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Today, SingularDTV honors those that have served our country...

Today, SingularDTV honors those that have served our country and thanks them for their service. Special shoutout to…

5 days ago

Our CEO Zach LeBeau authored a passionate article on journal...

Our CEO Zach LeBeau authored a passionate article on journalistic integrity. @BreakerMag, part of the SingularDTV f…

16 days ago

New ‘Trust Machine’ Blockchain Film Tackles Politics of Technology

Tinseltown turns its gaze back to technology in “Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain,” which opens on Oct. 26 at Cinema Village in New York City. However, unlike most popular media representations of the cryptocurrency revolution, Alex Winter’s new documentary film doesn’t dwell on the price of bitcoin or its frequently alleged ties to criminal activity. Also Read: The Daily: AMD Takes a Hit, Johnny Depp and Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Cryptosphere Political Implications A UNICEF team learning about blockchain technology (Trust Machine) The feature-length documentary, narrated by actress Rosario Dawson, does look at cryptocurrencies and related subjects such as mining. However, it mainly focuses on the political aspects of blockchain technology and why governments and the big banks fear it. It also looks at technological applications with potentially profound socio-economic implications, particularly those that are designed to help improve the lives of “unbanked” refugees, as well as individuals in countries such as Venezuela who might lack access to traditional financial services. The film primarily chronicles the story of Lauri Love, a British activist and computer scientist who was accused of hacking into computers to steal sensitive data from NASA, the U.S. Army and the Missile Defense Agency. He also faced potential extradition to the U.S. for his alleged involvement in a series of online protests that followed the persecution and untimely death of Aaron Swartz. Cypherpunk Roots Winter has built a name for himself as a director in recent years, even though he is still most widely known as the character Bill from the 1989 comedy cult classic “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” Among other projects, Winter directed “Deep Web,” a 2015 documentary about Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road marketplace. He also directed “Downloaded,” a 2013 look at the file-sharing phenomena. “I’m not a mathematician, or a cryptographer or a coder. I’m old enough to have totally come from the analog world, but became very involved and interested in the internet and technology in the ’80s,” Winter said. “I came to know a lot of people in that space like the cypherpunk community going back to the ’60s and ’70s, who had been trying to solve the problem that Satoshi, whoever Satoshi is, solved. I understood what the problem and solution were before I understood it as this thing called blockchain.” Winter said he was motivated to focus on Love because he likes to make films about people, but also about technology. “I think it creates a human face of the technological era we’re in, which is very paradoxical,” he explained. “Love really represents the cypherpunks of today. He’s brilliant, he’s contradictory, he’s contentious, he’s not an easy pill to swallow. You may not like him — it’s a question of how you respond to someone like that.” “Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain” was co-produced by Singulardtv, Trouper Productions and Futurism Studios. Are you planning to go see this movie? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock. Verify and track bitcoin cash transactions on our BCH Block Explorer, the best of its kind anywhere in the world. Also, keep up with your holdings, BCH and other coins, on our market charts at Satoshi’s Pulse, another original and free service from The post New ‘Trust Machine’ Blockchain Film Tackles Politics of Technology appeared first on Bitcoin News.

