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Crypto Market Wrap: Another Day Another Pullback

Market Wrap Crypto markets pulling back again; Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Cardano sliding, Tron going strong. A predictable pump and dump cycle appears to be forming in consolidating crypto markets. After Monday’s pump comes Tuesday’s dump as total market capitalization retreats back below $135 billion and recent gains are wiped out again. Bitcoin is a shade under $4,000 as it drops 1.7% on the day and trade volume falls back below $5 billion. An intraday high of $4,080 was made before it hit resistance once again and fell back to a level it appears to be holding for now. Since last Tuesday BTC is still up 7%. Ethereum is also pulling back though heavier losses of 5% have dropped it below $150 again. On the week ETH is still up 10% but the steam appears to be running out of the rally and the gap to XRP in third is getting smaller again. The top ten altcoins are all in the red aside from one. Tron has made over 3.5% at the time of writing and has flipped Bitcoin SV for ninth spot with a market cap of just below $1.6 billion. Stellar has remained static which has allowed it to take sixth back from Litecoin which has lost 1.5%. The rest are down 2 - 4 percent with Bitcoin Cash dumping the most again at over 5%. The top twenty is a deeper shade of red as losses accumulate. Following the 51% attack Ethereum Classic dumped almost 8% back below $5. Cardano and Maker are also getting hit with losses of over 6% during the day’s Asian trading session. Aside from Monero and Binance Coin, the rest are down 3 - 5 percent on the day. The fomo of the day is still going to REPO which is the only coin in the top one hundred making double digits at 15%. Steem is making moves also with a 6% gain on the day. There are no big dumps occurring at the moment but the worst performing altcoins are Waves, Waltonchain and Aurora all dropping over 8%. Total crypto market capitalization has slid a couple of percent back to $134 billion as daily volume drops back below $15 billion. Around $3 billion of yesterday’s $7 billion pump has been lost today. The range bound channel is still intact though on the week markets are up 6%. A breakout is going to be a while coming yet and things may remain this way for some time. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Market Wrap: Another Day Another Pullback appeared first on NewsBTC.

9 days ago

Hackers e Bitcoin: A verdade do 11/09 virá a tona

Por: Livecoins Um grupo hacker conhecido na web como Dark Overlord, ameaçou vazar milhares de documentos que estariam em posse dos mesmos e que foi roubado de agências do governo dos EUA, a menos que recebam o pagamento solicitado. O grupo é conhecido por atacar a Netflix e outras empresas mais no país, e no último dia 31 de dezembro postou no PasteBin um arquivo que explica que há vários conteúdos quentes em sua posse (mais de 10 GB criptografados). Em relação aos conteúdos dos arquivos, os hackers disseram que contém a verdade sobre o que ocorreu com no dia 11 de Setembro de 2001 nos EUA, quando dois aviões se chocaram contra as duas torres do WTC, um outro no pentágono e um quarto avião que não chegou a causar estragos mas que também não deixou sobreviventes. Esse episódio é marcante no mundo, e motivou os EUA a ir para a Guerra do Afeganistão para buscar os responsáveis que seriam do Al-Quaeda de Osama bin Laden. Sempre houve teorias em volta a este caso que eram apontadas como conspiratórias, mas que se novidades vierem a tona podem ganhar forte impulso no mundo. O hackers Dark Overload deram até a segunda-feira próxima para que empresas citadas e entidades do governo paguem os mesmos para que não seja liberado o conteúdo, que foi dividido em 5 camadas. Há uma desgutação do conteúdo para quem tiver interesse no PasteBin, que está criptografado, mas que o grupo disse que pode estar liberando as chaves de acesso em seu Twitter ou pelo blog KickAss na deepweb a qualquer momento. O grupo deixa claro que não é hacktivista, e consideram que possuem clientes que devem honrar os compromissos assumidos com eles, sem pensamento político. Visto isso, a motivação para alarmar a comunidade mundial é que querem a sua recompensa em dinheiro da internet, ou como conhecemos, Bitcoin. O grupo ainda faz um merchan de outros produtos disponíveis de vários hacks realizados que estão a venda na deepweb em sua loja também com pagamento em Bitcoin. A criptomoeda já é conhecida pela mídia tradicional em casos como esse, e quando o ransonware WannaCry atacou, este fato ganhou destaque mundial. O Bitcoin é uma moeda mundial utilizada na internet, que foi feita para permitir transações anônimas entre pessoas e por isso é uma das pedidas em caso de resgate como este. O artigo Hackers e Bitcoin: A verdade do 11/09 virá a tona apareceu primeiro em Livecoins.

