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BLOG: Through the use of #BlockChain-based smart contracts, ...

BLOG: Through the use of #BlockChain-based smart contracts, our #ODEM Platform will allow #educators to license the…

24 minutes ago

Daily Berminal Brief: Total Crypto Market Cap Loses Another $5 Billion

The overall crypto market took another leg down as the total market cap decreased by $5 billion from around $122 billion to its current value near $117 billion. Over the past 24-hours, Bitcoin has seen its price decrease by 2.84% to $3,556, while XRP is down 3.08% to $0.3183 and Ethereum is down 7.02% to $116.97. Out of the top 100 coins, Chainlink (LINK) has performed the best over the past 24-hours, currently up 7.05% and trading at $0.4396. (JF)

3 hours ago

Check out the December Dev Update from the 0x Core Team! ⚡️...

Check out the December Dev Update from the 0x Core Team! ⚡️ New 0x Instant implementations 🔧 Recent improvements t…

3 hours ago

Chainlink (LINK) Has Solid Foundations Helping it Weather the 'Crypto Winter'

As the ‘Crypto Winter’ continues, one project that appears to be weathering the storm well is Chainlink (LINK), the smart contract and oracle provider. Its price has doubled over the past month, from around $0.2 to its current value of $0.45. With an increase of 8.86% over the past 24-hours. With the rest of the market has experienced generally bearish conditions, there exists the potential for there to be a pullback in price, especially if general bear market conditions continue to exist. That said, positive moves like this during bear conditions hint at projects that may emerge from the Winter quite strong. (JF)

3 hours ago

Get in on the ground floor in pairing the DEXBot and CryptoB...

Get in on the ground floor in pairing the DEXBot and CryptoBridge Market Maker paired strategy. Join our Discord to…

4 hours ago

Tron Accelerator Project Accused of Duping Developers in $1 Million Dapp Contest

A reddit user by the name 9HIL believes that Tron’s famous $1 million dApp development competition was a ruse. The redditor collected an assortment of evidence which the user claims show Tron was misleading participants. 9HIL also alleges that Tron delayed announcing a winner then changed the size of the prize payouts. The lowest price was changed from $5,000 to $1,000 and the number of winners increased from 56 to 100. Many of the contestants participating in the Tron Accelerator program also expressed their anger and one Super Representative (SR) from the Tron network said “Nobody even knows that they’ll pay out the full 1,000,000 USDT. I can guarantee they won’t. They didn’t pay out the full amount last competition.” Participants also allege that the vetting and evaluation process was a sham as a number of cloned projects were selected as winners even when the developers submitted the original project to the competition. (RS)

6 hours ago

Multicoin Capital CEO says Ethereum's Dominance Could Be Challenged

Multicoin Capital co-founder Kyle Samani believes that projects like Dfinity and Cosmos could challenge Ethereum’s dominance over smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) in 2019. Samani issued the comments during a recent interview with Business Insider. While Samani believes that Ethereum will maintain its dominance over ICO launches, he also believes that the market will become more balanced in 2019 as there are many well-funded projects which are similar to Ethereum. Samani references Dfinity as an example and the Switzerland-based blockchain-startup has already raised $100 million via private token sales and is on track to raise more than $200 million. (RS)

7 hours ago

Hyperledger Releases Fabrik V1.4 LTC To Establish Hyperledger Fabrik Network

Hyperledger has released its first long term release of Fabric, called Fabrik 1.4 LTS. Hyperledger is establishing the Hyperledger Fabrik Network by accelerating its development and deployment. Initially contributed by Digital Asset and IBM, Fabrik is a blockchain solution with a modular architecture that allows consensus and membership services to be “plug-and-play.” Fabrik uses a technology called "chaincode," that leverages container technology to host smart contracts. The latest version comes with two new enhancements: 1) Private data collections can now be retrieved and 2) automatically enforce access control within chaincode without having to write specific chaincode logic. (VS)

11 hours ago

Not sure what is the easiest way to manage your #LSK tokens?...

Not sure what is the easiest way to manage your #LSK tokens? We’ve got you covered with part three of our brand new…

12 hours ago

Overstock's tZERO Completes Issuing Security Tokens To Investors

tZERO has completed issuing its security tokens after raising $134 Million from over 1,000 investors globally in a Security Token Offering (STO). Founded in 2014, tZERO is a part of Medici Ventures,’s blockchain subsidiary. Its ultimate goal is to revolutionize the traditional Wall Street industry with Blockchain. The tokens were issued to investors who had fully executed Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs). The tokens were initially issued to a custodial wallet and locked up for 90 days to follow federal securities laws. After it expired on January 10, 2019, these tokens were issued to investors globally in less than 3 days. tZERO's trading platform is scheduled for launch on August 6, 2019. (VS)

12 hours ago

Veritaseum Telegram group pic is worth 1000 words! Join near...

