: Don’t Trust the Market Cap of Forked Coins Market cap, or the number of coins in circulation multiplied by price per coin, is a notoriously crude yardstick, but it’s particularly bad when it comes to forks. Coins like bitcoin private and bitcoin diamond have market caps calculated by the number of BTC holders who could technically claim the forks. But in reality, the vast majority of bitcoiners have no interest in these minority forks and will never bother to obtain them, making their true circulating supply and market cap significantly lower. Bitcoin atom (BTA), for example, has a market cap of $4.67 million. Its 24-hour volume is less than $15,000, however, and BTA is down 99.98 percent for the year to date, according to Coincodex. Another coin with a supposedly high market cap, ignis, is down 99.66 percent this year, despite technically having a cap of $30 million. Ignis has fallen so far, its yearly chart appears to be dead after March. Lesson 3: There’s No Such Thing as a Price Floor Just because an altcoin is down more than 90 percent doesn’t mean the road to (partial) recovery is in sight. Many traders racked up huge losses this year — not from buying at the top, but from buying at what they believed to be the bottom. As one trader confessed: I bought bitclave (CAT) on exchange at ICO price thinking wow a shitcoin finally at ICO ... then it went -99% on me. As one can see in Telegram channels that share the collective salt of crypto investors, everyone’s portfolio is underwater this year. It’s just that some have shipped water at a much faster rate than others. In the case of leading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin core, bitcoin cash and ethereum, the vast majority of investors didn’t purchase these assets at their ATH. Anyone who held BTC or BCH a year ago, for instance, would still be up on their investment by around 30 percent. The markets aren’t nearly as gloomy as crypto’s worst critics would suggest — except in the case of traders who got carried away and diversified into risky altcoins and ICO tokens during peak mania. “I had a dream of making so much I could retire. I thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to make tons of cash and I was worried about missing out so I took a huge risk,” one investor recently confessed. “Life has humbled me. I’m an idiot.” Do you think altcoin investors will be shrewder in picking their portfolios in the future, or will the lessons of 2018 be promptly forgotten when the bull market returns? Let us know in the comments section below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Onchainfx, and Blockmodo. Need to calculate your bitcoin holdings? Check our tools section. The post Worst Cryptocurrencies of 2018 Have Left Some Heavy Bagholders appeared first on Bitcoin News.

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Is Delta Direct Really Just A Blockfolio Signal Copycat?

With investors scattered all over the world, communication is essential in the cryptocurrency sector. Companies in the space want news about them to be accurate and fair. Teams update followers through a variety of different media, but these can become vulnerable to fake news. Now some have started using new channels to directly communicate updates to their investors and followers. For Nicolas Van Hoorde, the week has been a trial. He is the co-founder of the cryptocurrency portfolio application Delta, which successfully launched its news feed service earlier this week. Known as Delta Direct, the integrated feature allows projects to announce developments directly to followers and investors. Direct acts as a news aggregator; it pulls together posts from teams’ official Medium blog as well as their activity from Twitter and other social media platforms. Van Hoorde said in a statement at Direct’s launch that projects would be able to provide accurate updates, free of spin, and build bonds of trust between teams and their investors. “We believe that in this current state of [the] market, token teams need to be empowered to communicate with their stakeholders,” he said. “With Delta Direct we also want to counter misinformation about projects.” What’s the difference between Delta Direct and Blockfolio Signal? Delta isn’t the only platform around offering a news service. The Direct feature is very similar to the Signal service offered by the rival price-tracking application, Blockfolio. Launched back in May, the feature also enables investors to be updated by their token teams through notifications and a rolling news feed. Blockfolio created Signal because it wanted to improve trust in the community with a channel for teams to send ‘signals’ directly to their token holders. “Signals come straight from the token team leadership, free of the noise and toxicity that we so often see in the current communication channels used by the global crypto community,” Blockfolio CEO Ed Moncada, said at the time. Direct had been originally slated for release on Monday, but an unforeseen bug in the Android update pushed back the launch until Wednesday. Van Hoorde spoke to Crypto Briefing just after the successful launch. He said that despite strong similarities there were nonetheless differences between Delta Direct and Blockfolio Signal. Van Hoorde explained that Delta itself placed no restrictions on projects using their news aggregator. Whereas Blockfolio controls and edits the content posted on Signals, Direct doesn’t. This allows traders to access updates from any of the projects they follow. “It’s not our place to decide what the user should see”, he says over the phone. He admitted that not all of the projects using Delta would be legitimate; another Bitconnect could sign up and use the service tomorrow, he said. “We’re taking a different stance with Direct”, said Van Hoorde. “We don’t put restrictions; we’re more in line with decentralization”. “We’re not trying to act like an overarching god,” he added. Back at Blockfolio, where the team was busy celebrating a new $11M round led by Pantera on Thursday, Ed Moncada was circumspect about the different approaches the two teams have taken to arrive at similar solutions. “Bitcccccoooooooonnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeccct!!! ....... are the types of projects we hope NOT to see using Blockfolio Signal,” he told Crypto Briefing in an email. “We chose to roll out Blockfolio Signal in a responsible manner and in a way that builds trust within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Just like a company culture is heavily defined by its early employees, we believe that a product culture is similarly shaped by its early participants. I want to be clear that the token teams on the Blockfolio platform ultimately control their own content and we are 100% committed to making it available to all token teams in the near future. Ultimately, we really want to be responsible about how we roll it out.” Crypto fake news Misinformation has long permeated the cryptocurrency space; it leads to sharp price swings. Dogecoin (DOGE) shot up amidst reports that the project would begin cross-chain development with the Ethereum platform, at the beginning of September. Whilst ‘Dogethereum’ later turned out to be false, the story was reported on by various media outlets. The ensuing hype led to a $400m surge in the total value of DOGE. Also in early September, unnamed sources told Business Insider the investment bank Goldman Sachs was scrapping its BTC trading desk. It was already too late by the time the bank’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Martin Chavez, claimed the rumours were unsubstantiated; approximately $50bn was wiped from the market’s total value in less than a week. Probably because it has been running for longer, there are more projects available with Blockfolio; although neither service can be used for updates on major projects such as Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). The one key difference is Signal us

