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Weekend Berminal Brief (7/15/18): Allegations of Ethereum Network Sabotage Surface Against EOS

The State of the Market: Today, the overall crypto market has continued to build momentum, with 9 of the top 10 coins recording firm gains over the last 24 hours. After a dip earlier this week to just under $6,200, Bitcoin (BTC) has risen above the $6,300 mark, for a gain of about 1.5%. 1) Following an informal investigation, a decentralized app developer believes that EOS may be behind a series of efforts to intentionally clog, and raise GAS prices on, the Ethereum network. The developer accused EOS of launching misleading airdrops with the sole intention of congesting the rival network. 2) Once Ethereum gas prices fall, the Berminal App will be airdropping BERM to users that were earned through the referral system. In order to be eligible for the airdrop, users must also download the latest version of the app, which should be released within a week. 3) Cobinhood, a zero-fee crypto exchange platform, recently announced the integration of fiat-crypto and crypto-fiat trading. (EG)

2 years ago

Korean Blockchain Association receives criticism on the ineffectiveness of the inspection results.

The Korean Blockchain Association (KBA) had released its results of the first self-regulation review on 12 Korean cryptocurrency exchanges on the 11th. However, they are receiving critical feedback from the public on the ineffectiveness of the investigation. The association had progressed the investigation without field inspection on the respective companies, in which the investigation only comprised of self-assessment tests and interviews. The association pronounced the flaws of the inspection procedures, "the inspection faced limitations on the questions that we could ask since it came from a pre-made checklist." (KK)

2 years ago

Reforms on Financial Regulations in Need with Increasing Demand in Implementation of Blockchain Technology

While blockchain technologies are becoming more popular, Shinhan Card, one of the largest Korean credit finance companies, stated its hardships while developing mobile coupon services with blockchain technology implementation, due to a lack of definite regulations on these systems and services which made it difficult for them to develop any rules and regulations on the coupon itself. More and more companies are experiencing these types of complications, therefore it is of common belief that new reforms need to be placed into the current laws and regulations related to personal privacy protection and implementations of digital contracts, as a steadily increasing number of financial institutions are creating more services on the platform itself. (KE)

2 years ago

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