Veritaseum Telegram group pic is worth 1000 words! Join nearly 3,000 people around the world who see the VeGold(en)…

13 hours ago

We're delighted that the addition of XRP to the GBX-DAX, our...

We're delighted that the addition of XRP to the GBX-DAX, our regulated Digital Asset Exchange, has been widely welc…

14 hours ago

Analysts Are Increasingly Using The "Bart Pattern" To Predict Bitcoin

As Bitcoin is unlike any other asset the world has seen before, the traditional ways of technical analysis was not enough. Last year, Bitcoin traders started adding a new analysis technique called the "Bart Pattern." The Bart pattern appears when the market is quiet, bringing some action with it. The name comes from a popular Simsons character because the chart resembles the shape of his head. It has been a part of the market since 2018 because the market is over-leveraged. However, it is just another tool for traders to speculate in the unpredictable crypto market. Bitcoin (BTC) is priced at $3,666.60, gaining 0.12% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

14 hours ago

Crypto Investor: Ethereum’s (ETH) Hegemony Set to Face Competition

Business Insider recently interviewed Kyle Samani, the co-founder and managing partner of Multicoin Capital. Kyle spoke about his 2019 crypto industry predictions and mentioned Ethereum in the process. According to him, several well-funded, high-potential blockchain platforms like Dfinity and Cosmos would challenge Ethereum soon enough. Kyle said that the above projects, which are yet to launch, could offer competition to Ethereum’s hegemony as the go-to platform for developing and launching smart contracts. He added that the two initiatives are ‘aiming to challenge Ethereum’ and that he expects the number of developers on hegemony to decrease, especially towards the end of 2019. (KE)

21 hours ago

Daily Berminal Brief: Crypto Market Cap Hovers Around $122 Billion Level

The overall cryptocurrency market has traded sideways for the past few days with the total market cap hovering in the $122-123 billion range. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is down 0.73% on the 24-hour chart and trading at $3,661, while XRP is down 1.44% to $0.3288 and Ethereum is down 1.08% and priced at $125.92. One project out of the top 100 that has performed exceedingly well over the past 24-hours is HyperCash (HC), currently up 49.77% and trading at $1.61. (JF)

a day ago

EOS Launches Referendum Tool Which Could Lead to Constitutional Changes

According to EOSGO, block producers on the EOS blockchain have added a new referendum feature that will allow token holders to have a direct say in many important issues and help keep the platform accountable to its base. The referendum went live on January 11 after more than 16 block producers voted in favor of a launch, allow users to vote directly on extremely visible and high-profile issues facing the EOS community, such as making changes to EOS’s underlying constitution, codebase, or smart contracts. Approval of the interim constitution is one of the first referendums up for a vote. (JF)

a day ago

Euro Exim Bank Announces It Will Begin Using XRP For Cross-Border Payments in Q1 2019

Euro Exim Bank, which was the first bank to officially use Ripples XRP-powered xRapid, recently announced that it will begin using XRP in cross-border payments in Q1 of this year. Once rolled out, XRP will help enable efficient payments across 80 countries, demonstrating the capability of the cryptocurrency platform. The emerging system is seen as a direct competitor to the current SWIFT financial transaction system, which is dominated by the US dollar. xRapid now provides international companies a new way to send value without parking money in various currencies around the world. (JF)

a day ago

50% of the Government Business in the UAE Will Be Done on the Blockchain by 2021

The government of the United Arab Emirates recently announced the launch of two new initiatives under the title “the AI and Blockchain Guide initiative.” The goal of the initiative is to allow the federal government to develop a standardized system to define and regulate blockchain technology and AI, allowing for the streamlined implementation of the technologies across all smart cities in the seven emirates. The initiative will also focus on training and educating all relevant authorities on these technologies, helping to integrate them in all sectors of the economy. (JF)