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Top 5 Blockchain Events You Don’t Want to Miss This Fall

by Charlotte Day, University of Nicosia Acceptance and widespread adoption remains the order of the day as blockchain technology continues to send shockwaves around the world. In keeping up with the momentum, networking events targeting blockchain communities are cropping up by the day. Blockchain events are becoming increasingly popular in part because they provide a perfect opportunity for people to interact and share ideas on the emerging technology. With many events, occurring all over the world, blockchain enthusiasts are spoilt for choice on which events to attend. Heading into the fall, here are the top five blockchain events for technology enthusiasts. Decentralized 2018 November (14-16) 2018 The second edition of the Decentralized 2018 conference will take place at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens Greece. The must-attend blockchain event will bring together over 122 attendees from over 50 countries. Decentralized 2018 will feature 70+ speakers who will exchange knowledge and share ideas on the potential implications of blockchain technology. Key areas of focus will be how the technology is set to influence innovative businesses and the kind of political consequences it is poised to have around the world. Some notable speakers include Peter Ruzin, Chief Scientist at Bitcoin Limited, Eva Kaili MEP Chair of STOA European Parliament and Jameson Lopp Founder Mensa Bitcoin SIG. The University of Nicosia (UNIC), which is one of the few institutions of higher learning offering a master’s degree on the emerging technology, is the host. Divani Caravel Hotel situated at the heart of Athens, presents a unique opportunity for participants to explore the historic city focusing on breathtaking architectural designs. The hotel is located at the birthplace of democracy surrounded by the fascinating Lycabettus Hill. The Acropolis, which is synonymous with Athens, is a must-visit historic site while in the city. Malta Blockchain Summit November (1-2) 2018 Malta Blockchain Summit is another must-attend blockchain event heading into 2019. The event will attract attendance from crucial areas of government as well as blockchain investing and fintech. Discussions at the summit will center on world-changing potential applications of blockchain technology as well as AI and Big Data. Malta is fast becoming a hotbed for the digital ledger technology. The country already plays hosts to some of the world leading startups as well as influencers in the sector. The summit will also include an expo as well as a Hackathon and opportunity for the over 5,000 expected attendees to interact. The location could not have been any better. The Club Intercontinental will accord attendees stunning views of the island and the Mediterranean ideal for relaxing. Money 20/20 October (21-24) 2018 Money 20/20 is turning out to be one of the biggest and most awaited Blockchain event of the year. The blockchain event brings together some of the most potent innovators as well as collaborators with interest in the emerging technology. The event in Las Vegas will attract high profile speakers from the blockchain space. Attendees should expect speeches from Visa, Ripple, Coinlist as well as Coinbase executives, among others. While in Vegas attending the conference, attendees can take time to appreciate what the city has to offer as a top tourist destination. Amazing food, beautiful scenery, as well as jaw-dropping entertainment from resorts to casinos, are some of the items awaiting participants. The Venetian hotel which will host the conference comes with 10 pools, ideal for cooling off the city’s temperature. Beyond Blocks Summit November (26-27)2018 Beyond Blocks Summit is another of worthy blockchain events that seeks to create networking opportunities for participants. The two-day event is part of Bangkok’s blockchain week, whereby blockchain proponents will meet up to network and share ideas on the emerging technology. The event will feature speeches as well as presentations from some of the industry’s movers and shakers. Some of the notable speakers poised to grace the event include NEO founder, Da Hongfei and Wanchain CEOM Jack Lu. A great after party awaits participants after two days of networking. The after party will take place at the Platoon Kunsthalle, which acts as a top destination for artists and creative. The venue presents attendees an opportunity to explore art projects as well as workshops and events in realms of club culture. Blockshow Asia November 21 - December 1, 2018 Blockshow is an international blockchain event powered by Cointelegraph. The event is moving to Asia after its successes of last year in the U.S. The event in Singapore presents a unique opportunity for attendees to learn blockchain happenings, development, and innovation in the region. Having grown to become the largest blockchain technology roadshow event, Blockshow 2018 is to play host to 100+ speakers this year, as well as more than 2,000 attendees. UNIC is a

