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Sketchy things going on at the Rchain Co-op

Sorry, it's quite long. TLDR: I think Greg and the Co-op board (at least some of the members) are probably scamming. ​ I hadn't really been paying attention much to what was going on with Rchain, as I was content to passively hold my stake long term. But after I saw it careen off the front page at CMC I did some looking into what was going on. I listened to the latest debrief video and that was more than enough to convince me to sell. It's already been posted to this forum, but I'll post it here for reference.[https://www.youtube.com/watch?time\_continue=5117&v=0YRmGOCH54M](https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5117&v=0YRmGOCH54M)The budget short falls start getting discussed at around 47 minutes The immersion buy gets discussed at around 66 minutes. Things escalate from here over the next 30 or 40 minutes. I highly recommend watching this, but I'll try to discuss the main points. Correct me if I'm wrong. \-- They have a budget shortfall. They have enough money to get to the last code commit, but not to do code hardening, launch validator network, work on Venus. The shortfall is not primarily because of the Immersion deal (see below on this) but because of the fall of crypto prices, Greg says. ​ \-- They're having trouble finding buyers of their validator sale. As far as I can figure out, they're selling Rhocs to validators at a steep discount in exchange for them agreeing to validate the network and lock up their Rhocs for six months. ​ \-- They're looking to get some additional financing until the (supposed) big 8 figure sale of Rsong (a dapp owned by the Co-op) comes through. Greg made it sound like the deal to sell Rsong for 8 figures was right around the corner. ​ \--They, I think within the last couple months, purchased licensing rights to a Redmond, Wa based company called Immersion. It's a company with various hardware and software solutions in the music biz. On the video, they didn't say how much they paid and I couldn't find the amount. One caller described the sum as “huge”. Greg says this has the killer features to push Rsong over the top and attract top tier artists to use the platform. Greg said it they would need to get financing either way, but figured he would try this as a way of making money through the improvement of Rsong and it subsequent sale. At another point in the video, it was brought up that there was nearly a sale of close to 40 million dollars to a larger buyer and in the validator sale, but that buyer got cold feet. So when they thought that money was coming in, they thought it was safe to spend money on the Immersion deal. Greg mentioned he has documentation to prove the deal almost went through. To which one caller responded wryly “I'd love to see that documentation”. You really ought to listen to the second half of the video if for no other reason than for entertainment... \--Greg says Rsong has big names lined up to use the platform and he expects a massive amount of users to use the platform in a short amount of time. When one caller suggested it might take time and that adoption was a long term thing, Greg said no, they expect millions of users right away! At one point, he said something along the lines of how they “only” need ten million users. And they'll use the app 10 times a month to make 100 million transactions. ​ \-- Greg says once people see the eight figure sale of Rsong and and the massive amount of users, devs and validators will flock to the network. ​ \-- When callers brought up the idea of replacing more of the board members, Greg said they couldn't because the deal would fall through if they were replaced. ​ \--There is the possiblity of Rhoc collateralized loans to get the company through until the sale. ​ My thoughts: You can come to your own conclusions, but I think Greg and the board are scammers and that there's a high likelihood of financial impropriety going on. My first impression was that they were merely incompetent. It was a bit surreal when they started talking about the quality of Impression's microphone and how it was such a game changer for the music industry. I was thinking to myself, isn't this a blockchain company? Why do suddenly all our hopes rest in this music hardware? Or how could the co-op possibly with money running out think it's a good idea to pour so much money in this completely other direction? And what's the deal with the validator sale? Doesn't Casper have incentives built in so validators will come. That's how blockchain works! And why aren't they coming even with the extra incentives? I've never seen anything like this with any other blockchain launch. Anyway, then it clicked. I've followed many scam companies before (though never been victimized until now) in both the stock world and crypto world and I recognize a lot of the tricks. If we're playing scam bingo, we'd have already hit a blackout. All things I've seen in oth

