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STASIS EURS project purpose and description

STASIS EURS clarity of purpose

STASIS EURS purpose and aspects

The STASIS ecosystem implements frameworks aimed to merge the benefits of new digital assets and the best features of traditional ones. The stability of conventional finance meets the transparency, immutability, and transactional efficiency of the blockchain in the form of the EURS token, mirroring the euro on-chain and engaging liquidity assurance mechanics.It is possible to generate EURS via securities instead of currencies and vice versa. This way, users will not engage in bank level transactions. Instead, they will receive EURS for selling securities to liquidity providing partners of STASIS.

STASIS EURS additional differentiation against competition

STASIS brings a liquidity cushion to the markets, as EURS’ market depth potential is considerably wider than that of any standard crypto-asset. Cryptocurrencies are limited by their circulating supply and current free float that may appear insufficient for a desired amount of investment. On the other hand, STASIS can tokenize any amount of capital. The STASIS platform utilizes the Ethereum blockchain recognized by the professional community as the most reliable network ever created. The cost of compromising a transaction has been estimated at several billion euro.

STASIS EURS categories

Smart contractsMarket-peggedInvestmentsPayments

Short description

EURS is the EURO currency tokenized on a blockchain, whose value is tied to the value of its collateral.


STASIS is a revolutionary step towards combining the vast potential of the cryptocurrency market with the stability and reliability of traditional currencies. EURS token is a virtual financial asset that is designed to digitally mirror the EURO on the condition that its value is tied to the value of its collateral. This allows it to curb the extreme volatility inherent to many cryptocurrencies. Its compatibility with the traditional financial system allows professional investors to access the cryptocurrency market similar to how they operate in traditional financial systems.

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