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Dai Becomes the First Ever Cross-Chain ERC-20 and is now in Beta Testing on Wanchain

Dai, the MakerDAO stablecoin, recently entered Beta testing on Wanchain, a move that makes Dai the first ever cross-chain ERC20 token. This integration will allow the Dai token to utilize Wanchain’s cross-chain functionality allowing for Bitcoin to be exchanged for Dai in a fully decentralized manner. This move also has the potential to add Bitcoin to the collateralized debt position alongside Ether that backs the Dai token, and MakerDAO has also reported that it is currently working on a multi-collateral Dai. (JF)

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Introducing MakerDAO's Dai on Wanchain, the First Ever Cross...

Introducing MakerDAO's Dai on Wanchain, the First Ever Cross-Chain ERC20 ! Beta Testnet is Now Open. Read our Mediu... https://t.co/FFnOHvDa8A...

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Dev Team Adds Name Service To Bitcoin Cash

A company called Portal Network has announced the launch of Bitcoin Cash Name Service (BCNS). Through the new service, long alphanumeric Bitcoin cash addresses can be converted to human readable ones like 'yourname.bch'. Since Bitcoin Cash does not have smart contract capabilities, Portal Network used the Omni Layer to create BCNS. In addition to Bitcoin Cash, Portal Network is also working on WNS (Wanchain Name System), QNS (Qtum Name Service), and INS (Iconick Name Service). Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently priced at $525.55, losing 1.86% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

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Wanchain is continuing our rapid progress toward Bitcoin Int...

Wanchain is continuing our rapid progress toward Bitcoin Integration by releasing our Open Beta! This is our last t... https://t.co/BwRvF8txUY...

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Shanghai Court Rules Ethereum is Protected Under the Law as Property

Wanchain, the blockchain interoperability expert has joined the Hyperledger ecosystem to promote cross-border blockchain technology....

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Wanchain Announces Partnership with NeoPlace

Wanchain, the blockchain ecosystem that enables the exchange of digital assets between blockchains with privacy protection and cross-chain smart contracts, has announced a partnership with NeoPlace, a Blockchain protocol for e-commerce and an ecosystem for crypto-holders to buy real world goods. The partnership will allow for the NeoPlace protocol to run on Wanchain’s, allowing NeoPlace Community members to use WAN to transact on the NeoPlace platform. This partnership brings a valuable e-commerce addition to the growing Wanchain ecosystem. (JF)

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Wanchain's Monthly Update: Wanchain 3.0, Trust Wallet and Hyperledger

The Wanchain team recently posted their monthly update, showing that the project remains active and engaged in development and expansion. One of the biggest developments was the launch of the Alpha testnet for Wanchain’s 3.0 launch, which is currently in invite only testing, which will help interconnect different blockchains. They also announced a partnership with Hyperledger, the successful integration with Binance’s Trust Wallet, and introduced the first two WanLabs ICO projects, BlockMedx and CryptoCurve, which will be beginning their token sales during the month of October. (JF)

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Very exciting to see the first two Wanchain projects partner...

