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Wagerr has your betting needs covered tonight with a full NB...

Wagerr has your betting needs covered tonight with a full NBA slate and some boxing to accompany! Take advantage of… https://t.co/SBimdL82YZ

a month ago

Decentralized Protocols Are Making It Easier Than Ever to Gamble With Cryptocurrency

Americans wagered $140 million on the 2017 Super Bowl, but if sports betting was legal nationwide, that figure would have been closer to $5 billion, it’s believed. Save for a handful of states such as Nevada, sports betting is outlawed in the U.S., though a Supreme Court ruling last year looks set to change that. In the meantime, decentralized protocols are making it easier than ever for cryptocurrency users to bet on a range of events including the Super Bowl. Also read: New Hampshire House Subcommittee Approves Bitcoin for Taxes Bill Bitcoin and Betting After drugs, gambling is the vice most commonly associated with cryptocurrencies. While bitcoin has a wealth of applications, it is no coincidence that bitcoin’s first “killer app” was hi-lo betting site Satoshi Dice. Because of its statelessness, suitability for cross-border transfers, and pseudonymity, cryptocurrency is a natural fit for online casinos. Many web-based sportsbooks and casinos accept digital assets such as BTC, BCH, ETH, and DASH, and there are dozens of platforms that exclusively accept cryptocurrency. The size of the black market for sports betting in the U.S. is difficult to estimate, but is believed to be worth upwards of $80 billion a year. For U.S. bettors seeking a means to wager on their favorite sports, various offshore gambling sites will take their custom. Using a credit card for such purposes heightens the risk of detection and data-loss however. Cryptocurrencies can mitigate some of those risks, but customers are still obliged to sign up to a centralized online sportsbook and disclose their personal information. Decentralized prediction markets are an alternative solution that is beginning to gain traction. While not ostensibly designed for gambling, they effectively serve as surrogate sportsbooks, enabling cryptocurrency users to wager on the outcome of major sporting events. Augur Prediction Markets and Decentralized Sportsbooks A string of supposedly decentralized sports betting sites has sprung up over the last 18 months, many of which were funded with ICO money at the peak of the bubble. Projects such as Wagerr will soon be joined by the likes of Block Sports, while the popularity of gambling dapps, which account for the majority of dapp usage on the Eos and Tron blockchains, attests to the lure of crypto-based betting. Decentralized prediction market Augur and the platforms built upon its protocol are the best known examples of borderless betting that’s virtually impossible to censor. At the time of writing, 330 ETH have been staked on Augur for the question “Will the Patriots defeat the Rams?” 54.6 percent of participants have the Patriots triumphing in the 2019 Super Bowl. First Augur UX that feels mainstream-y Will the Patriots beat the Rams? Yes makes 1.64x your moneyNo makes 2.11x your money If your wrong you lose your bet Pretty simple (Just needs a stablecoin) pic.twitter.com/rGg0BizU7T — Ryan Sean Adams (@RyanSAdams) February 1, 2019 Guesser, a more user-friendly version of Augur, is currently in closed beta. It enables anyone to wager with ETH in just a few clicks using the Metamask browser. Its Super Bowl market is also seeing action, though more serious sports bettors may prefer Veil. Yet another Augur-based derivative, it offers the ability to go long or short on the outcome of the Super Bowl as well as to wager on a host of other events including the Academy Awards. Veil For cryptocurrency users accustomed to using browser wallets such as Metamask to access the decentralized web, the ability to discreetly gamble in a couple of clicks can be tempting. Without the safeguards that licensed betting platforms offer, including the option to self-exclude to prevent problem gambling, the convenience of decentralized prediction markets calls for self-control. With great financial freedom comes great responsibility. What are your thoughts on decentralized gambling platforms? Let us know in the comments section below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Augur, Veil, and Guesser. Disclaimer: Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support these products/services. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the mentioned companies or any of their affiliates or services. Bitcoin.com is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in this article. The post Decentralized Protocols Are Making It Easier Than Ever to Gamble With Cryptocurrency appeared first on Bitcoin News.

2 months ago

@MySportsMarket @ManMonero if, in your opinion, the "Biggest...

@MySportsMarket @ManMonero if, in your opinion, the "Biggest hurdle for WGR is quick access for users to buy/sell t… https://t.co/xqHm5PsosL

3 months ago

"Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, from our family to you...

"Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, from our family to yours!" - Team Wagerr #MerryChristmas⁠ #NBAChristmas… https://t.co/ww1NQhvDDd

3 months ago

@nycpennystock if your wallet is out of sync turn it off: - ...

@nycpennystock if your wallet is out of sync turn it off: - go to main/root Wagerr folder > delete peers.dat - go t… https://t.co/OgQcLw3oK2

3 months ago

Wagerr is excited to announce to our valued community, that ...

Wagerr is excited to announce to our valued community, that $WGR will be listed on @Coinsuper_OFCL! Coinsuper is th… https://t.co/k8U66WnKSZ

3 months ago

@TheSportsKegCEO To learn more about how the mechanics of be...

@TheSportsKegCEO To learn more about how the mechanics of betting on the Blockchain are possible with Wagerr, read… https://t.co/3exNb3EvXc

3 months ago

@TheSportsKegCEO Wagerr is its own blockchain in which we us...

@TheSportsKegCEO Wagerr is its own blockchain in which we use $WGR to place bets on events posted. At the moment ou… https://t.co/tkGHeXJFTA

3 months ago

Exciting news coming from #ionomy Beginning December 14th,...

