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Streamr is a decentralized network for data to app delivery. It allows the publishing of new data to data streams.

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Streamr is the missing real-time data protocol for the decentralized web.


Streamr delivers unstoppable data to unstoppable applications. It is the real-time data backbone of the global supercomputer. It is a decentralized network for scalable, low-latency, untamperable data delivery and persistence, operated by the DATAcoin token. Anyone – or anything – can publish new data to data streams, and others can subscribe to these streams to power Ðapps, smart contracts, microservices, and intelligent data pipelines. To incentivize user participation in the network, there’s a built-in mechanism for data monetization. Valuable data from security exchanges, connected devices, IoT sensors, and social media can be offered to companies, developers, and private citizens. Machines can autonomously sell their data, get paid, and purchase the data they require. A global market for real-time data emerges, with built-in data provenance, encryption, and access control. Alongside the decentralized data network and marketplace, the full Streamr stack includes a powerful analytics engine and a UI for rapid development of real-time Ðapps. Data streams, smart contracts, and decentralized computing resources can be interconnected in a low-code environment using high-level building blocks. Streamr will be the easiest place to create real-time, data-driven, and trustworthy blockchain applications. A revolution is taking place where centralized cloud services are one by one being superseded by tokenized, decentralized solutions. Golem, for example, replaces Azure Virtual Machine, and IPFS replaces Azure Blob Storage. Streamr is proud to join the revolution by providing a decentralized solution to messaging and event processing, replacing platforms such as Azure EventHub and Azure Stream Analytics.

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