22 days ago

RChain Updates Testnet Progress, RHOC Rises 13%

There has been a great deal of excitement surrounding the RChain project amid the launch of the testnet, and investors celebrated today’s update. The RHOC coin has advanced 13% in the last 24 hours on trading volume of $730,427. RChain said in a tweet: “Last week, the dev team refreshed the testnet reaching 8,000 - 10,000 comm events per second during the node testing.” Now they are focused on the need to test dApps to make sure the software is running properly. In the update, the RChain team alluded to a new deal that was reached, saying they would provide more details next week. (GT)

2 months ago

Biggest Gainer: RChain Surges by 30.44%

As at 6:42 PM UTC, Bitcoin had dropped below $6500 with several altcoins following suit. Some tokens, however, recorded double-digit gains. RChain was the biggest gainer with a positive price change of 30.44%, within 24 hours. It was trading at $0.302239, with a market cap of $114,367,022, according to CoinMarketCap data. (SK)

2 months ago

Bitcoin Stabilizes Above $6500 as Market Rebounds to $202B

As of 8:37 AM UTC, the market was in green with most coins registering double-digits gains. The positive price changes have pushed the total market cap to $202B, from a low of $187B recorded in the past few days. Bitcoin has stabilized above $6500, by 1.29% on the day; while Ethereum which had declined by 20% a few days ago is now trading at $212.66. Tokens are part of the rally with RChain surging by 48.04% within 24 hours. (KE)

2 months ago

RChain Advances 47% amid Recent Testnet Launch

Most coins are rallying today, as the market cap of the combined crypto market has now surpassed $201 billion. One of the top performers in today’s market is RChain (RHOC), whose value has ballooned by nearly 50% in the last 24 hours on trading volume of $674,715. RChain boasts a market cap of $102 million, and it’s including among the top 60 coins. RChain is a proof of stake-fueled “decentralized communications and storage utility” that in recent days launched its testnet. Eric Miller, the lead developer on the Swytch project, which is a solar-fueled blockchain startup, in a YouTube video today touted the features of RChain, saying “it can capture all the high throughput data we’re getting from all these IoT devices around the world.” (GT)

2 months ago

Dogecoin Gains a Bullish Momentum Despite Declines in the Crypto Market

The crypto market is still struggling to recover after sellers dominated it this week. The entire market cap is currently valued at $205 billion. Bitcoin after a sharp drop found support at $6,400 and corrected upside toward $6,500. It has, however, stagnated after the correction. ETH has depreciated by another 4% and is currently trading below $220. Ethereum is the biggest loser in the top 10. BCH, ADA, and XMR have also plunged by more than 2.5%. In the top 20, Dash has regained 7%, and as of 08:40 UTC, it was trading at $194.18. Dogecoin is also up by 12% over the past 24 hours. DOGE has increased by 120% over the past 30 days. In the top 100, Holo has gained 18% while MOAC and Rchain have registered a double-digit drop. (KE)

2 months ago

RChain Declines by 11.43%: Biggest Loser in the Market

The Wednesday sell-off still has an impact in the market as the crypto market today is again flashing red. Most coins are in the red, with only 5% of the coins in green. As of 7:37 PM UTC, the biggest loser in 24 hours was RChain. At the time of writing, Rchain had declined by 11.43% to trade at $0.288582, according to CoinMarketCap data. (KE)

2 months ago

RChain Cooperative Readies RCon3 Developer Conference in Berlin, Germany

The RChain Cooperative is readying its RCon3 developer conference in Berin, Germany. The event is scheduled to take place Sept. 3-6 across private and public sessions. The event is designed for people who are interested in being RChain validators, devs and architects hunting networking opportunities, and investors. Meanwhile, the RHOC coin is trading down nearly 9% today on volume of $244,000. RChain is the No. 48 cryptocurrency by market cap. RChain Cooperative is planning the launch of the mainnet and token swap to REV coin at year-end. (GT)

3 months ago

Close to testnet launch and " RChain Ecosystem Update Feb 2018" is a sticky post?!

This sub really needs a lot more official RChain love and fast. Reddit has a lot of crypto enthousiasts but if they stumble in a project sub where the last "official" update appears to be from feb 2018 they'll assume it's death. Discord is great for managing the project but it isn't fit for informing and building a larger community. ...