Very exciting to see the first two Wanchain projects partnering together! Follow our incubator, @Wan_Labs, to stay... https://t.co/blo5Tjg9ha...

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Trust Wallet Now Supports VeChain (VET) and Wanchain

Binance-owned Trust Wallet supports more than 20,000 different Ethereum-based tokens across the ERC-20, ERC-223, and ERC-721 standards. Yesterday, Trust Wallet announced that it had added support for Wanchain (WAN) and VeChain (VET). VeChain holds a twin token system on its platform namely VET and VTHO. VET functions as a value-transfer channel while VTHO represents the hidden cost of using the VET token. Per the announcement, Trust Wallet users will now access cryptocurrencies on iOS and Android. VeChain would expand as VET holders would be able to obtain VTHO staking rewards directly to their mobile wallets. (KE)

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Binance-Owned Trust Wallet Adds Mobile Staking Support for VeChain (VET)

Trust Wallet, a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum and over 20,000 different Ethereum based tokens across ERC-20, ERC-223 and ERC-721 standards, announced today that it has integrated Wanchain (WAN) and VeChain (VET), two of the largest public blockchain platforms. Trust’s multicoin wallet adds support for $VET $VHTO $WAN 🎉🎉. Excited to welcome Vechain as the first staking ...

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Binance CEO backs VeChain after being added to the platform’s Trust Wallet

On 27th September, Trust Wallet, a mobile Ethereum Cryptocurrency announced on Twitter that it has released support for VeChain [VET] and VeChain Thor [VTHO]. The wallet has also disclosed the integration of Wanchain [WAN] to its platform. Trust Wallet was recently acquired by cryptocurrency exchange, Binance with an aim to provide better services and enhanced safety ...

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BlockMedx Announces Partnership CryptoCurve

BlockMedx, a blockchain firm in pharma technology, has partnered with CryptoCurve, a wallet service provider and a leading wallet technology innovator. According to the announcement, the partnership will give BlockMedx mobile application users direct access to CryptoCurve wallet features. The CEO of BlockMedx said the wallet has all the features his firm was looking for. The two firms have strong individual connections to Wanchain and its WanLabs accelerator program. (VK)

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Wanchain Brings Binance’s Trust Wallet into its Interoperable Ecosystem

On September 26, 2018, Wanchain announced integration with the Binance Trust Wallet for all of its users. At the moment, Wanchain clients enjoy a robust set of tools for managing their cryptocurrencies. Building a Better integration Wanchain and Wan Wallet made waves owing to its ability to navigate interoperably with the Ethereum blockchain. Bringing the Trust Wallet into the Wanchain...The post %%POSTLINK%% appeared first on %%BLOGLINK%%....

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Wanchain Announces Integration With Binance Trust Wallet

Blockchain startup Wanchain has announced that its WanWallet would integrate with Binance's trust wallet. The integration will come as an add-on to the wallet which users can download. Wanchain will enable cross-chain exchange of digital assets through smart contracts, while Trust Wallet will include its security layers. Wanchain (WAN) is currently priced at $0.9232, gaining 3.85% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

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Wanchain Integrates With Binance’s Trust Wallet to Offer Cross-Chain Transactions

Wanchain announced in a blog post today its integration with Binance’s Trust Wallet. The new feature will come as an add-on to the existing WanWallet, that users will be able to download from the Wanchain website directly. Mobile Users Can Manage Digital Assets and Interact With DApps The Trust Wallet that was acquired by Binance Wanchain Integrates With Binance’s Trust Wallet to Offer Cross-Chain Transactions was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News....

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CZ Claims Traditional Markets Have More Manipulation Than Crypto

The Crypto industry has had a hard time through accusations of market manipulations and fraud. Investor Dovey Wan on Twitter said the Crypto market is bad because the information is always incomplete. She added that it is susceptible to market manipulation and TA signals were artificial. Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the founder and CEO of the world's largest crypto exchange, Binance was not happy with the comment and pointed out that market manipulation was more on traditional markets. Crypto assets trade on multiple exchanges worldwide, making it difficult to manipulate. However, some assets on the traditional markets are available on one single exchange, making it easy for big players to influence. (VS)

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Wanchain is pleased to welcome @bit_temple as the newest par...

Wanchain is pleased to welcome @bit_temple as the newest partner in the Wanchain Network. BitTemple is Singapore's... https://t.co/H967FdVtEz...