23 days ago

Ethereum’s (ETH) Annual Developer Conference Is Less than 2 Weeks Away

The annual Ethereum (ETH) DevCon for this year will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, from the 30th of October till the 2nd of November. The conference is where Ethereum based designers, developers, researchers and artists meet. It is a family reunion hosted by the Ethereum Foundation to further educate and empower the Ethereum community to build more and better decentralized applications. Increased Community Participation at this Year’s DevCon Back in late July, the Ethereum Foundation introduced a more participatory and all-inclusive program for the event this year. Ethereum community members were allowed to apply to participate in the following activities during the event: Give a presentation: Participants to give a 5-minute lightning talk or a 20-minute presentation on the topic of their choice Lead a workshop: Participants could teach people to do something. Such an activity would be 2 hours long and participants should help their audience “get their hands dirty” by either writing code or learning to tell stories Host a breakout room: You could be creative and come up with your own programming for Devcon4. You could host dapp design critiques, facilitate a conversation, do live security reviews...just to name a few Applications have since been closed to allow ample time for the Ethereum Foundation to organize the event appropriately. Sponsors and Supporters The Ethereum Foundation has since published a list of Sponsors for the event. The sponsors are further categorized into 6 tiers to provide support in significant and impactful ways. A few of the sponsors include: AdEx, Blockchain Asset Ventures, Blockfolio, ShapeShift, SingularDTV, Ernst & Young, Golem, Microsoft, Energy Web Foundation, just to name a few. A new support tier of Scholarships and Grant supporters has been added to help bring new talent into the space. The grants and scholarships will provide support for academic programs for students on their way to becoming experienced developers. Conclusion This year’s Developer conference is particularly important for the Ethereum project and community, given the underlying issues of scaling the platform as well as coming to a consensus on the Constantinople upgrade. What are your thoughts on the Ethereum Developer Conference? Are you attending the event? What are your expectations? Please let us know in the comment section below. The post Ethereum’s (ETH) Annual Developer Conference Is Less than 2 Weeks Away appeared first on Ethereum World News.

a month ago

Ethereum Co-Founder and SingularDTV Producing New Blockchain Documentary "Trust Machine"

According to CryptoSlate, SingularDTV is now producing a new documentary Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain. Trust Machine reportedly paints a dystopian picture of some of the most powerful individuals and institutions whose actions may be catalyzing a global thirst for decentralization. It is reported that SingularDTV will help filmmakers fundraise, develop and distribute their content using the Ethereum platform. The co-founder Joseph Lubin of Ethereum is also said to be one of the executive producers amongst other heavyweights, including Zach LeBeau, Arie Levy-Cohen, and Alex Klokus. (RL)

2 months ago

New Blockchain Documentary “Trust Machine” Being Produced by SingularDTV and Joseph Lubin

SingularDTV and Ethereum co-founder have come together to produce a new documentary called “Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain.” It is a story about how some of the most powerful individuals and institutions currently in existence are catalyzing the global thirst for decentralization based on their nefarious actions. This is the first feature-length documentary to come out of the blockchain-powered SingularDTV, and helps to explain some of the global issues that blockchain is addressing from a neutral perspective. (JF)

2 months ago

SingularDTV and @watchdust are proud to present @zeeeeeek an...

SingularDTV and @watchdust are proud to present @zeeeeeek and #ChrisCaldwell’s @PROSPECTthefilm, starring…

2 months ago

SingularDTV Distribution & Marketing Team Reddit AMA with Jason Tyrrell (u/IndieJCT - VP of Content), Bill Richards (u/Billrnyc1 - CMO) and Boyan Balinov (u/yeshe257 - Community Manager) Thursday, Oct. 19th At 10-11 AM PST/ 1-2 PM EST/ 7-8 PM CET.

Hi, I’m Jason Tyrrell, the VP of Content for SingularDTV. I’ve spent over a decade in film and television distribution, collaborating on everything from critically-acclaimed, award-winning festival films, to the biggest studio blockbusters in the world. I’ve seen the digital evolution of content distribution firsthand within the traditional, Hollywood-led system, and now I’m thrilled to bring that experience to the exciting future we’re building together for artists and audience at SingularDTV. Today I’m joined by Bill Richards, our CMO, and Boyan Balinov, our Community Manager, for this Reddit AMA. We’re here primarily to talk about content marketing and distribution in the new ecosystem that SingularDTV is building, which begins to roll out next month with the introduction of Tokit, one of our core applications. Personally, I’m front and center in the development of EtherVision, our direct to consumer content platform, and Bill, Boyan and I spend long hours contemplating how content creators can best reach a new, cryptocurrency-empowered, global consumer base. So if you have any questions about how artists and audiences will benefit from our efforts in this decentralized, peer-to-peer, blockchain paradigm, please do ask. If you have broader questions about project funding, the value of SNGLS, or other aspects of the ecosystem we will do our best to answer as we can. If we’re not the right folks to answer, as always please do join us on our Slack, where a vital conversation about SingularDTV continues basically 24/7. Thanks for being here, and for your support of SingularDTV. We look forward to a fantastic discussion! ____________________________________________________________ Thanks to everyone who participated. We'll definitely do this again soon. Phenomenal questions. If you didn't get your question in, please do join us on Slack, and make your voice heard in the community. See you next time! _______________________________________SingularDTV Team_______ _________________The AMA session is now closed___________________...

