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Tap project purpose and description

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Tap offers one-stop services for cryptocurrency participants and aims to remove financial boundaries by supporting connections with banks and exchanges.

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Tap Project set out to develop a product that would eliminate the annoying and tedious aspects of crypto. To make cryptocurrency more accessible


Tap is the one stop shop for anyone involved, or looking to get involved, with Crypto. Predominantly, Tap is an exchange app which will let you trade on major crypto exchanges within the Tap app. With one KYC (Know Your Customer) process you can trade any supported crypto asset on any major exchange. Complete any trade with a touch of a button and, due to the unique way Tap provides liquidity, your trade is executed and fulfilled instantaneously. Tap provides a seamless link with modern banking facilities and major crypto exchanges. New customers can come on-board for free with fiat or cryptocurrencies. The Tap app comes with a free Tap Prepaid Mastercard linked to your account. Choose any crypto asset that you hold in Tap to fund any card purchase with your Tap Prepaid Mastercard. The Tap token can be used for discounted fees or staked for better card and user terms. With monthly Tap token burns (see page 20), Tap token holders will benefit from increased token exclusivity. Development of the Tap app and infrastructure has been underway for around 2 years. We aim to launch the app at the end of the token sale around the same time as the TGE. Our aim is to have a fully functioning product with XTP token utility inside the app in 2nd quarter of 2019. Laid out in this whitepaper is how we will deliver an app and token with this much functionality.

Link to Roadmap: n/a
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