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Tierion was a proud sponsor of @tabconf 2019. Here’s a previ...

Tierion was a proud sponsor of @tabconf 2019. Here’s a preview of the presentation we gave on Chainpoint. Full vide… https://t.co/2i9LhVxU1y

5 days ago

12. A similar thing happened with TNT. On January 15th, as ...

12. A similar thing happened with TNT. On January 15th, as TNT was breaking out, a large amount of tokens entered… https://t.co/Z5AAwFv0vC

12 days ago

Mid-Cap Altcoins Gain 30-50% a Day: Is The First Altcoin Season of 2019 Already Here?

It appears that the cryptocurrency market is mostly moving sideways throughout the first weeks of 2019. Since the start of the year, it has lost about $4 billion which represents a little less than 4 percent of its market capitalization. In general, though, except for the few more severe movements a few days ago, the market is mostly moving sideways. However, a relatively wide group of mid-cap altcoins have seen substantial spikes over the last few days, begging the question - is altcoin season 2019 here already? What is an Altcoins Season? Altcoins Season is a term mainly used among crypto-oriented online communities on social media, to describe a period in the market cycle when altcoins experience a substantial spike in their value against Bitcoin (BTC), which usually also spikes the USD value of the coin. Throughout this period, it’s not uncommon for many altcoins to enter a reasonably parabolic state, enabling them to grow at unparalleled rates. Now, it’s important to note that this is generally an anticipated period in the market cycle because it can grant serious profits to the coin holders. At the same time, though, it can also be disastrous for those who are unable to time the market precisely, causing them to buy “the top” - to purchase an altcoin at its peak value and stay with the bags. This is also referred to as pumps and dumps. Someone said once that Doge is the official opener of the Altcoin season. As can be seen, Dogecoin didn’t move much over the past days. So, is the first Altcoin Season of 2019 here already? Let’s have a look at a few top-performing altcoins as of the time as of writing this post: Leading the march is Apollo Currency (APL). It’s currently 109.17% more expensive than it was yesterday. It’s worth noting that the project’s Twitter’s feed is full of announcements which may have triggered the price increase. For example, they announced an integration with cryptocurrency wallet Bitfi. The second project which went through decent gains over the last 24 hours is Augur (REP). REP is currently up 32.69 percent. However, at some point during the previous 24 hours, it was up with more than 65 percent. The rapidly declining price might signal for a pump and dump move. There was a recent announcement on the project’s official Twitter page that they’ve launched some updates of their app. Tierion (TNT) is another altcoin that went up 100% yesterday. However, it’s currently trading in the negative compared to yesterday’s price, signaling that it’s most likely a pump and dump. Loopring (LRC) is currently trading about 20% in the positive. No apparent news might have triggered the increase, as LRC rocketed with more than 60% yesterday. Most of it is going away, however, which might yet be a signal for a pump and dump. At the same time, looking at the top-20 altcoins, none of them had shown any significant signs of a rally. This is perhaps a sign that an altcoin season is yet to be seen in 2019. Additionally, for it to be categorized as an altcoin season, the period should see a decrease of Bitcoin’s dominance index. Not only hasn’t it decreased - in January it has marked a very slight increase of about 0.7%. Bitcoin dominance: The relation between Bitcoin’s market cap to that of the entire cryptocurrency market cap (in percentage). The post Mid-Cap Altcoins Gain 30-50% a Day: Is The First Altcoin Season of 2019 Already Here? appeared first on CryptoPotato.

a month ago

What’s new in #SubstratumNode 0.4.2! Full Decentralization, ...

What’s new in #SubstratumNode 0.4.2! Full Decentralization, TNT Framework and more! https://t.co/vVmVMGfoP3… https://t.co/a9iUKfumUQ

a month ago

Huobi Warns it May Cancel Trading Pairs of 32 Listed Coins Due to Insufficient Funds

According to a report, Houbi exchange may cancel trading pairs of 32 listed coins due to inadequate funds. The exchange has told the tokens to maintain sufficient funds lest they risk cancelation of trading pairs. Some of these tokens include (BFT), AppCoins (APPC), Enigma (ENG), EchoLink (EKO), BitCapitalVendor (BCV), BnkToTheFuture (BFT), SALT, Raiden Network Token (RDN), and Tierion (TNT). (VK)

2 months ago

BitDials Review - The World’s First Bitcoin Boutique For Luxury Watches and Jewelry