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Elastos and ledger

Hi, So I’m trying to add ledger support for elastos, and I just started doing the research. I made the neo and wanchain apps, so I’m familiar with that side of things. So I have a few questions: 1) is the source code for the web wallet anywhere? It’s usually easiest to integrate with a web wallet or a light wallet. 2) if the web wallet isn’t available is there any JavaScript based light wallet? I looked at the CLI and it’s in golang, which ledger doesn’t support. So that means either building golang support or writing my own light wallet for elastos. It looks like you guys use the standard P256 curve, which ledger supports as cx_curve_secp256r1, so the actual implementation is very straightforward. It’s just gluing it to your blockchain that will take a while. Finally, is there funding for this? Or just donations? It usually takes around three months to do an app implementation. Neo and wanchain had funding, nano I did it for donations. So don’t expect anything soon, but expect at least biweekly updates until I’m done, or I give up....

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Sagewise Rolls Out Alpha of e-signature Tool Blockusign

Sagewise has announced that it will be releasing a digital signatures blockchain powered application,Blokusign. It combines electronic signature technology and distributed ledger technology enabling a smooth experience. The service also aims at providing a better record keeping and authentication process through the use of blockchain technology. According to Sagewise CEO Amy Wan, in their quest to make the experience as user-friendly as possible, they sought integration with Gmail. Blokusign decentralizes tasks presented by centralized organizations allowing users to prove and authenticate signed documents. (SK)

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The Wanchain 3.0 Alpha Testnet is Live

The team at Wanchain (WAN) recently released a blog post announcing that the Wanchain 3.0 Alpha TestNet is now live. According to the announcement, this launch will allow any Ethereum-based project to integrate with Bitcoin via Wanchain's protocol. This ushers in a new era of interoperability for the blockchain space. The alpha testnet is currently available by invite-only, but interested parties can visit the Wanchain website to find out more and apply to be an alpha tester. (JF)

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Bitcoin Remains Stable at $6,300 Level as the Rest of the Crypto Market Fights to Recover

Today, Bitcoin experienced an unexpected surge from $6,190 to $6,450. The rest of the market is sluggish and struggling to recover. August 15 set a yearly low for the crypto market with the market cap at $195 billion. Over the last 24 hours, the market has diminished towards the yearly low by dropping from $200 billion to 196 billion. BTC has remained stable around the $6,300 level while most of the other cryptocurrencies are plunging further. ETH and EOS have gained 4% to 6% respectively. WanChain and Augur have also registered decent gains. (KE)

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Bill Barhydt: ETF Applicants have to fit the Preferences of SEC

Bill Barhydt, the top executive of Abra recently said during an interview with CNBC that "Bitcoin (BTC) ETF applicants have to fit the financial archetype that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is looking for." He also noted that applicants should never dress in informal interview apparel in front of SEC and should "looks, feels and smells" the way the SEC wants them to in order for an ETF application to win approval. However, he showed his optimism that 2019 is the year. Winklevoss brothers’ ETF application failed in July and Van Eck/Solid X proposal is yet to be decided on September 30th, 2018. (RL)

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NEO Offered To Buy BitTorrent For $50 Million More Than Tron, But Failed

According to recently leaked internal documents, Tron was not the only blockchain startup which wanted to buy the peer-to-peer file sharing network, BitTorrent. Neo offered to buy it for $170 Million, which is $50 Million more than what Tron paid. However, BitTorrent's board claimed that Neo's bid was not favorable to its shareholders and chose to go with Justin Sun's Tron. Neo (NEO) is currently priced at $24.40, gaining 8.91% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

2 months ago

Taiwan Hospital Incorporates Blockchain Platform in Record Storage System

The Taipei Medical University Hospital recently integrated blockchain technology for better keeping of medical records. According to Taipei Times, a local media outlet, over 100 community-based health centers have partnered on this project. The blockchain platform will better the access to medical records for both institutions and patients. The platform is dubbed the Healthcare Blockchain Platform. As per the report, the platform will offer long-term support to the Taiwan government’s Hierarchical Medical System policy. The hospital stated that the platform would also improve the patient referral system. The ingenuity involves a password encrypted mobile app. Patients will log into the app when in need of medical services. (KE)

2 months ago

Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, EOS, Tron, Vertcoin Crypto News Flash