13 days ago

Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Volumes Dry Up as Monthly Losses Rise to 23 Percent

Even as traders and investors maintain a bullish outlook, XRP/USD monthly losses are high. Because of Oct 29 losses, we shall revert back to neutral, holding off trading now that our stops at 45 cents were hit on Monday. Encouragingly, the hype around Ripple’s achievement, XRP may find support at 40 cents and perhaps steer a comeback. Latest Ripple News Clearly, digital assets are not like stocks. The latter are more stable and react to prices—fast! Unlike stocks, XRP is a sought after assets. The coin became a talk in this space in late Sep when prices more than tripled before ecstatic buys came to a halt. Consequent correction did sober traders but by that time the market newfound trend was clear. It seemed to be a bullish quarter until now. A look at different crypto exchanges hint of drying volumes as Bitcoin dominance increase. So far, there is literally no demand for XRP as it was the case during the mini-rally. Instead periphery coins as EOS, Monero and surprisingly Waltonchain are dominating Bithumb and other SE Asia exchanges. Surprisingly, this comes at a time when news of Ripple achievements is all over the web. In fact from recent XRP Markets Report, institutional demand for XRP is up 450 percent from Q2 while all other metrics are simply on an uptrend. At the same time, more exchanges as XRP United are domiciling their pairs in XRP becoming direct beneficiaries of the platform’s speed, reliability and cost cuttings. While XRP investment avenues expand, Ripple is forging new relationships with corporations, payment processors and spearheads a Washington Lobbying Group advocating for reasonable crypto regulation. XRP/USD Price Analysis Weekly Chart After dropping 23 percent in the last month, the XRP/USD pair is the biggest loser in the top 10. Regardless, bulls should remain steady in their position because even if prices are trudging, XRP/USD is trending well within our ideal reversal zone. When we paste a simple Fibonacci retracement tool between Sep high low, it’s clear that prices are trending at levels where historically assets trend to resume trend. Therefore, despite the overall sentiment around altcoin momentum drop, XRP is solid and bullish. In fact XRP/USD is trending inside week ending Oct 22 and still inside the all important week ending Sep 23. As such, unless there are drops below 35 cents-40 cents main support, our previous XRP/USD trade plan is still valid. Daily Chart In our previous XRP/USD price analysis, we had recommended traders to initiate long trades once prices rally above 55 cents or the 50 percent Fibonacci retracement level. But this appears to be a tall order. Instead it is likely that XRP/USD will drop below the 78.6 percent or the lower limit of our reversal zone at 40 cents as sellers pick up momentum. In any case, bear momentum magnification could lead to reversal of week ending Sep 23 gains. But for now, we hold a neutral position with a cautious outlook. Should today close lower then we wait to see how XRP/USD pair react at 35 cents-40 cents main support. Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed are those of the author and aren’t investment advice. Trading of any form involves risk and so do your due diligence before making a trading decision. The post Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Volumes Dry Up as Monthly Losses Rise to 23 Percent appeared first on NewsBTC.

3 months ago

Waltonchain Price Surges as Q3 Report Pleases Investors

Even though most of the top cryptocurrency markets are still in the red right now, it is interesting to see how some currencies still note solid gains. Waltonchain is going through a nice uptrend at this time, primarily because of its gains over both Bitcoin and Ethereum alike. That in itself shows this altcoin still has some life left after a rough decline throughout 2018. Waltonchain Price is Rising Quickly Although Waltonchain used to be an active part of cryptocurrency discussions earlier this year, things have seemingly ground to a bit of a halt in recent months. Considering how the year 2018 is incredibly bearish for all cryptocurrencies, such a negative trend is entirely to be expected. Despite this negative trend, it would appear Waltonchain is trying to achieve one last push in late 2018. Over the past 24 hours, the value per WTC has risen quite spectacularly. A very solid uptrend is taking place across the USD, BTC, and ETH markets alike. That shows interest in this altcoin isn’t slowing down, and its trading volume seems to be shaping up nicely. This current trend is seemingly more than capable of pushing the WTC price all the way to $3.5 and potentially a bit more, although it is still too early to draw any real conclusions. Looking across social media, it would appear there is plenty of buzz regarding the Waltonchain Q3 work progress summary. A lot of interesting milestones have been reached, and the future work should not be underestimated either. Any cryptocurrency needs to keep evolving at all times, and it appears Waltconchain is checking a few of the right boxes in this department. Waltonchain Work Progress Summary for Q3https://t.co/UBGqALAzoe#Waltonchain $WTC #Blockchain #IoT #Q3 pic.twitter.com/D78nknXxES — Waltonchain (@Waltonchain) September 30, 2018 Traders and speculators are also keeping a very close eye on Waltonchain and how things are evolving over the past few hours. More specifically, it appears Waltconchain could break a bit higher in the coming hours, even though there are plenty of people already taking profits at this stage as well. The ongoing search for gains and profits is still in play in the crypto industry after a very rough year. #wtc looking like it wants to break hhigher enjoying the volume #btc pic.twitter.com/oTSWjFzjdU — westfsu (@lunastuneas) October 29, 2018 Earlier this week, it appeared the Waltonchain volume on the Bithumb exchange was rising pretty quickly. It is possible this has something to do with the most recent Waltconchain price increase, even though this volume appears to have calmed down a bit ever since. It is very difficult to sustain uptrends in this industry in this day and age. $wtc volume just topped 150mn on bithumb!! here we go #waltonchain #wtc pic.twitter.com/e1KFoW7vM1 — Johnny BKK (@bkk_johnny) October 28, 2018 All current circumstances paint a further Waltonchain price increase to $3.5 and perhaps slightly more. It will be interesting to see if such a trend can be created, let alone sustained. Bitcoin is still getting battered, and it will drag WTC with it eventually. For now, traders need to enter the market with care, as profit-taking can kick in at any given moment. The post Waltonchain Price Surges as Q3 Report Pleases Investors appeared first on NullTX.