a day ago

Bitcoin Plunges to Trade at the $3,650 Level; Leading Cryptocurrencies Plummet

Today, most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies have registered moderate price swings, while some have recorded double-digit gains. As at the time of writing, 5:52 PM UTC, BTC its trading at $3,668. The weekly chart shows that the current price is below $3,878, which was BTC’s price one week ago and also below $4,108, which was BTC’s mid-week high on Tuesday. XRP has shed 2.08% on the day and is trading at $0.3296, and ETH has lost 1.29% to trade at $126.67. The most significant gainers are BSV, BCH, and ETC with over 12%, 2%, and 1% gains respectively. (KE)

a day ago

Lightning Network Without Invoices Brings Us Closer to Streaming Money

A new feature for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) implementation allows users to send funds instantly without needing to first create an invoice. Sphinx Enables ‘New Use Cases’ The latest upgrade, ‘Sphinx,’ which developers describe as being a “work in progress,” is nonetheless already available to anyone. “The coolest part about this new feature is that it can be used today in the wild as...

a day ago

Finder Report: Stellar Lumens Price to Increase by 260% This Year

According to a Finder report, Stellar Lumens will post stellar performance in January and throughout the year. According to the report, XLM will surge by 84% in January to $0.21 and will record a 260% increase by the year-end to $0.41. Additionally, Cardano is expected to gain 43% before the start of February. Ethereum and EOS are also expected to gain 55% and 77% this year. The report shows bearish predictions for Tron, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Based on the predictions, TRX, LTC, and DOGE would plunge by 52%, 35%, and 47% respectively. XRP will post a 44% increase by the year-end but will lose 10% this month, per the forecast. Six individuals from the crypto sector including Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song prepared the Finder report. (KE)

a day ago

Insure Network

Insure Network Airdrop is worth 100 INR tokens (~$ 10) for the first 10.000 participants. About Insure Network Insure Network aims to disrupt and innovate the currently standing non-efficient, expensive and frustrating insurance industry with a proper adoption of blockchain technology, smart contract, and AI developing a brand-new designed insurance marketplace in a decentralized fashion that fairly incentivizes every player on the platform. This triatomic beneficial ecosystem will provide more protective and fairly priced policies for citizens of earth. Would you like to receive the latest free Airdrop Alerts? Join our Airdropalert Telegram. How to join Insure Network Airdrop? Go to the Insure Network Airdrop form. Join Insure Network on Telegram Group & Channel. Follow Insure Network on Twitter. Submit your Ethereum wallet address and other details to the Airdrop form. If you use the ''CLAIM AIRDROP'' button below to claim the Erecoin airdrop, it will automatically show on the main page with a purple check mark. So you can easily track which airdrops you joined and which ones you need to join.

a day ago

Crypto Market Update: BSV Becomes the Biggest Gainer After Surging 11%; TRX Continues Plunging

The past few days have seen the crypto market resume its bearish trend with most digital currencies registering significant drops. However, Bitcoin SV (BSV) has managed to make a comeback from the downward trend and has been recording gains for the past few hours. As at the time of writing, 1:07 PM UTC, BSV is trading at $81.99, a 10.42% increase on the day. On the other hand, TRX, the ninth most significant cryptocurrency regarding market valuation is currently trading at $0.024 after shedding 4.82% of its value. (VK)

2 days ago

The Daily: Genesis Global Trading Volume Surges 50%

Genesis Global Trading, an over-the-counter cryptocurrency platform, recently revealed that its year-to-year trading volume had doubled despite bears controlling the crypto market. The firm also stated that it had given institutional clients crypto loans worth $1 billion through Genesis Capital, its lending arm. The organization started giving out loans in BTC, ETH, BCH, and XRP in March 2018. This news comes after the New York Department of Financial Services granted the firm a Bitlicense approval, which allows it to operate under a strict regulatory framework in the state. (VK)

2 days ago

What would be the most mind-boggling thing a smart city woul...

What would be the most mind-boggling thing a smart city would have 20 years from now?

