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SAP Blockchain Tech Platform SophiaTX Announces Launch of its 1ST Product E-XBRL

E-XBRL, a solution designed to simplify and automate financial reporting, has launched as the first product and first app in the SophiaTX, an SAP blockchain platform. According to Choo Kok Weng, SophiaTX APAC Director, E-BRL is aimed at alleviating the administrative load on businesses when giving financial reports. This is done by automating the process and reducing manual intervention. E-XBRL, according to a report, works in line with the requirement by the Companies Commissioning of Malaysia (SSM) that requires all private and public firms to digitally file their annual financial reports using the Malaysian Business Reporting System (MBRS). (VK)

11 hours ago

E-XBRL launches as first product on the SophiaTX blockchain

SophiaTX, an SAP blockchain technology platform and marketplace, has announced the official launch of its first product and the first application of the SophiaTX blockchain in business - E-XBRL. The solution is designed to simplify and automate financial reporting and operates in line with the... Source

12 hours ago

Enterprise blockchain SophiaTX launches academy for business and IT pros

CryptoNinjas SophiaTX, the first enterprise platform integrating blockchain technology with SAP, today announced the official launch of the SophiaTX Academy. It is now open to applications, and is designed to introduce business and IT professionals with the benefits, implementation, and the ability to utilize... Enterprise blockchain SophiaTX launches academy for business and IT...

17 days ago

We proudly announce the official launch of SophiaTX Academy!...

We proudly announce the official launch of SophiaTX Academy! Learn what blockchain can do for your business and ex…

22 days ago

If you have any questions for SophiaTX, feel free to use #As...

If you have any questions for SophiaTX, feel free to use #AskSophiaTX and we will address them in our next #AMA ses…

a month ago

Yesterday we launched the first SophiaTX Academy 2-day certi...

Yesterday we launched the first SophiaTX Academy 2-day certification course in Blockchain Fundamentals. Completing…

2 months ago

“Blockchain projects like the SophiaTX E-invoicing are on th...

“Blockchain projects like the SophiaTX E-invoicing are on their way to disrupt business models,” explains #SophiaTX…

3 months ago

SophiaTX Blockchain Selected to Expedite Development of Malaysia’s Automotive Industry

SophiaTX, a blockchain platform that integrates business applications and solutions into a collaborative environment, has confirmed they have been selected to continue the blockchain initiative to address common automotive challenges for the Malaysian automotive and mobility sector. This move came as a result of the signing of an agreement between Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) and Crypto Valley Malaysia (CVM), which intends to integrate the SophiaTX blockchain technologies to improve the supply chain efficiency and improve both the after-sales and service sectors. By making use of the blockchain technology, the automotive industry would streamline their complex supply chain and eventually attain increased productivity. (VK)

3 months ago

Product Designers and OEMs Heavily Depend on Manufacturing in China, SophiaTX Blockchain Provides Desired Trust and Transparency

Chengdu, 15 October 2018 - SophiaTX establishes presence in Chengdu, one of the fastest-growing cities in China. China has a dominant place in global manufacturing and trade with many well-known products and entire brands being produced in the country. Such a significant role comes with issues around transparency and trust within the supply chain along with challenges in brand protection. SophiaTX has developed a number of blockchain-based solutions for companies, bringing desired trust and transparency into complex international relationships and efficiencies into supply chains. To provide professional blockchain services to businesses with strong international or pro-export focus, the SophiaTX team has established a location in the fifth largest city in China, Chengdu. Chengdu has the ambition and government support to be the new financial center within the next couple of years. “For export-oriented companies, among many other features, the platform provides originality tracking of manufactured goods. Once the manufactured goods enter the supply chain and cross the border, our blockchain provides the required proof of origin and subsequent history as required by the brand owners or even by the customer itself,” explains Jaroslav Kacina, CEO of Equidato Technologies, the company that developed SophiaTX. The offering of professional services will also be extended to local companies with strong needs for improved collaboration and information exchange. For example, the construction and project engineering industry can drive significant productivity increases and cost savings by blockchain-enabled coordination of all parties involved in complex projects. Chengwu Li, who leads SophiaTX in China, further explains: “We are very pleased to be able to bring this unique and innovative capability to China. The importance of establishing a presence here is to connect local businesses and manufacturers with their customer base and importers of products abroad. China has a dominant place in global manufacturing with certain challenges which can be addressed by our enterprise blockchain technology.” With its enterprise capabilities, SophiaTX can provide next generation digital collaboration with a focus on efficiency, transparency, and trust required for future supply chains. Currently the plan for our Chengdu location is to build local awareness and relationships, while customer projects are planned in 2019. About SophiaTX SophiaTX is a blockchain platform and marketplace tailored for extending traditional applications like ERP, SCM, CRM, and many others with its robust collaborative and decentralized blockchain capabilities. It is based on a high-speed, secure, and business suitable blockchain protocol and contains open integration API’s to SAP, smart devices, IoT, and other leading enterprise applications. For more information, please visit Twitter channel LinkedIn channel Telegram channel For media queries, please contact: Olena Yanishevska Email: Chengwu Li Email: The post Product Designers and OEMs Heavily Depend on Manufacturing in China, SophiaTX Blockchain Provides Desired Trust and Transparency appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

4 months ago

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