Following the recent rollout of Ethereum futures by CBOE, Fundstrat's co-founder Tom Lee said the launch would not improve ETH, but instead it will cause its price to decline. Ripple also released a video of how small and medium media enterprises would benefit from RippleNet which looks into how banks and payment providers can help companies understand transaction timing and fees. Bitcoin Cash's stress test held on Sep 1st successfully processed over 2 million transactions. Elsewhere, Vertcoin rolled out Vertcoin-to-USD exchange to enable trading of VTC. Tron has uploaded original art files in Google Drive for people who want to use it on t-shirts, coins, and handbags. The blockWorld 2018 conference that was held in San Jose saw EOS scoop an award for the best protocols/platform while Stellar got added on Exodus platform. (VK)

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Bitcoin Price Remains Past $7200 as Major Crypto Prices Decline

Most cryptocurrencies over the weekend were on the green but the last 24hours overturn the situation for the major cryptocurrency who saw their prices decline. Ethereum, Ripple, LTC, EOS and Bitcoin Cash saw a price decline of up to 4%. Bitcoin price, however, remained past $7200 while tokens like Aion, Digibyte, and WanChain saw their trading volume surge by 10-30%. A majority of the tokens have continued to bleed out as bitcoin struggle to see an upward trend of its prices. Bitcoin is showing a positive momentum, and this will impact the tokens prices to rise in the coming days. (VK)

2 months ago

Holo Gets to the Top Fifty Coins on CoinMarketCap

After a surge of 39.14%, in a 24-hour span, Holo (HOT) has made to the top fifty coins. This gain saw it trade at $0.001211 and pushed its market cap to $161,291,169. This double-digit gain saw it beat Populous, Status, and Wanchain which had negative price changes of 1.85%, 0.69%, and 1.31% respectively. HOT is just below Metaverse ETP which has declined by 5.30% to trade at $3.31, according to CoinMarketCap. (KE)

2 months ago

African Countries That Have Adopted Blockchain

For savvy investors that think globally, its well known that emerging markets can sometimes provide the best opportunity for growth. As blockchain and cryptocurrency adoptions grows it would be prudent to keep an eye on developments on the African continent, with a large unbanked population that is suited for the main use case of bitcoin and decentralized cryptocurrencies. Five African countries that are well on their way to blockchain exploration are South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. Projects pushing into these regions, such as XDCE, would be wise to monitor. (JF)

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Russian Police Confiscate 22 Bitcoin ATM from 9 Cities

The recent seizure of 22 Bitcoin ATMs by Russian police could possibly signal what maybe a government led cryptocurrency crackdown in Russia. On Friday, August 31 police seized the 22 Bitcoin ATMs from various locations across nine Russian cities. The confiscation came without warning or explanation and and BBFpro owner and CEO, Artem Bedarev told reporters that the order came direct from Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office and that “the inspection would take at least six months and that the ATMs wouldn’t be returned until it’s finished.” Apparently, authorities want to ensure that BBFpro is tax compliant and there are concerns on whether or not the know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) procedures are being followed. The seizure comes as Russia’s Federal Financial Monitoring Service finalized plans for deploying a system that tracks the wallet addresses of select individuals and businesses in Russia. (RS)

2 months ago

Crypto Accounts Are Being Sold For Millions

Popular crypto influencer 'BitLord', who has over 82,000 followers recently tweeted that he got an offer to sell his account for 657 BTC (approx. $4.7 Million) and he took it. He added that he'll be handing his account over next week and announce a new handle. However, he did not say who was buying it. It is not clear if the tweet was a joke, or if someone actually wanted to buy it, but it can be real. John McAfee once said that he charges $100,000 to tweet about ICOs to his followers. (VS)

2 months ago

Biggest Gainer- Verge Up by 26.22%

It is the second day of this month, and the coins are still registering impressive gains, the market is marked green. As at 6:43 AM UTC, the biggest gainer was Verge which had gained by 26.22% in 24 hours, to trade at $0.019434, according to CoinMarketCap. The other top performers are BCH up by 16.82% and Wanchain's surge of 13.37%. (KE)

2 months ago

Hydro Coin Advances 10% in Altcoin Rally, Scores Bittrex Listing

U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has listed Hydro, which has gained more than 10% in the altcoin rally. The Hydro community on Twitter cheered the development, saying they have been wanting more liquidity and Bittrex is a “good choice.” Hydro has a hackathon event scheduled for next week in Berlin. Meanwhile, they’re readying the launch of Hydro snowflake on which developers can build Ethereum decentralized apps. Traders noted on Twitter that investors confuse Hydro with similar project names like Hydro Protocol and Holo, both of which use HOT, according to CoinMarketCap. (GT)

2 months ago

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