3 months ago

Crypto Markets Move Again With a 6 Billion Dollar Dump

FOMO Moments The bears have awoken; Altcoins are dumping, only Maker, Nxt and Waltonchain survive. We have been waiting for some movement on crypto markets and it has finally arrived. Unfortunately in the wrong direction, however, and another dump has seen $6 billion shaved off cryptocurrencies as they plummet back towards $200 billion total capitalization. Bitcoin finally broke down and could not hold its support level resulting in a $150, or 2.4%, dive down to $6,340. The longer term consolidating channel is still intact providing BTC stays above $6,000 which seems likely at the moment. Ethereum followed suit and has lost 3.8% on the day dropping to $197. Altcoins, like the digital lemmings that they are, all jumped off the cliff in hot pursuit and the boards are red this morning in Asia. Taking the biggest hit has been Litecoin shedding 6% to fall below $50 for the first time since September 2017. Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Cardano have all lost between 4-5 percent at the moment and the rest are not far behind. The further down the chart we look, the greater the losses. In the top twenty Tron, Iota, Neo, Ethereum Classic, and Zcash have all dropped over 5% on the day. There is only one altcoin in the top fifty surviving the rout at the moment and that is Maker, posting a gain of 2.3% to trade at $628. There are no major pumps occurring but a couple of altcoins are surviving in the top one hundred at the moment. Nxt, Waltonchain and DigixDAO are all up 3-4 percent at the moment as their brethren suffers. The biggest losers over the past 24 hours are Revain, Komodo, Dentacoin, and Stratis dumping 9-11 percent overnight. Total crypto market capitalization has lost almost 3%, or $6 billion, since yesterday and is currently at $203 billion. Those that wanted the volatility back have got it, the bears are roaring again in crypto land. Altcoins have taken most of the brunt of the purge and Bitcoin dominance has crept back over 54%. The three month chart still looks flatter than a squished pumpkin. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Markets Move Again With a 6 Billion Dollar Dump appeared first on NewsBTC.

3 months ago

SharesPost Launches ERC-20 Token Index

You’ve heard of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the NASDAQ Composite and the S&P 500. There are also crypto indices, like those by Coinbase and Galaxy Digital. And now there’s one more. On Thursday, SharesPost launched the SharesPost Token Index to track the growth and maturity of ERC-20 token market. According to the San Francisco-based financial services company, the index is representative of the broad blockchain sector and includes credible projects whose digital tokens have defined utility. Among the cryptos included are Binance (BNB), OmiseGO (OMG), Ox (ZRX), Zilliqa (ZIL), Aeternity (AE), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Pundi X (NPXS), Holo (HOT), Augur (REP), Populous (PPT), WaltonChain (WTC), IOST (IOST), aelf (ELF), Bancor (BNT) and Loopring (LRC). These blockchain projects are ranked at least No. 89 (Bancor) on CoinMarketCap, while Binance Coin is the highest-ranked token at No. 14 with $1.26 billion in market capitalization. The firm’s Token Index gives long-term investors the ability to view in real-time and on daily basis at how a composite of credible blockchain projects are performing against Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Its purpose is to inform investor decisions. Since July the index has outperformed Ethereum and underperformed Bitcoin. And over the past 12 months (since October 2017), the index of ERC-20 tokens has grown 17 percent. During the same period, Ethereum has dropped 17 percent while Bitcoin has increased by 59 percent. “We saw a need to provide a meaningful measure of token performance to help inform investor decisions and make the market more comprehensible for everyday people,” said CEO Gregory Brogger in Oct. 25 statement. Not all tokens are treated equally. The index is calculated using a market cap-weighted methodology that uses factors such as circulating supply, market cap, trading volume, trading history and token price to reflect the maturity of the market. The current weighting consists of 31.93% Binance Coin, 12.55% OmiseGO, 10.24% Ox, and 7.33% Zilliqa as four largest ERC-20 tokens that constitute the SharesPost Token Index. Binance Coin (BNB) is the digital coin of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, in terms of trading volume. At $9.80 it’s down 60% from its all-time high of $24.50 in January. The second-largest project by market cap, OmiseGO, provides decentralized financial solutions across borders. Observers say that blockchain tech is unlocking the potential of the financial sector. “Blockchain technology has completely redefined the idea of a traditional transaction,” Marshall Hayner, CEO of Metal, told Crypto Briefing. “Financial banking, credit card systems, and investment portfolios are all so integral to our society, but completely intimidating to the average consumer .... Blockchain as a framework, which does not warrant a third-party, has unlocked potential for an entirely new type of banking, and in turn, has the ability to strengthen us as a society.” At $6,480 Bitcoin is down 68% this year from its all-time high of nearly $20,000 in January. At $204 Ethereum is down 85% from its all-time high of nearly $1,400 in January. The $209 billion cryptocurrency market is down 75% from its all-time high of nearly $830 billion in market capitalization. The author holds Bitcoin which is mentioned in this article. The post SharesPost Launches ERC-20 Token Index appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

3 months ago

Waltonchain (WTC) Wins Listings on Bitfinex and Ethfinex in the ETH and USD Markets