One of the first steps required for cryptocurrencies to gain mainstream adoption is for merchants to begin offering their clients the freedom to use these alternative payment methods. BitDials is the world’s first crypto-only luxury boutique where customers can purchase premium designer watches and jewelry with their favorite cryptocurrencies. BitDials as a Hedging Tool for Crypto Investors Launched in 2016, BitDials is the result of an early crypto adopter and an established exclusive watch retailer from Germany. Their goal was to create a marketplace that besides offering a variety of luxury watches from nearly each and every famous manufacturer, it would also function as a “cash out” intermediary. This applies to investors who seek to diversify their portfolio or to protect themselves from high cryptocurrency price fluctuations by investing in luxury jewelry and watches, which are made of precious metals. Alternatively, the company offers investment opportunities to car enthusiasts via a dedicated platform, dubbed BitCars, which operates similarly to BitDials. Customers can find a collection of classic and premium cars that can be purchased with a digital currency. ‘Safety First’ is BitDials’ Highest Priority Although its creators have been in the watch industry since 1999, they find that crypto enthusiasts define a unique customer category with new purchasing habits. They are extremely cautious about their privacy, as they can utilize information better than other customers and demonstrate extensive knowledge about luxury watches. For this reason, BitDials’ primarily focuses on the safety of transactions and the privacy of its customers. It operates as a centralized entity that connects credible suppliers to customers, by a fully transparent system which verifies the authenticity of an item and keeps track of the delivery until it reaches the end user. BitDials was initially launched to operate as an open trading platform. But because cryptocurrency transactions are not supervised by any authority, the project soon had to transform into a closed platform with a narrow selection of trusted merchants. This allowed BitDials to focus on the effective monitoring of transaction security and conduct proper due diligence prior to adding new suppliers to the platform. BitDials acts as an auditor between the buyer and the seller, who oversees the transactions and records all product information, but keeps customer data private. It has developed a structure with which customers can purchase goods in a way that secures private and legally compliant transactions. The BitDials website provides a user-friendly interface, where customers can easily navigate and find the item they’re looking for. In particular, visitors will be able to find a selection of watches, fine jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and diamonds. Product pages contain a description and detailed information about each item’s producer, materials, and condition. BitDials is currently the only full-featured marketplace for luxury watches and jewelry accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. It also allows online marketers to generate income through an affiliate marketing program, a new feature the company implemented to its website recently. BitDials offers a 10% discount code on all new watches and jewelry, until January 10, 2019 (discounted and used products are excluded). BitDials Offers Flexible Payment Terms and Accepts Multiple Cryptocurrencies BitDials is incorporated in Gibraltar, but its main office is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, as is its warehouse, where the company keeps stock of a limited number of immediately available products. Buyers can purchase these products and pay on the spot, however, for pre-ordered products they will need to pay in advance. Regarding payment terms, BitDials can be flexible as long as it can find a reliable payout structure with the buyer. It provides them also with the option of down payments, which is dependent on the product and usually ranges between 10%-30%. BitDials’ customers come mostly from the European Union and the USA, but as the company’s reputation expands, it attracts interest from customers in Japan and the UAE. BitDials has a high rate of returning customers which, according to the company’s representatives, is due to the positive customer reviews the company receives in online services like Trustpilot and Chrono24. Both BitDials and BitCars accept payments in BTC, BCH, ETH, XMR, LTC, DOGE and DCR, and all transactions are processed by BitPay and GloBee. BitDials’ Shipping Methods and Presence on Social Media Platforms BitDials offers next-day shipment and delivery time can take up to 2 days within the EU and up to 10 days for countries outside the EU. It ships worldwide fully insured with trusted companies like DHL, FedEx, and TNT, depending on the destination. Buyers can also communicate with BitDials to visit Frankfurt to pick up their goods physically. All produc

2 months ago

Bitcoin’s Tech Trends of 2018: What This Year Brought Us (Part 2)

