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Tierion is proud to join @Cloudflare, @Google, and @int08h i...

Tierion is proud to join @Cloudflare, @Google, and @int08h in hosting a public Roughtime cluster!… https://t.co/kNGUeThVtz

a month ago

The First Version of Drivechain Ready for Rollout

Paul Sztorc, the research director at Tierion and bitcoin developer, announced that he would be releasing the first version of Drivechain. The service is a substitute to the sidechain concept and enables several blockchain compatibilities. However, the protocol uses similar 21 million bitcoins. The system allows for permissionless innovation without diluting the value of the main cryptocurrencies. It will also provide network security but with an extended set of services such as smart contracts. Testdrive, which is the first version of Drivechain has been released. (SK)

2 months ago

Developer Paul Sztorc Launches the First Version of Drivechain

On September 24, director of research at Tierion and Bitcoin developer Paul Sztorc announced the launch of the first Drivechain release. The Drivechain protocol is an alternative to the sidechain concept because it enables multiple blockchain compatibilities but the system utilizes the same 21 million bitcoins. Also read: Speculators and Investors Hodl, Venezuelans Send Crypto ...

2 months ago

Tierion is proud to sponsor this year’s Rebooting Web of Tru...

Tierion is proud to sponsor this year’s Rebooting Web of Trust event in Toronto. We’ve been a supporter and contrib… https://t.co/9DYJpUQGyT

2 months ago

Testnet Plans to Make Bitcoin a Multi-network Cryptocurrency Underway

Testnet has proposed the expansion of Bitcoin capabilities such that it would be able to add new features and functionalities to its network. Director of research at startup Tierion, Paul Sztorc, told CoinDesk in an interview that a test variant of the code is to be unveiled on Tuesday, a development that comes almost three The post Testnet Plans to Make Bitcoin a Multi-network Cryptocurrency Underway appeared first on Coindoo - Crypto News and Reviews....

2 months ago

@bitcoinsguide This article is a bit misleading. We’re thr...

@bitcoinsguide This article is a bit misleading. We’re thrilled that Paul is part of Tierion, but his work on Dri… https://t.co/fqTE8CKzuP

2 months ago

Bitcoin is Inching Closer to becoming a Multi-network Currency

A recent proposal to exponentially expand the potential of bitcoin has arrived on testnet. Paul Sztorc of research startup, Tierion, announced that after three years of work a new test version of the bitcoin code will be available. Sztorc admits that the code “isn’t perfect” but it makes the concept of using side chains on the bitcoin protocol a reality. Appropriately named ‘DriveChain’, the code would allow bitcoin developers to develop and add new features without changing the incentives of the blockchain itself. (RS)

2 months ago

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