Despite the recent uncertainty surrounding its banking relationships, cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is moving forward. The exchange announced on Twitter that it’s listing Waltonchain (WTC), which has a market cap of $119 million. WTC will be available for trading in the ETH and USD markets. Ethfinex, which is an Ethereum-based exchange integrated with Bitfinex, also listed WTC and will offer “0% maker fees” in the newly listed coin through Oct. 21. Waltonchain was added as a result of a community vote for new listings. WTC is up fractionally on the development. (GT)

3 months ago

Ethereum (ETH) Becomes First Base Currency on Bithumb’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Earlier on today, the South Korean exchange of Bithumb, launched its very own decentralized exchange. In the news announcement, the team at Bithumb welcomed users to its platform effective October 15th, 2pm (UTC + 8). The full announcement was as follows: Dear user, Bithumb’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX) was officially launched on October 15, 2018 at 2 pm (UTC+8)! Bithumb DEX was launched by Hong Kong-based Blockchain & Fintech BGEX Ltd. Working with blockchain service innovator OneRoot Network, we are committed to discovering and listing more valuable cryptocurrencies. Thank you for your trust and support in Bithumb DEX! Free Transactions For a Month and Airdrops To further stimulate trading action on the new decentralized exchange, the team at Bithumb has launched the following initiatives to reward users of the new platform: Free transaction fee for one month (October 15th to November 15th, 23:59) Users will only pay Gas Fees on the Ethereum network A total of approximately $ 100,000 (500 ETH) in rewards will be distributed by Airdrop Airdrops will be based on trading activities from the 15th of October, till midnight, the 30th of October Coins for the airdrop to be distributed to the top 1,000 traders who have traded for the 2 weeks mentioned above Traders must have more than 1 ETH worth in trade volume for one of the following coins of DENT, INS, POA20, RNT and WTC to qualify for the airdrops Payments will be announced on the 1st of November and will commence on the same day Airdrops to be made at random using any of the digital assets of DENT, INS, POA20, RNT and WTC Ethereum As the First Base Currency Further analysis of the decentralized exchange yields the fact that Ethereum is the first and only base currency on the platform. The use of Ethereum has been made easier by integrating the DEX with MetaMask. A screenshot of the 10 digital assets paired with Ethereum can be found below. (Digital assets that are part of the airdrop, have a blue A besides them.) What are your thoughts on the new decentralized exchange by Bithumb? Please let us know in the comment section below. The post Ethereum (ETH) Becomes First Base Currency on Bithumb’s Decentralized Exchange (DEX) appeared first on Ethereum World News.