3 months ago

Blockchain Advertisement Platform Lucidity Raises $5 Million

Bringing digital advertisements to the blockchain, Lucidity has raised $5 Million from VC firms. Some of its investors include 3Rodeo, YouBi Capital, CoinUs, Cypher Group, and RChain-affiliated VC firm Pithia. Lucidity is currently developing 'Layer 2 technology,' which is an off-chain solution to solve scalability issues to bring privacy and transparency in the online advertising market. The money will be used to grow the team, and finish developing Layer 2. (VS)

3 months ago

Daily Berminal Brief (8/14/18): Axoni Raises $32 Million From High-Profile Investors

The Market: Cryptocurrency markets have continued their precipitous decline, with the total market capitalization falling below $200 billion for the first time in 2018. Bitcoin (BTC) has remained relatively stable, with a decline of just under 3%. 1) Axoni, a provider of enterprise blockchain solutions has announced the completion of a $32 Million Series B, bringing the total funding till date to $55 Million. Goldman Sachs and Nyca Partners led the round. 2) Coinbase-backed Paradex, a platform from which traders can exchange tokens from their own wallets, has added support for a number of coins including: 0x, AirSwap, Aragon, Binance, Civic, Decentraland, district0x, Huobi, Kin, Kyber, RChain, Storj, and TrueUSD. 3) Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, is launching Binance Academy to educate customers on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. (EH)

3 months ago

0x, Kin Among Coins Added to Coinbase-Backed Paradex Crypto Trading Platform

Coinbase-backed Paradex, a platform from which traders can exchange tokens from their own wallets, has added support for a number of coins. Paradex in a blog entitled “toward a million markets” announced it has added a batch of coins, effective immediately. The altcoins include the following: “0x, AirSwap, Aragon, Binance, Civic, Decentraland, district0x, Huobi, Kin, Kyber, RChain, Storj and TrueUSD.” Paradex also added the following markets to Dai coin: BAT, REQ and SNT. (GT)

3 months ago

Zb.com Launches Coin Listing Project for BaerChain, Credit Tag Chain and TrustNote

Zb.com, which is the No. 5 cryptocurrency exchange based on trading volume, has revealed a trio of coins on which users can vote for an exchange listing. The projects include BaerChain (BRC), Credit Tag Chain (CTC) and TrustNote (TTT). BaerChain is a blockchain-fueled online gaming app, Credit Tag Chain is a blockchain-based asset value network and TrustNote describes itself as an open-source software infrastructure and platform combining PoW and DAG. Voting will unfold through Aug. 12. (GT)

3 months ago

Github Commits and Smart Contract Ranking in the Last Week

According to a report jointly published by TokenInsight and RatingToken, TRX tops the rank of Github commits, TRUE, RHOC, SHOW, and ZSC rank from the second to the fifth on the list. The ranking also takes into consideration the risk assessment of ERC20, with the highest score totaling 5 and the lower points, the higher the risks. The specific data as follows: TRX 143 submissions(Non- ERC20), no score for ERC20; TRUE 142, no score for ERC20; RHOC 128, 4.40 points; SHOW 107, 4.67 points; ZSC 88, 3.00 points; GXS 59, no points(Non- ERC20); RDN 50, 4.4 points; ZIL 45, 4.34 points; HPB 40, 4.28 points. EOS 37, no points (non- ERC20). Besides, EOS has surpassed ADA to be the only one rank within the top ten among the top ten blockchains by market cap. (RL)

3 months ago

Upcoming ICO Projects: August 5th – August 11th

ICO projects have already raised about $9.29 billion in 2018, nearly twice the amount raised in the whole of 2017. It is evident that ICOs are the most preferable method of raising funds. On August 7th, DenchMusic will launch its ICO campaign aimed at funding the creation of songs of top-ranked artists and talented DJs. On August 8th, Userchain will launch their ICO toward the establishment of Blockchain 3.0. Little Phil’s Pre-ICO campaign will run from Aug 8 to Aug 21. Selfie GO’s pre-ICO will start on 10th August and will run through to August 31. (VK)