This is the second part of our December cover story. Click here for part 1.Where 2017’s dizzying price highs embedded “hodl” into the public consciousness, 2018 was the year that “buidl" became a trend in the crypto-industry — and Bitcoin was no exception.Anticipated in Bitcoin Magazine’s first cover story of the year, Bitcoin’s technological progress only accelerated in 2018. Improving Bitcoin from around the world, developers and entrepreneurs furthered Segregated Witness adoption, rolled out the Lightning Network, released privacy solutions, realized sidechains and made progress on a Schnorr signature solution — all of which were still around the corner only a year ago.Following up on January’s cover story, 2018’s closing two-parter cover story explores how these five technologies progressed.In part two: privacy, sidechains and Schnorr signatures.Privacy SolutionsTwo of the most promising privacy solutions that were proposed over the past few years — TumbleBit and ZeroLink — were both on the verge of release at the start of this year.The first is TumbleBit, a coin-mixing protocol first proposed in 2016 by an academic research team led by Boston University’s Ethan Heilman. TumbleBit uses a (centralized) mixer to create off-chain payment channels between several participants in a mixing session. Everyone ends up with each others’ coins, breaking the transaction trail for all. Importantly, clever cryptographic tricks ensure that even the tumbler can’t establish a link between the users and their transactions.Excited by this potential, Bitcoin developer Nicolas Dorier and privacy-focused Bitcoin developer Ádám Ficsór (as well as several others) went a long way toward implementing the solution in the two years after it was first proposed. In early 2017, Stratis, the company behind the Stratis platform and token, even hired Ficsór to implement the technology in its Breeze wallet, which also supports bitcoin.However, back in July 2017, Ficsór had come to doubt the real-world potential of TumbleBit. The solution needs a relatively large number of on-chain transactions for each mixing session, potentially making it cumbersome and expensive to use.“I did not and I do not think anyone else ever thought through TumbleBit’s Classic Tumbler’s economics as I did now, in a high Bitcoin fee environment where we are inevitably going towards,” Ficsór wrote in a Medium blog post at the time. “To be completely honest, after I wrote all these down I became pretty disillusioned.”Ficsór and Stratis did complete the project. After years of high anticipation, TumbleBit was finally released in the Breeze Wallet in August of this year. But by then most of the enthusiasm around the project seemed to have waned. Breeze’s TumbleBit stayed off the radar of many, and because of that, usage statistics are presumably low.Instead, much of the effort to realize a more private Bitcoin shifted to the other major privacy solution: ZeroLink. Based on “Chaumian CoinJoin,” first proposed by Bitcoin Core contributor Gregory Maxwell in 2013, ZeroLink is a privacy framework first announced in August 2017 by the same Ádám Ficsór.ZeroLink allows several users to mix their coins in a big transactions that sends coins from all participants in a mixing session to all other participants. It has similar requirements (a central server) and benefits (breaks the trail of transaction) as TumbleBit, but Ficsór believes the trade-offs are preferable, most notably because ZeroLink requires fewer on-chain transactions.To realize ZeroLink, Ficsór set up his own Bitcoin privacy-focused company this year, zkSNACKs, which he first publicly revealed at the Building on Bitcoin conference in Lisbon in July.A rebrand of his initial “Hidden Wallet” project, zkSNACKs’ flagship product is the Wasabi Wallet, a desktop wallet with additional privacy features based on the ZeroLink framework. Besides Chaumian CoinJoin, this, for example, includes compact-client side block filtering: a privacy enhancing solution for light clients that don’t download the entire Bitcoin blockchain.The Wasabi Wallet was officially released on October 31 of this year, on the Bitcoin white paper’s 10th birthday. While still far from mainstream, Wasabi Wallet has already become the go-to privacy option for many of those that care about privacy the most. According to GitHub statistics, the wallet was downloaded thousands of times in the first few months since its release. And, according to the Wasabi Wallet’s website, it has mixed almost two thousand coins already.“Honestly, I've been astonished by the user growth and social media activity. If this keeps up we will finally be able to think about liquidity dependent privacy solutions, for example to allow direct sends through mixing,” Ficsór told Bitcoin Magazine. “Exciting times.”The ZeroLink framework is being adopted as a standard by other wallets as well. The new (and so far relatively unknown) Bob Wallet announced in March that it is developing a

2 months ago

Tierion is proud to join @Cloudflare, @Google, and @int08h i...

Tierion is proud to join @Cloudflare, @Google, and @int08h in hosting a public Roughtime cluster!… https://t.co/kNGUeThVtz

3 months ago

The First Version of Drivechain Ready for Rollout

Paul Sztorc, the research director at Tierion and bitcoin developer, announced that he would be releasing the first version of Drivechain. The service is a substitute to the sidechain concept and enables several blockchain compatibilities. However, the protocol uses similar 21 million bitcoins. The system allows for permissionless innovation without diluting the value of the main cryptocurrencies. It will also provide network security but with an extended set of services such as smart contracts. Testdrive, which is the first version of Drivechain has been released. (SK)

5 months ago

Developer Paul Sztorc Launches the First Version of Drivechain

On September 24, director of research at Tierion and Bitcoin developer Paul Sztorc announced the launch of the first Drivechain release. The Drivechain protocol is an alternative to the sidechain concept because it enables multiple blockchain compatibilities but the system utilizes the same 21 million bitcoins. Also read: Speculators and Investors Hodl, Venezuelans Send Crypto ...

5 months ago

Tierion is proud to sponsor this year’s Rebooting Web of Tru...

Tierion is proud to sponsor this year’s Rebooting Web of Trust event in Toronto. We’ve been a supporter and contrib… https://t.co/9DYJpUQGyT

5 months ago

Testnet Plans to Make Bitcoin a Multi-network Cryptocurrency Underway

Testnet has proposed the expansion of Bitcoin capabilities such that it would be able to add new features and functionalities to its network. Director of research at startup Tierion, Paul Sztorc, told CoinDesk in an interview that a test variant of the code is to be unveiled on Tuesday, a development that comes almost three The post Testnet Plans to Make Bitcoin a Multi-network Cryptocurrency Underway appeared first on Coindoo - Crypto News and Reviews....

5 months ago

@bitcoinsguide This article is a bit misleading. We’re thr...

@bitcoinsguide This article is a bit misleading. We’re thrilled that Paul is part of Tierion, but his work on Dri… https://t.co/fqTE8CKzuP

5 months ago

Bitcoin is Inching Closer to becoming a Multi-network Currency

A recent proposal to exponentially expand the potential of bitcoin has arrived on testnet. Paul Sztorc of research startup, Tierion, announced that after three years of work a new test version of the bitcoin code will be available. Sztorc admits that the code “isn’t perfect” but it makes the concept of using side chains on the bitcoin protocol a reality. Appropriately named ‘DriveChain’, the code would allow bitcoin developers to develop and add new features without changing the incentives of the blockchain itself. (RS)

5 months ago

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