3 months ago

Analysis: 11 coins with sizzling sentiment as BTC wobbles

This has got to be the worst time to be trading crypto. At least a few months ago, it was pretty clear we were in a downtrend. Now, every move of Bitcoin is micro-analyzed, even as those moves become more microscopic, with everyone hoping to find signs that we might finally be turning around. But as of right now, looking at sentiment analysis, most signs still point down (this morning’s spike and $USDT craziness notwithstanding). Let’s look at the market charts to see what I’m talking about. Disclaimer: I write these things late Sunday night, generally. So if something big happens between then and publication, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. For the last few months, Bitcoin just can’t get any sustained sentiment going. We had a peak again last week, leading up to our big drop on the 10th. And that’s the been the pattern for the last few months. We get some sustained bullish action, we reach a peak, people get excited that it’s going to continue and then, bam, the bottom falls out. Sentiment rebounded pretty quick, as did the price of Bitcoin, and we remain in the narrowing price channel we’ve been in so far this fall. That’s not terrible news for Alts, who have been able to ride Bitcoin’s stability to some nice gains. Sentiment has fallen recently with less certainty surrounding Bitcoin, but as long as we don’t see another major drop, people may continue to test the waters and throw some money into other currencies. A couple of things worth noting in the Alts market. You can expect some continued buzz around $ADA, $BAT, $XLM and $ZEC as the world awaits which coin will next be added to Coinbase. As you likely know, $ZRX began trading on Coinbase Pro last week and saw a healthy bump. $BAT has been in my weekly picks for a few weeks now and continues to be the highest rated of the “Coinbase 5”, by sentiment. Another thing worth noting is $BNB. Binance’s native currency has been in the weekly picks for the last two weeks. Generally speaking, $BNB does best in bear markets as the strongest exchange-based coin. If things turn south, it may be worth watching. Stay vigilant though. Eventually, Bitcoin is going to have to pick a direction and it’ll probably be more dramatic than we’ve seen when it does. The Top Alts These coins/tokens had the highest power rating in my analysis this week. The power rating is a weighted calculation taking into account sentiment, volume and the number of unique users who mentioned a coin. Generally, I eliminate any coins mentioned by less than 3 individual people as I don’t feel it would be representative of a trend. One important note: Pay close attention to the previous week’s price action. High sentiment can indicate both a possible move or a possible peak in price, however temporary. I’ll be adding signals soon to indicate this, but be wary of any coin with a major price shift in the last week. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. The Data Coin Sentiment (of 100) Volume Influencers Power Rating ABT 0 1 1 0 ACED 93 1 1 46.5 ADA 40 25 15 68.25 ADX 64 1 1 32 AE 11 4 2 36.75 AGDN 90 1 1 45 AGG 48 1 1 24 AGI 81 6 1 60.75 AION 39 19 8 66.75 ALQO 58 6 4 69.5 AMB 64 1 1 32 AMGN 3 1 1 1.5 ANON 78 5 2 71.75 ANS 85 1 1 42.5 APOT 2 1 1 1 ARK 59 4 4 67 ARN 36 5 4 57 ARO 5 4 4 40 AURA 81 4 1 57.75 BAT 64 19 11 79.75 BAX 64 1 1 32 BAY 20 1 1 10 BBK 48 3 3 56.5 BBP 64 1 1 32 BCC 93 1 1 46.5 BCH 45 10 8 68 BCN 39 9 9 65 BCO 0 1 1 0 BDG 20 1 1 10 BIS 85 1 1 42.5 BIX 20 1 1 10 BLOCK 20 3 1 24 BLZ 20 1 1 10 BNB 62 16 7 77.25 BOX 85 1 1 42.5 BQX 64 1 1 32 BTC 41 437 87 70.5 BTS 20 1 1 10 BVO 99 1 1 49.5 BWK 74 17 5 81.75 BXY 74 3 3 69.5 BYC 0 1 1 0 BZX 74 3 1 51 CATO 64 3 3 64.5 CHF 5 2 1 13.25 CLO 93 1 1 46.5 CLQ 81 1 1 40.5 CMT 78 8 4 80.75 COLX 16 5 1 26.75 CRM 90 1 1 45 CTK 3 1 1 1.5 CV 93 3 2 74.5 CYFM 81 1 1 40.5 DACC 85 2 2 67.25 DAI 64 2 1 42.75 DALA 99 1 1 49.5 DAX 16 5 5 48.25 DAXT 48 1 1 24 DBIX 59 5 2 62.25 DCR 20 6 3 48.75 DERO 60 13 3 71 DEV 48 3 2 52 DGB 43 5 5 61.75 DGTX 7 1 1 3.5 DIG 11 1 1 5.5 DIS 0 1 1 0 DJI 15 7 5 49.75 DLT 99 1 1 49.5 DNT 3 2 2 26.25 DOGE 61 3 3 63 DOT 18 3 1 23 DOW 5 2 2 27.25 DP 90 1 1 45 DRGN 11 2 2 30.25 DTB 48 1 1 24 DXY 20 1 1 10 DYN 48 3 1 38 ECC 85 2 2 67.25 EDG 40 2 1 30.75 EGEM 85 1 1 42.5 ELA 64 1 1 32 ELF 44 3 1 36 ENG 36 5 2 50.75 EOS 35 18 13 65.25 EQLI 20 1 1 10 ESE 48 1 1 24 ETC 15 14 12 54.25 ETH 19 50 28 58.75 ETN 64 3 2 60 EVI 95 1 1 47.5 EVX 61 3 2 58.5 FLASH 97 1 1 48.5 FOTA 46 13 2 59.5 FTC 64 1 1 32 FUEL 44 3 1 36 GAS 48 1 1 24 GAX 20 1 1 10 GE 20 1 1 10 GEO 97 1 1 48.5 GFY 5 4 3 38.25 GIN 64 4 3 67.75 GMT 7 1 1 3.5 GP 20 1 1 10 GRS 81 1 1 40.5 GVT 76 2 1 48.75 HEXX 20 1 1 10 HKN 7 5 4 42.5 HOT 48 10 6 68.5 HT 11 4 2 36.75 HXRO 20 2 2 34.75 ICX 42 29 12 69.25 INS 10 3 2 33 IPSX 64 4 1 49.25 KEY 80 5 2 72.75 KLKS 61 2

3 months ago

Coinbase Lists Its First Ethereum ERC20 Token, 0x

Coinbase, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in the United States, has listed its first Ethereum ERC20 token. The lucky ERC20 token is 0x, the #25 crypto on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of USD 414 million as of this writing on 12 October 2018. This opens up the door for many more Ethereum ERC20 tokens to be listed on Coinbase. Getting listed on Coinbase is major news for any crypto since it makes them easily available throughout the United States as Coinbase is the go-to place to buy crypto in the country. This increases demand and price for any crypto that gets listed on Coinbase. It has been announced a while ago that 0x would likely be added to Coinbase, and 0x began to rally in the middle of September from USD 0.51 to USD 0.77 today, a 50% rally. The rally became more aggressive in the past couple of days due to Coinbase finally listing 0x. 0x is available for fiat to crypto trading on Coinbase Pro, and will soon be rolled out across all Coinbase platforms. 0x is the 6th crypto to be listed on Coinbase, the others being Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Classic. Coinbase announced near the beginning of October that it was opening a new application process, and was planning on adding every possible crypto to its exchange, eventually becoming like Binance which has hundreds of cryptos available for trading. 0x is just the first of many cryptos that will likely be added to Coinbase, and as seen with 0x, getting added to Coinbase has a very positive impact on a crypto’s market price. Therefore, if Coinbase truly ends up listing all major cryptos, it could have a significant impact on the overall crypto market. ERC20 is a protocol to make a token using the Ethereum blockchain, which is essentially a cryptocurrency that uses the Ethereum blockchain to secure itself. Numerous major cryptos are Ethereum ERC20 tokens, like Binance Coin, Maker DAO, OmiseGO, Aeternity, Basic Attention Token, Golem, Holo, Augur, Status, Populous, Waltonchain, and Chainlink. These are just the ERC20 tokens that have market caps in excess of USD 100 million, there are many more besides this with lower market caps that are still quite popular. Now that Coinbase has added 0x, it would be quite easy to add any other ERC20 token since they use the same backbone technology, and considering Coinbase’s new policy to add every worthy crypto, it is likely that many more ERC20 tokens will be added to Coinbase in the coming months. Follow BitcoinNews.com on Twitter: @BitcoinNewsCom Telegram Alerts from BitcoinNews.com: https://t.me/bconews Want to advertise or get published on BitcoinNews.com? - View our Media Kit PDF here. Image Courtesy: Pixabay The post Coinbase Lists Its First Ethereum ERC20 Token, 0x appeared first on BitcoinNews.com.