2 days ago

Tron (TRX) Starts New Year with further Progress in Dapps

The year 2019 started on a good note for cryptocurrencies particularly Tron (TRX) which surged pretty fast to climb two positions among the top ten cryptocurrencies. Although the market has suddenly turned red, Tron is still making significant progress with dapps on their network. Justin Sun, Tron CEO mentioned today in a tweet that the […]

2 days ago

Justin Sun Says the Tron Network Will Exceed 200 dApps Very Soon

Since the activation of the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) in October 2018, the number of dApps and smart contracts on the Tron network has continued to increase steadily. Approximately three months after the activation of the TVM, Tron now boasts 3,856 smart contracts. Justin Sun recently took to Twitter to note this progress. He stated that Tron has more than 100 dApps and an additional 133 dApps are on review. He added that 2-3 dApps are launched daily and that Tron would reach 200 dApps very soon. (VK)

2 days ago

Cryptocurrency Market Wrap: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV recover as Tron Sheds recent Gains

Over the past two days, there has been no sign of the cryptocurrency market recovering from the recent dip with the total market cap still playing closer to $120 billion. Major virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum dumped significant values with Bitcoin sitting at $3670 level and Ethereum, which has not reclaimed its second spot, is trading below $130. There is a notable mix on the top ten crypto list this Saturday with both Bitcoin Cash and SV gaining 1.84% and 8.69% respectively. However, Tron is rapidly scaling down and has shed up to 9.91% of its recent gains to trade at $0.0236

2 days ago

Justin Sun: We Will Exceed 200 Tron (TRX) DApps Very Soon

Ever since the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) was activated in October of last year, the amount of smart contracts and DApps on the Tron (TRX) network has continued to increase at an exceptional pace. In the three months or so since the activation of the TVM, 3,856 smart contracts are now live on the network. […]

2 days ago

Ethereum Technical Analysis: Bears Regain Control Over the Digital Asset Asset

Earlier today, Ethereum (ETH) suffered a significant plunge alongside other leading cryptocurrencies. The return of the bear market has also seen ETH lose its position as the second most valuable cryptocurrency regarding market valuation to XRP once again. As at the time of writing, 8:32 AM UTC, the ETH/USD pair is trading at $127.82, and has a market cap of $13.35 billion. ETH’s trading volume is currently at $2.55, which is a 19% drop in the past seven days. To surge once again, ETH will have to overcome the resistance levels at $128.63 and $150.75. Its intermediate support is at $122.50. (VK)

2 days ago

Tron's (TRX) Network is Not Suitable for Launching BitTorrent's New Token, Former Employee Claims

Simon Morris, the former chief strategy officer (CSO) at BitTorrent, Inc, recently revealed that he doesn’t think the Tron (TRX) network will be able to handle BitTorrent’s high rate of transactions. Notably, Morris’ comments have come less than two weeks after the Tron Foundation announced it would be launching the BitTorrent Token (BTT) on Binance Launchpad, the official token launch...

2 days ago

Crypto Market Wrap: Sideways on Saturday, Markets Flat Following Recent Rout

Market Wrap Crypto markets take a breath after recent dump; Bitcoin Cash and SV recovering, Tron dumping recent gains. Crypto markets are still battered and bruised as we enter the weekend. There has been no sign of a recovery following the $16 billion rout over the past day or two. Total market cap is still...