3 months ago

Peer Mountain and Syscoin Announce Partnership to Deliver Regulatory Compliant E-Commerce On-Chain

Syscoin (SYS), featuring the world’s first wallet with an integrated decentralized marketplace, announced a partnership with Peer Mountain, a blockchain-based software platform for user data security. The companies will work to facilitate interoperability between the Peerchain and the Syscoin protocols, bringing the Peer Mountain identity verification system to the Syscoin network in 2019. The goal of the partnership is to design a method to allow users to purchase identity verified goods, such as alcohol and tobacco, using both the Peer Mountain and Syscoin services. (JF)

4 months ago

HelloGold Partners with JupiterChain and Malaysian Financial Institution

HelloGold, a Shariah-compliant digital gold investment platform, has partnered with JupiterChain in a bid to develop interoperability of the JupiterChain (JUPT) and HelloGold (HGT) tokens. The deal will see the users of both platforms get easy access to both tokens. Jupiter is a blockchain-based data exchange platform which aims at using the technology to streamline building of identities and other related operations. HelloGold has also partnered with a Malaysian financial institution. This will allow holders of HGT in Malaysia to get access to remittance services. (VK)

4 months ago

Baidu Launches it's own Token Based Blockchain App

Baidu, an extremely popular internet search engine in China, has revealed their own cryptocurrency token to encourage users to adopt their blockchain-based photo validation service. The platform known as ‘Totem’ launched and its token, Totem Point, is the first application released on Baidu’s XuperChain network. Baidu plans to create 4 billion Totem coins and users will receive coins, along with a 4.5% interest rate for submitting original photographs. Baidu has not explained whether Totem coins can be traded for cash or other cryptocurrencies but they have intimated that the coins can be used across the XuperChain network and other dApps built on the platform. (RS)

4 months ago

RChain to Host Berlin Conference RCon3 Ahead of Test-Net Launch, RHOC up 13%

RChain, which describes itself as a decentralized communication and storage utility, will host a developer conference dubbed RCon3 ahead of the launch of its test network. The conference is targeting developers, network validators, investors and researchers and will take place in Berlin, Germany Sept. 3-6. The focus of the conference will be on exploring the RChain platform and the launch of the RChain test network ahead of the mainnet launch later in 2018. The RChain coin is currently up 13%. (GT)

4 months ago

Top 5 Performers Over the Past 24-Hours: Bitcoin Diamond, Mixin, RChain, Digibyte, Nuls

Even with the recent upswing in the market, there have been coins that have outperformed others. In the top 100 according to CoinMarketCap, 5 coins have shown more than a 10 percent improvement over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin Diamond is currently up 56%, trading at $3.12. Mixin (XIN) is up 17% at $540, RChain (RHOC) is up 14% at $0.79, DigiByte is up 12.3% at $0.037, and Nuls (NULS) is up 10.77% and trading at $2.44. (JF)

4 months ago

RChain is seriously undervalued.