3 months ago

Waltonchain Releases Q3 Work Progress and Q4 Roadmap

Blockchain technology has awakened technological innovation in a number of industries. One of the blockchain projects taking the benefits... The post Waltonchain Releases Q3 Work Progress and Q4 Roadmap appeared first on Invest In Blockchain....

3 months ago

Cryptocurrency Fire Sale: Most Tokens are 90% down from their All-Time-Highs

The 2018 bear market has knocked most cryptocurrency prices down to yearly lows with many now trading for less than 99% of their all-time-high value. Even though the market remains in a downtrend there are still some cryptocurrencies that post regular gains and could be considered good buys at the moment. Waltonchain (WTC) still gets plenty of action and today is up more than 12%. WTC currently trades for #3.52, which is 92% down from its ATH of $45.96. Lisk also rose 12% today and trades at $3.77, which is 90% down from an ATH of #39.31. Not every altcoin is a winner though. To date the biggest loser of 2018 is Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) which is down $97.55%. (RS)

4 months ago

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Waltonchain(WTC), VeChain; Crypto News Flash

The crypto verse has had trending stories in the past few days. Bitcoin too reportedly has had its share of stories including a whale in bitcoin who is looking into dumping $1 billion worth of bitcoin. In seven days, 11,114 BTC equivalent to $80 million has been moved to Bitfinex wallet. A Binance wallet also received 4,421 BTC worth $32 million. There were doubts that this whale could either be Silk Road or Mt Gox. Wirex has rolled out support for Ethereum to enable the citizens in Europe to spend their cryptocurrencies using MasterCard and Visa. Waltonchain (WTC), on the other hand, has rolled out its whitepaper 2.0 version outlining Walton's future vision. Vechain (VET) is set to team up with China's biggest car brands while BYD is set to roll out its carbon banking solution on the public blockchain of VeChainThor. (VK)

4 months ago

Over 40 People Being Trained on Blockchain Tech in South Korea

As per a report of KI News, a local news outlet more than 40 individuals are currently taking a 6-month course on blockchain tech. They will be employed immediately after they complete the course in 2019. This course is part of the government's vision of "blockchain technology development strategy" which has seen KRW 100 invested for boosting blockchain tech. To make this a success, blockchain startup WaltonChain, the Korean Standard Association, and the Ministry of Technology and ICT have come together. (KE)

4 months ago

Waltonchain Releases Whitepaper 2.0

IoT Blockchain startup Waltonchain has released a new version of its whitepaper. It talks about Value Internet of Things (VIoT) concept proposed by Waltonchain and 'Chain Cluster.' The startup is looking to improve its existing platform with more features and new innovative concepts. It also pitches concepts like PoL, WPoC and smart contracts with data customization support. Waltonchain (WTC) is currently priced at $5.09, gaining 7.47% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

4 months ago

South Korea Makes Blockchain Talent Push, Eyes 2019 Workforce

South Korea is raising up the next generation of blockchain talent. The country has launched a half-year training program to prepare participants, of whom there are more than three dozen, to enter the blockchain workforce in 2019. The training course is a collaboration between government agencies and Hong Kong-based Waltonchain, a blockchain-fueled IoT company. South Korea is expected to pour more than $4 billion into emerging technologies including blockchain and AI next year. (GT)

4 months ago

Bitcoin Stable Above $7,200 As Alts Bleed Out

After crossing $7,000 last week, Bitcoin has slowly managed to creep above $7,200 and has been stable. With the recent gains, Bitcoin shorts saw a new spike today, going up by more than 50%. This is the first time that an increase of 10,000 BTC shorts was seen in a span of just 3 hours. However, there are no indications of Bitcoin's price falling down yet. Alts on the other hand, with low volume, have suffered losses. Tokens like ICON, Ontology, Aelf, WaltonChain, and 0x are bleeding out and some of them have even seen double-digit losses. (VS)