2 days ago

Something fishy is going on with the Tron Accelerator $1m developer contest

[Tron Accelerator]( is (allegedly) a $1m contest for TRX dapp developers. Being someone who has been highly active in all blockchain dapp scenes, I have been watching this unfold. I figured I'd post it here so you guys can help put the pieces together. Basically, tons of supposed USDT prizes for people to win by developing on TRX. This is the main reason why some eth devs decided to port games to TRX - Not because they are "jumping ship" like the shillers want you to believe (In fact many of them who I know personally still plan to continue developing on Eth). They just wanted a piece of the contest prizes and its pretty easy to put an eth dapp onto tron. Anyways, yesterday was supposed to be when they decide winners. The results werent announced and people started to get anxious. Finally today they said that they emailed all the winners. Inside the email included the following: >Due to the unexpectedly high volume of competitive projects, we have made some adjustments to the prize structure, one of them is to award over 100+ projects instead of 56 projects. More details to be announced soon. Please stay tuned:) Apparently they decided to change the prize payouts, dropping the lowest prize to $1k instead of $5k. Many people were upset about this in the official tron dev discord feeling they had been mislead. Some even seem to think there is something deeper going on. For example, one Super Representative candidate posts: >Nobody even knows that they'll pay out the full 1,000,000 I can guarantee they won't. They didn't pay out the full amount last competition They're not cutting prize amounts because so many people supposedly entered, they're cutting them because they won't pay the full amount. 100 winners is not better than 57 when the majority of those winners took 30 minutes to reskin an existing smart contract on the network You can make all the excuses you want, or try to see the good in it but you're only lying to yourself When we got $75k shaved off our prize, we weren't happy because 100 winners were better than 57. They didn't even pick winners for some of the prizes. ​ There were some people who said they received the email and won $1k, but interestingly nobody was coming out in the public saying they won a large prize. After some sleuthing, we found this [instagram post]( of apparently some random person associated with "STOken Studio" who appears to have won the $200k prize. Dont bother trying to google it, nothing will come up. All we were able to find about this mysterious project was this [embarassingly empty github]( with only 3 commits, and this []( . The [smart contract code]( is nonexistent and if the website is even doing anything, it appears to be on shasta testnet. Upon analysis, one of the SR candidates from the discord jokes that this "dapp" is just a microsoft word plugin. Additionally in the FAQs on tron accel website it clearly says entrants must be on mainnet: >Can I develop a DApp that does not use smart contracts, but does use TRX? > >Yes, you can. It is OK for you to not use TVM, but you have to be on the Mainnet. Grand prize aside, some other funny stuff: One dev decided to clone "Shrimp Farm" from eth to tron just as an experiment. It surprisingly got a ton of volume despite being a simple ponzi game. This led to a huge amount of clones onto tron, including Tron Anthills, Crocs, and many others. Surprisingly, although Tron Shrimp clearly had the most volume, users, and txns, it did not win a prize. BUT ONE OF THE CLONES OF THIS CLONE DID! The Anthills developer "diego" posted to his community that he was one of the winners! **To summarize, so far:** * They changed the prizes *after* the contest ended * They allowed clones to win but not the original clone onto TRX * They allowed contestants to win who didnt meet the criteria (being on mainnet) * They allowed projects that arent open source to win * The Grand Winner is a mysterious project with barely any info available * They havent posted a public list of the winners * Some blatant ponzi games have won prizes If you want to watch this all unfold live, you can find the Tron dev discord [here]( and go to the #tronaccelerator channel. Tons of FUD currently, bring popcorn.

2 days ago

IOST ERC-20 Election Continues to Gain Momentum Ahead of MainNet Launch in March

The IOST ERC-20 election continues to see a flood of interest from people, teams and organizations located around the world wishing to participate in the election ahead of the IOST mainnet launch in March. As a result of the interest and in an effort to help as many interested parties qualify to be part of the ecosystem, IOST has lowered the minimum amount of votes needed to 2.1 million and has removed any technical requirements and will offer technical support for all successful candidates, whether they specialize in dApp and game development, marketing and promotion, or community and social media outreach. IOST is currently trading at $0.006249, an increase of 7.59% on the 24-hour chart. (JF)

2 days ago

Have questions on what we are doing? As part of our monthl...

Have questions on what we are doing? As part of our monthly event, join us on telegram this upcoming Friday 18th/…

2 days ago

Former BitTorrent Executive Doubts the Tron Blockchain Can Handle the Upcoming BitTorrent Token

Simon Morris, a former chief of strategy at BitTorrent, recently stated that there’s “no way” that the Tron blockchain will be able to handle the adequate amount of transactions needed to back BitTorrent and the upcoming BitTorrent Token (BTT). Morris went on to say that Tron’s technology is a “very thin veneer layer,” with the project being mostly centered around marketing. When asked how Tron could pull off running BTT, Morris believes Tron will run BTT on “some central server, likely to be dubbed the Lightning Network for Tron,” with a different structure than outlined in its whitepaper. (JF)

2 days ago

First-of-Its-Kind Non-Fungible Token Event To be Held in New York Next Month

In February, a first-of-its-kind non-fungible token (NFT) conference named NFT.NYC will be taking place, with the goal of bringing together gamers, artists, blockchain developers, and fans of NFTs to showcase the impact the space is having on the larger blockchain sector. NFT.NYC offers a unique opportunity to see how digital assets on the blockchain will change the face of gaming, licensing, and finance. The event will include discussions from industry leaders along with workshops such as smart contracts for beginners and building an NFT in 15 minutes. (JF)

2 days ago

Daily Berminal Brief: Choppy Crypto Market Despite Market Cap Stability

The overall crypto market has experienced some choppy price action over the past 24-hours, but a the time of writing the total crypto market cap remained at the $123 billion level, which is where it was this time yesterday. Bitcoin is currently trading at $3,687, an increase of 0.19%, while XRP is up 0.34% and priced at $0.3331 and Ethereum is down 1.17% and trading at $127.49. Out of the top 100 coins, Chainlink (LINK) has performed the best over the past 24-hours, currently up 24.61% and trading at $0.44442. (JF)

