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Trade Token News Crypto Exchange Reveals That a Hacker Stole 50 Million TIO Tokens

In a blog post released on Sunday, the lesser-known cryptocurrency exchange revealed that it was recently the victim of a hack that saw an unauthorized user access 50 million of the platforms native TIO tokens, worth roughly $7.8 million, from a cold storage wallet. The hacker was exchanging the funds on the Kucoin and Bancor cryptocurrency exchanges and was able to exchange around 2.6 million tokens before security measures could be taken. has halted TIO trading, Kucoin has temporarily halted deposits and withdraws and Bancor has delisted the token for the time being. (JF)

6 hours ago

Forbes Launches Crypto Portal, Partner Hacked for $7.5 Million in Crypto

Forbes Media today launched the beta version of it Forbes CryptoMarkets, in partnership with investment firm NewCity Capital and, which suffered a hack that resulted in $7.5 million in cryptocurrency tokens being stolen from a cold storage wallet. Forbes Launches CryptoMarkets Data Portal for Tracking Crypto Prices Media powerhouse Forbes Media LLC, has unveiled a new cryptocurrency market and price data aggregation website, akin to CoinMarketCap. The new portal offers up-to-the-minute, comprehensive data on the top 200 cryptocurrencies by market cap. This includes trading volume data from 31 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Bitmex, and may other prominent names in the space. Forbes CryptoMarkets also includes content from interviews and articles from Forbes, as well as a “real-time newsfeed aggregating content from leading news organizations and companies.” Forbes will also leverage its unrivaled access to data to publish four different “CryptoMarket indices,” including the “Top Cryptocurrencies, Top 10 Global, Top 30 Global, and Top 10 Blockchain and dApps Global.” The initial offering of indices, Forbes says, are there to serve as an “informational tool” to demonstrate market trends, and will add more indices separated by “sector, industry, and cryptocurrency use-case” in the future. Forbes is launching the CryptoMarkets portal in a partnership that includes NewCity Digital Limited, investment firm NewCity Capital, and “next-generation financial institution based on blockchain technology,” Bad Timing: Forbes’ Partner Hacked for $7.5 Million in Crypto should be celebrating a successful high-level partnership with an American media mainstay like Forbes. However, the exchange and consultancy firm is currently licking its wounds after suffering an unusual theft of $7.5 million in cryptocurrency tokens. confirmed via their Medium blog that a security breach had occurred, resulting in over 50 million in Trade (TIO) tokens being stolen from the firm’s cold storage wallets. The 50 million tokens are valued at $7.5 million at the current $0.15 price per TIO. The ongoing investigation has revealed that some of the TIO tokens had made their way to cryptocurrency exchanges Bancor and Kucoin, and the exchanges themselves are assisting with the issue. What’s unusual is that the funds were stolen from the cryptocurrency exchange’s cold storage wallets, which are typically encrypted USB-devices or pieces of paper with private keys written down that the firm says it stored in safety deposit boxes - safety deposit boxes that the company says “were not compromised.” Regardless of where or how the tokens were stored, they somehow ended up in the clutches of hackers. Now the company is considering a fork of the TIO token codebase to render the stolen funds useless and preserve the price of the TIO token for other investors. The hack happened less than 24 hours before the publication went live with its announcement to launch the beta version of its CryptoMarkets product, in a partnership that involves Featured image from Shutterstock. The post Forbes Launches Crypto Portal, Partner Hacked for $7.5 Million in Crypto appeared first on NewsBTC.

11 hours ago Cold Storage Hacked, Loses $11 Million, a distributed wealth P2P shared liquidity pool exchange has lost 50 Million Trade Tokens (approx. $11 Million) in a hack. has shut down deposits and withdrawals on its own platform and KuCoin. The team claims that the funds disappeared from a cold wallet stored in safety deposit boxes in a bank. The team also confirmed that the safe deposit boxes were not compromised in any way. They're failed to give further explanation and are currently considering the option of conducting a fork. Trade Token (TIO) is priced at $0.15558, losing 14.64% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

2 days ago

$11 Million Stolen as Cold Storage Was Hacked

A few hours ago,, a distributed wealth P2P shared liquidity pool exchange, revealed that the exchange have suffered from a hack. This incident has resulted in the loss of around 50 Million TIO tokens that were stored on’s cold storage wallet. At the time of the attack, the stolen coins were worth $11 Million. Following the incident, has shut down the deposit and withdrawal of TIO from their platform and also from Kucoin. Not only were the funds stolen but after a further inquiry in the matter,’s team noticed some irregularities in TIO pairs on Bancor and Kucoin. To avoid any further incident, both of these platforms have disabled the trade of TIO. Furthermore, TIO will not be listed on Bancor from now on, and TIO trading is also disabled on exchange until further notice. The 50 Million TIO, that were maliciously withdrawn from the cold storage, were meant for the Liquidity Pool, and an estimated total 1.5M of the total amount was already transferred to Bancor and Kucoin. The investigation is ongoing, and both exchanges are assisting to gather information. has clarified that the hack occurred, despite their use of industry level of cold storage, which is then stored in safety deposit boxes in banks, along with all the corresponding materials. also confirmed from the banks that the safe deposit boxes were not compromised in any way. A Hard fork to cure? To resolve this matter and protect their investors, is considering the option of conducting a fork. This will make all the stolen tokens will become worthless. has said that they will announce further action in the next 24 hours and that the participation in the Liquidity Pool will remain uninterrupted. Investors will be able to enter and leave the Liquidity Pool as per usual. The current attack on is a depiction of how exchanges have become the focal point of the crypto industry. The competition is tough, and has stated that “they will take strict action against the attackers and do their best to trace the stolen amount.” At the time of writing, the price of TIO had declined to $0.16. The following TIO chart can give clues about the time of the attack: TIO last 7 days. Marked is the possible decline following the attack. Source: Coinmarketcap The post $11 Million Stolen as Cold Storage Was Hacked appeared first on CryptoPotato.

2 days ago

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2 days ago

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