4 months ago

Waltonchain Takes the Cake as the Loser of the Day

Most of the top a hundred coins listed in the coinmarketcap seem to be experiencing price surges for the past 24 hours. This is not the case for a couple of coins, which are in the red with Waltonchain becoming the biggest loser of the day. As at 08:14 AM UTC, Waltonchain, ranked #47 by Coinmarket.cap lost 8.29% to trade at $4.77 as at 8:30 AM UTC. This was at a market capitalization of $191,324,473 with a trading volume of $18,707,964. (KE)

5 months ago

Bithumb Lists WTC, ITC and Launches Meet.One/EOS Airdrop Campaign

South Korea’s Bithumb exchange in recent days reopened to new accounts after a temporary suspension, and they are not wasting any time. Today the exchange announced the listing of two altcoins, Waltonchain (WTC) and IoT Chain (ITC). Trading in both coins launched today, and the exchange is running a “1% payback” promotion for deposits and trades to celebrate. In a separate promotion, Bithumb is supporting a Meet.One/EOS airdrop at a ratio of 1 Meet.One for every two EOS held at the time of the snapshot. (GT)

5 months ago

Market Update: Bitcoin Bounces Back to $7,000, WaltonChain Up by 30%

Bitcoin has bounced back to $7000 level from $6800 after buyers came in. Altcoins have also experienced upward corrections pushing the total market cap to $227m. WaltonChain was among the top performers and was up by over 30% to trade at $5.55 from $4.15. According to Eric Voorhees, the CEO of Shapeshift he thinks the market correction worst part has ended and Bitcoin could surge as high as $9,000. As of 9.09 AM UTC Bitcoin was trading at $6,976.99, according to CoinMarketCap. (KE)

5 months ago

Dogecoin (DOGE) and Waltonchain (WTC) Soar as Markets Slump

On an overall red market day, Dogecoin (DOGE) and Waltonchain (WTC) are currently the only two coins in the top 50 coins performing well. At time of writing, DOGE is up 24% and trading at $0.003237 while Waltonchain is up 8%, trading at $4.45. Some other notable mentions from the top 100 are the Loom Network, up 15% and trading at $0.1285, and NULS, up 14% with a current price of $1.84. The boost to Dogecoin may be attributed to the upcoming release of a second layer protocol that will enable the Dogecoin and Ethereum blockchains to interact, dubbed Dogethereum. (JF)

5 months ago

Crypto News Updates: The New Developments in Bitcoin, Waltonchain, Enjin, and Tron

Bitcoin to hit $60,000, these are words that were reiterated by Bobby Lee, the founder of BTCC. He said it is not a matter of if, but when. A hotel for the first time has been named after cryptocurrency in Parati, Hostel Bitcoin. Ethereum 2018 meetup that had the panel concentrate on decentralization and centralization of crypto exchange in Switzerland, Zug has seen its video released by TechCrunch. Enjin Coin will be rolling out multiverse gaming that will have six gaming studios collaborate to use blockchain to share in-game assets while Tron has launched new features that will be hosted in Tron Wallet. Waltonchain's RFID chip is to be ready for production soon. (VK)

5 months ago

Waltonchain (WTC) Reaches Milestone at 200,000 Blocks Mined

Waltonchain (WTC) announced in a tweet that block number 200,000 has been mined, offering a “special thanks to … global miners who have been supporting the mainnet.” As a result of this milestone, Waltonchain, an IoT-fueled blockchain startup, has launched phase one of its token swap. The WTC coin has advanced nearly 15% in the last 24 hours to $3.52 on trading volume of almost $7 million. Waltonchain remains below its high of the month of $4.63, which was reached on Aug. 1. (GT)

5 months ago

Bitcoin Dominance at 53.5% as Broader Crypto Market Value Adds $5 Billion in 48 Hours

The size of the cryptocurrency market has expanded to $215 billion from $210 billion in the last 48 hours, CCN reported. Bitcoin has been resilient, having surpassed a couple of key levels of resistance to currently trade at $6,740, which is up about 3% in the last 24-hour period. The CCN report noted strengthening volume in bitcoin, which currently hovers just below $4 billion. Leading cryptocurrencies like ETH, XRP and BCH have modest gains compared to double-digit percent increases in coins like Nano, ICON and Waltonchain. Meanwhile, the bitcoin dominance index has risen to 53.5%. (GT)

5 months ago

Cryptocurrency Markets Crash after SEC Shoots Down Potential Bitcoin ETF

Major coins in the cryptocurrency markets recently experienced price declines of up to 20 percent. Experts have linked this bearish trend to the failure by SEC to approve a certain bitcoin ETF. Bitcoin prices had risen to highs of $8,400 in the run-up to SEC’s decision. Altcoin including Waltonchain, Wanchain, Waves, Bitcoin Gold and IOTA were the hardest hit, with loses of up to 21% being recorded. (VK)

5 months ago

Walton Chain Offers Free Blockchain Traceability To Vaccine Enterprises Following Vaccine Scandal In China

A massive Vaccine scandal broke out in China over the weekend when the Country's Drug Administration investigated Changsheng Biotechnology and found out that it had falsified aspects of its rabies vaccine production data. The Chinese people were outraged and has asked for transparency in the production and distribution of vaccines. Crypto Enthusiasts were quick to point out that the solution was to implement a blockchain system. Waltonchain has now come out to offer free traceability service for vaccine enterprises, governments, and hospitals. It is not clear if the company has any takers yet. Waltonchain (WTC) has a market cap of $238 Million and is priced at $5.93, losing 2.86% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