2 days ago

Crypto Markets Attempt to Cap Losses; Some Altcoins Register Gains

After the crypto market experienced a blood bath earlier today, most of the leading cryptocurrencies have begun registering gains according to data from CoinMarketCap. As at the time of writing, 9:48 PM UTC, BTC is trading at $3,707, surging 0.71% after plunging to $3,650. XRP has gained 0.96% to swap hands at $0.3352. On the other hand, ETH has plummeted 1.05% and is currently trading at $127.63. BCH is the most significant loser in the top 10, sliding 2.02% to reach $132.47. (VK)

2 days ago

Excited to see @pixura_io integrate 0x, making it easier for...

Excited to see @pixura_io integrate 0x, making it easier for branded storefronts to publish, sell and trade virtual…

2 days ago

Mati Greenspan Says He is Optimistic About XRP and That There is No Reason for BTC to Plunge

Mati Greenspan, a senior analyst at eToro, recently spoke about XRP’s future and BTC’s current state. Mati told CNBC that there is no technical or fundamental reason for BTC’s recent plunge. He further stated that the plummet had reversed all of 2019 gains to bring the BTC market back to a neutral point. Speaking about XRP, Mati said that he is bullish about the cryptocurrency and that he holds a significant amount of the cryptocurrency. However, he stated that he has reservations about XRP considering Ripple holds 60% of the coin’s total supply. (VK)

2 days ago

Interested in #DApps, #Decentralization or #Blockchain? Chec...

Interested in #DApps, #Decentralization or #Blockchain? Check out this walkthrough on setting up a Storj V3 network…

2 days ago

ConsenSys Backs Icelandic Startup Co-Founded by Ex-Chair of Country’s Central Bank

ConsenSys has taken part in a funding round for an Icelandic blockchain startup co-founded by the former chairman of the country’s central bank

2 days ago

Researchers: Cryptographic Signatures Are Gateways For Attackers

According to crypto experts, leading digital currencies have vulnerable cryptographic signatures, which expose them to risk of attack. Per the researchers, these attackers use these Cryptographic signatures belonging to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple among other digital currencies to calculate the private keys, which allow them to steal coins in target wallets. However, these vulnerabilities only occur in edges, where developers failed to implement code correctly, or when the multi-signature hardware is flawed. (VK)

2 days ago

Mati Greenspan Says He’s Bullish on Ripple and XRP, Sees ‘No Technical or Fundamental’ Reason for Bitcoin Dip

Etoro senior analyst Mati Greenspan is offering his take on the future of Ripple and XRP, and the current state of Bitcoin. According to Greenspan’s analysis, there’s no technical or fundamental reason for the recent dip in the price of BTC. “The one interesting thing about this movement is that it seems to be an […]

2 days ago

Ex-BitTorrent Exec Says There’s ‘No Way’ Tron Will Manage BitTorrent’s Token

Tron won’t be able to manage the transaction volume needed to tokenize BitTorrent, according to Simon Morris, former chief strategy officer at BitTorrent

2 days ago

Former Employee: TRON Cannot Handle BitTorrent’s Crypto Token; Set to Use a Different Network

Simon Morris, BitTorrent’s former chief strategy officer recently said that TRON would not be able to handle BitTorrent's high transaction rate. Simon’s statement follows TRON’s announcement that it would launch BitTorrent crypto coins on Binance Launchpad. According to Simon, the tokenization process would need hundreds of transactions per second (TPS) initially, and that while TRON claims to have a higher TPS rate than ETH, its allegations are false. Consequently, Simon believes that TRON would use a different central server that would handle the BitTorrent transactions. (VK)

2 days ago

Reviews on Revain are split into categories. The latest one ...

Reviews on Revain are split into categories. The latest one to join their ranks is Wallets. In this article, we tal…

2 days ago

Want to know what's being worked into Particl's mobile appli...

Want to know what's being worked into Particl's mobile application, Particl Copay? Then head over to our blog and r…

2 days ago

Researchers Find Vulnerability for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple Digital Signatures in Faulty Implementations

Researchers recently identified vulnerabilities in cryptographic signatures for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, that allowed attackers to calculate private keys and, consequently, steal any crypto in that wallet. In total, the researchers calculated hundreds of Bitcoin private keys and dozens of Ethereum, Ripple, SSH, and HTTPS private keys using this unique form of cryptanalytic attack. In...

2 days ago

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