a year ago

SingularDTV FAQ

**What is SingularDTV (S-DTV)?:** SingularDTV is a blockchain entertainment studio laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry. It is a decentralized and tokenized content creating and distributing platform that will create, acquire and distribute film and television content in an innovative way, generating revenue for its token holders in a completely transparent and decentralized manner. By building the future of rights management, project funding, and peer-to-peer distribution, SingularDTV’s platform empowers artists and creators with powerful tools to manage projects from development to distribution. **What are SNGLS tokens & why do they have value?:** The concept of tokenization was first started and inspired by David Bowie in 1997, where with the help of Wall Street, he tokenized his future music royalties in the form of “Bowie Bonds”, allowing the public to directly invest in Bowie and the effort raised 55 million dollars. Similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, tokens represent the film, TV and software IP developed and deployed by SingularDTV. SNGLS are tokens that represent your assets and enterprise on the blockchain. Like Ethereum, you’ll be able to use these tokens as “gas” to power your platform. They represent 4 key elements: property, utility, revenue/rewards and fungibility: 1. Property- The token functions as a programmable token in the form of an IP, in other words, a web address. 2. Utility - Functions also as a utility token that is needed to use the modules in the SNGLS ecosystem. SNGLS tokens are affected by a multitude of factors such as: supply and demand, revenue, networking and growth of the ecosystem to name a few. 3. Revenue -A digital rights, revenue and royalty management platform for all the content produced and acquired by SingularDTV. 4. Fungibility - A TVOD Portal to distribute SingularDTV content similar to Google Play, Apple TV iTunes, and Vimeo. The tokens can be bought, sold and/or traded on exchanges or exchange contracts. **What is the 11 module entertainment ecosystem? How does it benefit artists?:** The entertainment ecosystem is a series of applications, platforms and entities — an 11 module entertainment ecosystem — designed to put the power back into the artist’s hands by helping them manage and control the rights, revenue, royalties, and the rewards of their IP and tap into the funding power of a growing 100+ billion dollar crypto-community in a completely peer-to-peer, non-regionalized and universal distribution environment. The 11 modules include: 1. TOKIT — Rights Management Gateway / Project Creation Application: The purpose of this gateway is to tokenize anything and everything. Here artist and creators can onboard their ideas — their IP, their projects — and create their own tokens programmed with the smart contracts that give them control over their rights, revenue, royalties and rewards. By on-boarding your project with Tokit, you can participate in the power of decentralized computing and interact within the SingularDTV entertainment economy and any other compatible applications on Ethereum. Along with modules, EtherVision, LaunchPad, Codex, and the Decentralized Exchange, it will launch this year. 2. SingularDTV’s Exchange —SingularX: Tokit will be creating millions upon millions of tokenized ecosystems and tokens that represent art and IP; films, books, podcasts, music, anything and everything. In order for artists to “Be Your Own Economy”, a place to buy, sell and trade these tokens is vital. Because of this, SingularDTV is launching its own decentralized exchange for artists and creators. 3. CODEX: SingularDTV’s research and design lab dedicated to the development and proliferation of tokenized ecosystems. It’s CODEX’s primary purpose to continually upgrade Tokit with Smart Contracts Systems and Tokenized Ecosystems that give more features and functions to artists and creators. 4. Project Funding Launch Pad: Launch Pad acts as a place where you can begin to develop a worldwide audience and tap into the growing 100+ billion dollar crypto economy when your project is still in development. Think of the Launch Pad as a decentralized Kickstarter or IndieGogo but more dynamic and beneficial. Similar to Ethereum, where you can raise funds for various applications, seek pledges from the community, for any new project created, allowing money can be raised until the goal is reached or until a due date. 5. Legal Repository: This is a repository for smart contracts that contains legal agreements to add more specificity to the terms and conditions of projects created in Tokit. Because there may be a hand-holding process to cross from centralized dealmaking into decentralized dealmaking, this legal repository will help to facilitate that as our programmers and the community continually update the repository with legal add-ons. Lawyers who think this module will put them out of a job, it will not, it will evolve your ...

a year ago

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