6 months ago

Waltonchain Announces Super Master Node Recruitment Program

Waltonchain has announced that they'd be recruiting 99 super master nodes globally for incubation and selection of high-quality child chains. Running a super master node will have its own set of incentives and autonomous management mechanisms. Waltonchain Foundation plans to recruit 30 SMNs in Asia, 30 in the US, 19 in Europe, 15 in Australia and 5 in Africa. However, to qualify, applicants must hold not less than 100,000 WTC tokens stored at an ERC20 address before the token swap. Waltonchain (WTC) is currently priced at $6.88, gaining 0.56% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

6 months ago

Waltonchain (WTC) Advances 6% Ahead of Mainnet Launch

Many altcoins might be shedding double digits over the past 24-hour period, but Waltonchain (WTC) is advancing more than 6% ahead of the project's mainnet launch. Waltonchain is in the midst of an overhaul, one in which millions of ERC20-based WTC tokens are being directed to new wallets. Cryptovest suggests the redirected tokens could reflect the release of previously locked tokens post-ICO. Meanwhile, Waltonchain is also in the midst of a token swap, though its Ethereum-based coins remain active. Token supply has jumped by about 9 million to 44 million coins in circulation compared to a total supply of about 70 million. (GT)

6 months ago

Is censorship on subreddits the new normal?

First of all I love Walton and I love the project and have utmost confidence in it, however when all threads and posts showing constructive cristicism towards Waltonchain start to disappear one by one , this worries me A LOT. Why can’t we have a serious/real discussion about the flaws as well as the unique points about WTC. Why does all the slightly non positive comments towards WTC directly gets tagged as elaborate FUD by the moderators and then subsequently stealtily removed. Why does reddit users with years of history on reddit with posts and everything get accused of multiple accounts. Why can all the threads about 1000 $ wtc eoy, without any reasoning whatsoever stay alive , while my thread which only asks whether or not a new website will come before 1st of march gets stealthily removed. Why are the moderators here AGAINST a weekly skeptics thread. Please Please, do not do this WTC moderators, a healthy comminity is one in which users are free to discuss anything, this give confidence as well as credibility to all the project. Removing all criticism, sarcasm and negativity will indirectly destroy the thing which you want to achieve. So please don’t turn/shape this reddit towards a cult that only allows positivity. Edit 1: It seems that since the creation of this thread, a lot of people are using this as an opportunity to genuinely FUD, which might entice some people to sell which is sad. I have full confidence (albeit shaken a little) in this project and have been with walton since it was 1.30$. I will not sell the majority of my investment. The reason I made this post is because in my opinion the abuse of power by some knights/moderators is getting out of hands. You do not simply treat legitimately concerned investors in WTC who are in the same boat with you in such a way. You do not simply outright mock/make fun or even harrass everyone who voices a different opinion. You should not ban people on slack without notice. The last thing we want is to turn this community into a brainwashed echo chamber of what the mods/knights want to see and hear. This is not supporting Waltonchain , this is a clear abuse of power , a genuine superiority complex and lack of effective management skills which is ruining and damaging Walton’s reputation. Waltonchain is still one of the best projects there is, and especially right now the thing you should be doing is HOLD or BUY and NOT panic sell. It is just that the way in which the moderators/people with power are doing things need to be addressed and changed. It would be so unfair if they are damaging the image of WTC by handling things in such a way....

a year ago

Waltonchain is partnered with Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd, the world's largest automotive glass supplier

[Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd](https://www.fuyaogroup.com/en/) [Proof](https://imgur.com/a/fQVH4) *Some information about Fuyao Group:* Sector: Glass Production Market cap: [$11.2 Billion](https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/600660:CH); Over 26000 employees worldwide --- The Fuyao Group is the world's largest automotive glass supplier, supplying OEM glass internationally to all major auto manufacturers, such as **Bentley**, **Mercedes**, **BMW**, **Audi**, **General Motors**, **Toyota**, **Volkswagen**, **Ford**, **Chrysler**, **Nissan**, **Honda**, **Hyundai**, **Fiat**, **Volvo**, **Land Rover** and other world famous brands, as well as the Chinese automobile manufacturers. It now boasts a number of modern production bases in 16 provinces and cities in China and 9 foreign countries, including the United States, Russia, Germany, Japan, and South Korea; as well as four R&D centers in China, United States and Germany, with over 26,000 employees worldwide. Fuyao Group has been included in the list of Top 500 companies and Top 500 private enterprises in China by Fortune magazine for several years. In recent years, it has received various awards and titles for its innovation capabilities, such as the Finalist for the China Quality Award (CQA), Demonstration Enterprise for Intelligent Manufacturing, National Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, and National Enterprise Technology Center. It was established in 1987 and is headquartered in Fuqing, Fujian. Waltonchain is no stranger to the Fujian province. You can read about their various govt. contracts and partnerships in Fujian [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/waltonchain/comments/7jyyli/summary_of_some_of_waltonchains_government_and/) along with a large list of others. It now seems Waltonchain could be involved with tracking, verifying, and authenticating OEM glass. ...

a year ago

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