###RChain is not just another coin that's all "talk", with a fancy roadmap and high ambitions. No, I'm not trying to pump it. RChain is actually, factually, seriously undervalued. Don't take my word for it, just take a few minutes and briefly read the [whitepaper](https://docs.google.com/gview?url=https://github.com/rchain/reference/raw/master/docs/RChainWhitepaper.pdf). (surprisingly, it's actually really simple to understand.) Now check out the [RChain Platform Architecture](http://rchain-architecture.readthedocs.io/en/latest/). Notice how ridiculously well thought-out it is. As a programmer myself, I cannot stress enough how undervalued RChain is. Not just because of their plans, but the fact that they're ages ahead of other projects that are only starting to put together little bits and pieces of features that RChain is implenting all in one. Oh, and most importantly, unlike other projects, that actually have a [working alpha version](https://www.reddit.com/r/RChain/comments/7lo003/rchain_prealpha_hellonode_v01_software_released/), which was just released about a week ago. Here is an intriguing excerpt from the whitepaper; >**Yes - we’ve heard the rumors about groups coming out with bits and pieces of those solutions but there simply isn’t one that can promise all that and be less than a year to market.** Am I the only one that realizes how true that statement is? The fact that RChain isn't in the top 10 just goes to show how unaware people are. Just absorb pages 3 - 5 of the whitepaper, and... Just read it. Enough said. --- From the whitepaper: I marked in bold what I personally think is crucial to understanding what RChain brings to the table. >Imagine if there were a solution that provided the scalability that we all know this sector needs, we’re not talking about 10, 100, or even a thousand transactions being processed per second. >What if there was a blockchain that could run a **minimum of 40,000 transactions per second** with future enhancements that are even higher? >What if there were a secure and fundamentally sound platform, built upon the lessons learned from initial efforts of Bitcoin and Ethereum that would **allow developers of all mediums and categories to build on that platform?** >What if that platform were built not on proof of work but proof of stake? >**Yes - we’ve heard the rumors about groups coming out with bits and pieces of those solutions but there simply isn’t one that can promise all that and be less than a year to market.** >On the RChain platform **smart contracts are concurrent and formally verified** by the compiler, so they’re **fast, versatile, and secure.** Those contracts are written in RhoLang, which is a strongly-typed, concurrent, and **correct-by-construction language.** >RChain’s platform provides a unique differentiator for the development community. RChain platform supports **multiple blockchains, both public and private on the same node.** These blockchains can interact securely, predictably and at scale. This is a vision that developers have been hoping to see realized for years. These blockchains are secured by the type of consensus protocol the whole industry has been waiting for proof-of-stake. This is consensus by validators that are more scalable and fault tolerant. >Also, and not just a side note, is the fact that we are developing a protocol that will allow developers, across multiple languages, **can literally press a button and transform their current application/program code over to, and enable the operation on the RChain blockchain.** The developer community has been looking for this solution and it is nearly here. A simple **“translator” of code that will literally allow just about anyone developing to add their product/service/app onto the RChain blockchain.** --- Yea, plenty of info to absorb, I know. But trust me, skipping over the details will only leave you regretful, there is actually some seriously revolutionary features RChain is bringing to the table. I recommend you conduct your own research, and make your own educated decision on/if you will be investing in RChain. **The message I am trying to explain is this.** RChain is an amazing project that everyone should know about. Do research on RChain, one day you will be glad you did....

10 months ago

Welcome to RChain Subreddit! Here's a list of Official RChain Channels to get started.

Welcome to RChain Subreddit! Official Website: https://www.rchain.coop/ Official Developer Website : https://developer.rchain.coop/ RChain Architecture Doc : http://rchain-architecture.readthedocs.io/ Comparison of Blockchains : http://rchain-architecture.readthedocs.io/en/latest/introduction/comparison-of-blockchains.html Roadmap : https://rchain.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CORE/pages/105709609/Roadmap FAQ : https://github.com/rchain/reference/blob/master/faq.md Weekly Debrief Index: https://github.com/rchain/Members/wiki/Weekly-Debrief-Index ​**Contributing to the RChain Coop** You can help contribute to the RChain project through Github/Members: https://github.com/rchain/Members/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md **RHOC Token Details :** To see RHOC in MEW/Metamask add custom token address: 0x168296bb09e24a88805cb9c33356536b980d3fc5 8 decimal places **Official RChain Coop Channels:** Telegram RChain Official Chat Group: @rchain_coop Telegram Chat Invite Link: https://t.me/rchain_coop Telegram RChain Official Announcements Channel : @RChain_Official Telegram Announcement Channel Link: https://t.me/RChain_Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/rchain_coop Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rchaincooperative/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSS3jCffMiz574_q64Ukj_w Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/RChain/ Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2494040 Medium: https://medium.com/rchain-cooperative Slack: https://ourchain.slack.com/ (To be phased out and replaced by Private Discord) Co-op Membership : Co-op members, leadership and developers work together in the Discord Member Channels that requires a $20 membership and KYC to join. Register for membership and Discord access here: https://member.rchain.coop/ Discord (Public): https://discord.gg/fvY8qhx Chinese QQ Group ID : 中国朋友欢迎加入RChain粉丝群,QQ群号: 530718666...

a year ago

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