Exciting news coming from #ionomy Beginning December 14th, 2018 Wagerr $WGR and MasternodesPro $MNP will be featu… https://t.co/koeWdz0SjO

4 months ago

Wagerr has been developing an exciting partnership with anot...

Wagerr has been developing an exciting partnership with another exchange! — More than an exchange, really ;) Look f… https://t.co/2UFlaZGTCx

4 months ago

What Are Masternodes? What Differs Them From Mining?

TL;DR Masternodes are full nodes that allow their operators to perform advanced functions that are crucial for running a blockchain. Masternodes are different from crypto mining, although they have a connection with it, as node operators receive rewards from every “solved” block. According to CoinGecko’s Q3 2018 Cryptocurrency Report, there was an increase in interest in masternodes space, which was probably due to a bearish market that knocked crypto prices down. Newcomers to the crypto world often have trouble understanding all different crypto-related terms and other aspects of this vast space. Some of the more common questions, apart from which coins to invest in, include asking about such things as masternodes. The term “masternode” is often casually mentioned in crypto-related discussions, without anyone bothering to explain it properly. This is what we will cover today, with the addition of Coingecko’s recent report on masternodes in Q3 2018. What are masternodes? Let’s start simple, by first answering the question — what are masternodes? Simply put, masternodes are servers that can be found on decentralized networks. It has unique functions that make it different from ordinary nodes since ordinary nodes typically cannot complete such functions. They include numerous features, including things like instant transactions, private transactions, and direct send. Each network has its masternodes, with unique features, and their pros and cons. That way, no two masternodes are alike, and every system approaches them differently. However, while masternodes can be quite rewarding, and are closely connected to crypto mining, they are also an entirely different thing, and a lot of newcomers mistakenly confuse the two. Main differences between mining and masternodes Since masternodes can do much more than regular nodes, running them also involves a more significant investment. However, those who run masternodes are also very motivated, as they are rewarded for doing so via a portion of block rewards. Depending on the network, masternodes operators may be rewarded once per day, or even several times per day. However, it is essential to understand that masternodes are not mining. A lot of people also mistakenly assume that masternodes are an extension of PoS, where cryptos are not mined but staked. However, this is also not true, as PoW project can use masternodes as well. Running a masternode allows operators to generate a passive income by simply holding on to their coins, which is a method similar to how stakes work in PoS. It is different from mining as earning money doesn’t require obtaining expensive crypto-mining gear. The money earned by running a masternode depends on various factors, which means that there is no simple answer. Each project works differently, each masternode is unique, but one thing that remains true is that running a masternode can be very profitable if you select the right coin, and its value surges in time. CoinGecko’s Q3 2018 Masternode Report Recently, CoinGecko has released its 5th report on cryptocurrency and its most notable aspects, with the first one being in Q3 2017. These reports usually provide investors, developers, and crypto enthusiasts alike with a lot of insight, which is what makes them very valuable. Source: Coingecko.com, 2018 Q3 Cryptocurrency Report When it comes to masternodes, CoinGecko announced a growing interest in the space, which was initially noticed by their partner, Masternodes.Online. The report claims that the number of masternodes has been growing rapidly, likely due to the bearish market. Since investors were prevented from making a profit via trading, they turned to alternative methods, such as running a masternode. Even so, the report claims that among the top 10 masternodes in terms of market-cap, only three have seen a positive return in the third quarter of this year — Bulwark (BWK) with +52%, Wagerr (WGR) with +25%, and Alqo (XLQ) with only +3%. The post What Are Masternodes? What Differs Them From Mining? appeared first on CryptoPotato.

4 months ago

@CryptoEmissary stop wallet delete peers.dat file under Wage...

@CryptoEmissary stop wallet delete peers.dat file under Wagerr directory (folder) restart wallet go to Wallet Repai… https://t.co/1NXhDfj46C

4 months ago

RT @hiktwit: 20M Wagerr bet in 10 weeks since mainnet went l...

RT @hiktwit: 20M Wagerr bet in 10 weeks since mainnet went live. WOW!!!! https://t.co/ZPxenYrlTi

4 months ago

@get_delta IMPORTANT NOTICE: Wagerr is closing support for b...

@get_delta IMPORTANT NOTICE: Wagerr is closing support for balances on https://t.co/Z8TrJKGPB9, and discontinuing t… https://t.co/5k0s4zuvya

4 months ago

Wagerr is honored to be one of the first 100 teams added to ...

Wagerr is honored to be one of the first 100 teams added to Blockfolio Signals! Thanks to the whole team… https://t.co/zvq15hg2oV

4 months ago

Wagerr is honored to be selected as one of the initial proje...

Wagerr is honored to be selected as one of the initial projects to be invited to go live on Delta Direct! Delta has… https://t.co/hctq7y8qun

5 months ago

Wagerr Launches Blockchain-Based Decentralized Betting Market

The gambling industry, which has often operated in the shadows of legitimacy, is now adopting blockchain technology. The first step in this journey was taken by Wagerr, which has launched a new decentralized betting market. The World Is Introduced to DLT Betting Wagerr launched Direct-Chain betting protocol, which could help create an unrestricted and decentralized gambling Wagerr Launches Blockchain-Based Decentralized Betting Market was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News....

6 months ago

Wagerr Launches World’s First Direct-Chain Betting Protocol

Wagerr has launched an unrestricted and decentralized betting platform. The “Direct-Chain” betting protocol is the world’s first of its kind. Wagerr has announced that the application will be available on Android and on PCs. The platform allows users to place bets and get paid without the intervention of a centralized authority. The firm has announced that it will be burn up to half of the WGR tokens with the aim of reducing supply. (VK)

6 months ago

News courtesy of berminal.com
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